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Employee On A Requirement Basis - Is Such A Person Considered Or Deemed An Employee Or He Falls In Any Other Category?
Hi HR members, We have a person (similar to office boy) who works for us on a requirement basis like visiting banks etc. We ask him to come for work as and when there is a requirement. We pay him monthly in the mode of cash 5-6 k (varies) based on the amount of work. There is no contract/engagement betwee
Format For A Non-disclosure Agreement Stating, Employees Can’t Work With Any Competitors
I need a format for a Non-disclosure agreement stating, employees cant work with any competitors.
Want To Terminate One Of My Team Member Due To Misbehavior And Bad Attitude - How Can I Send An Official Email To The HR Department To Terminate This Guy?
As i am a supervisor, I just want to terminate one of my team member due to misbehavior and bad attitude. so, how can I send an official email to the HR department to terminate this guy?
Am I Eligible For Maternity Benefit As There Are Only 4 Females On Roll Out Of 60 Employees But There Are Other Females Under Contractor?
Hi, I am working in a manufacturing company in UP. I want to ask that I am not covered under ESIC due to high gross salary. Am I eligible for maternity benefit as there are only 4 females on roll out of 60 employees but there are other females under contractor? And if I am eligible what salary am I suppose
What Has Been The Effect Of The Pandemic On The Importance Of HR In An Organisation?
What has been the effect of the pandemic on the importance of HR in an organisation? From where I see hiring was mostly frozen and there was a lot of restructuring of organisations to reduce cost - a lot of people were let go. Then why are there so many articles on the web about how the COVID 19 pandemi
Credit History Verification Before Joining New Employer - CIBIL Reduced To 680, Is This Good Score Or Any Problem?
Hi, I’m selected with IT company in Bangalore and they are also checking/verifying credit history before my joining but my Cibil score is showing 680 at this time because a few months ago I skipped to pay credit cards bills and due to this my CIBIL reduced to 680, Is this good score or any proble
They Learned To Live With The Little Wounds (accept The Quills Of Their Companions Or Disappear) - A Nice Anecdote
It was the coldest winter ever, and many animals died because of the cold. The porcupines, realizing the situation, decided to group together. This way they covered and protected themselves, but the quills of each one wounded their closest companions even though they shared their heat with each other
Please Provide Central Minimum Wages From 1st Apr 2021 To 30 Sep 2021
Please provide Central Minimum Wages from 1st Apr 2021 to 30 Sep 2021
How To Amend An Agreement - Already Signed A Agreement For Man Power Suppliers On Head Count Basis Payment
Greetings colleagues, We have already signed a agreement for man power suppliers on head count basis payment, but contractors want to revise the payment value on which we too agree with that but existing agreement valid till 2022 what will do next for amend the agreement?
Regularising Daily Wage Employees - What Statutory Obligations Are Involved? How To Fulfill The Same?
Greetings All,We are a small company located in a remote place. We are not able to engage contractors effectively. Due to this, we are forced to hire Daily wage workers on daily basis. Want to know : 1. What statutory obligations are involved? 2. How to fulfill the same? Thanks in advance.
Gratuity: Completed 4 Years 11 Months 12 Days But HR Is Saying That You Are Not Eligible
I have completed total experience 4 years 11 months 12 days and I have resigned there. I asked for gratuity but the HR is saying that you aren’t eligible. What should I do now. I live in Delhi any reference please share with me. Your feedback will really means a lot for me. thank you
Tamilnadu Minimum Wages - DA Payable - 2021 & 2022 - GO Copy
Greetings All, PFA Tamilnadu Minimum wages - All Schedule Employments - DA Payable for 2021-22. The average CPI index of Chennai city for year 2020 is 296. Base year average point is 161. The DA will be 296(2020 Average)-161(Base Year Average)=135 points increase from base year. Kindly multiply the pe
How To Apply The Jobs After Changing Name From Original Markssheet?
My name is an old name so I have changed the name through affidavit, but could not get the clarity while applying for MNC companies and do I get any specific column for filling new name and original name(marks memo)? I need a clarity. Could you please help me in this
Grievance Redressal Mechanism Under ID Act Vs IR Code - PPT Download
As per the new Labor codes, there are a lot of changes made and it would be helpful if had a one-to-one comparison of what has changed. It gives a brief I will uploading selected topics.
Hiring Internship - Can We Use The Consultant Agreement To On-board Them Without Any Litigation?
We would like to hire for voice process candidates who has India Adhaar and Pan number but not Indian Citizen, they are either in student visa or internship visa. Can we onboard them with designation as Translator/CSA-French etc Can we use the consultant agreement to onboard them without any litigation
Eligibility For Bonus For The Period Working From Home During Covid Lockdown.
Greetings All, During the Covid Lockdown Period, quite a few employees were working from home. Will they eligible for Bonus for the period when they were working from home or physical attendance in office is mandatory for claiming bonus? Please guide.

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