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Haryana Wages W.e.f. 01/01/2019
Haryana new wages w.e.f. 01/01/2019
Work Place Where The Employees Are Asked To Work On Their Weekly Offs - How To Settle And Pay For Them?
Hello, I have recently joined a work place where the employees are asked to work on their weekly offs but they are not able give them holidays on a different day. They are asking me to settle and pay the weekly offs. How do I calculate this. Kindly advise.
HR Professionals Usually Says That Manufacturing Industry Is Best For Our Career - What About Construction Industry?
Greetings all, Most of the HR professionals usually says that Manufacturing industry is best for our career. But, what about Construction Industry ?? How is it for HR professionals ?? Share your views please.
Maternity Leave To Adhoc Doctors - Working In A Hospital On Contract Basis Since 15 The June 2018 Which Renews In 89 Days
Hello. I have been working in a hospital on contract basis since 15 the June 2018 which renews in 89 days. The contract ends on 6th June 2019. My EDD falls on 19th May 2019. Am I eligible for 26 weeks maternity leave? It will require extension of my tenure. Will my tenure be extended?
Unique Ideas For International Womens Day Celebration
Seeking suggestions for celebration of International Womens Day in office for both sitting at base location office and client location.
Gratuity For Emlpoyees Of A Humanitarian Organisation - We Did Not Get FCRA Anymore And Therefore Have To Close Our Projects
I am doing volontary work for a small humanitarian organisation (9 employees in India). Unfortunately we did not get FCRA anymore and therefore have to close our projects. We do not know how much gratuity the employees in India have the right to get. We would appreciate any information or recommendation
Remove The Job And Not Paid Without Paying The Salary Or Final Settlement
hai all As i had worked in an private sector,emfinity india it solution in coimbatore They had appointed me in accouts sectoin and till 3 months didnt paid any salary as they had offered me in the appointment letter and also suddenly the Ceo maild at night 11 as they had remove me from the job due t
Unlawful Deduction - Employer Is Deducting 36 Rupees As The NEFT Charges As The Salary Is Credited Through NEFT Mode
Greetings sir/madam, At the time of crediting the salary to the account of employees the employer is deducting 36 rupees as the NEFT charges as the salary is credited through NEFT mode. Is this deduction from the salary is legal? Does the bank charge 36 rupees as NEFT charge for mere 10,500 rupees? Pleas
Minimum Wages Of Security Guard In Maharashtra From 1.1.2019
Friends, PFA circular dated 7.2.2019 on the subject. Thanks Source:
Whether Only Licensed Contractor To Be Added In Our Company Register Of Contractor?
Greetings All, Whether only licensed contractor to be added in our company Register of Contractor ? If contractor is having less than 20 workers is it required to update in our RC. Kindly suggest as per Contract Labour Act.
Benefits For Employees Who Are 3 And 5 Years Old In An Organisation????
Greetings Members, I would like to have suggestions about what benefits should be given to employees who spend at least 3 years or 5 years in an organisation. 1.This will help the employees feel special about their vintage with the Company. 2.People will look forward to avail these benefits and spen
Maternity Benefit / Paid Leave For Fixed-term Contractual Employee
Hello every one, I need a urgent suggestion/ help regarding maternity paid leave for fixed-term contractual employee in Private company. I have joined this company on 7th May 2018 with 1 year contract agreement as Consultant (Manager), which is subject to renew before expiry (6th May 2019). The paymen
Research Study On Efficacy Of Employee Relationship In An Organization On Productivity
Respect sir/ madam i am doing a research study on this title (research study on efficacy of Employee relationship in an organization on productivity) could anyone help me to find the sources related to this topic, or if there is any research documents related to this please i request you to attach th
If An Employee Joins In The Middle Of The Month Should He Receive His Revised Compensation From The Date He Completes 12 Months Or From The Following Month?
What is the general practise and rules regarding bringing the revised compensation into effect? For eg: If an employee joins on Jan 7, 2018 on completion of his one year of service his compensation gets revised. Should that become effective from Jan 7, 2019 or Feb 1, 2019? What happens if the DoJ i
Employee Wrongfully Contacting Clients To Put Pressure On Company To Pay More Than He Is Entitled For
Hello everyone, Recently one of our employees resigned without giving proper notice at a very crucial time of business. He didn’t bother to give any reason for resigning and did not listen to our requests to atleast serve one month notice while as per agreement he was required to serve two months
Leave Calculation - Employee Wants 15 Days Leave Before Her 6 Months Is Completed After Probation
Hello Sir/Madam, Am working in a small startup pharma company in Gujarat . there are total 10 employees. now our leave policy is like- -we get 2.25 leaves every month -in probation period employee get leave without pay - in a year we get 3 cl, 3sl, 9 pl Now problem is one employee joined in last wee

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