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PMRPY Applicability, Eligibility - Registered In June'19 - As Per Last Notification The Last Date Of Registration Is 31st March'19
Greetings Seniors, Please note we have registered our company in PMRPY portal in June’19, but as per last notification the last date of registration is 31st March’19. Please guide us how to get the the benefits of PMRPY.
Bonus In Full And Final Payment - Is There Any Rules Or Law For Bonus For Financial Year?
Hi, I am on notice period in my current job. It will be completed on 20th July 2019. I am going to ask for my bonus for financial year 18-19. Is there any rules or law for bonus, so i can ask on behalf of that to my HR.
Bonus Clarification - Gross Salary Rs. 32500/- What Will Be My Bonus Or Ex-gratia?
Gross Salary Rs. 32500/- What will be my Bonus or Ex-gratia?
Maternity Leave - If A Female Employee Is Working In An Organisation Since 10 Months On Contractual Basis
This is in reference to a query related to the Maternity leave. Sir , I have a query that , if a female employee is working in an organisation since 10 months on contractual basis & if she is been selected to some other position by qualifying the exam in the same organisation. So, shall her previou
Discussion: Why Communication And Soft Skills Are The Elephants In The Room?
Indians take great pride in education and the fact that English is learnt and taught from an early age. While the knowledge is great. The execution is flawed. A cross between Hinglish is born and in many cases, either the speaker has no idea it’s wrong, or finds an exaggerated accent works bette
Earned Leave Should Be Counted From The Date Of Joining And Should Be Allowed To Take Only After The Employee Gets Confirmed?
Hi Just wanted to know as per shops and establishment act, Earned leave should be counted from the date of joining and should be allowed to take only after the employee gets confirmed or they are counted from date of confirmation.
Gratuity - If An Employees Worked In A Company For A Period Of 4 Years, 8 Months And 20 Days
If an employees worked in a company for a period of 4 years, 8 months and 20 days. Is the employee eligible for gratuity payment.
Gratuity - My Company Changed Their Name 2 Years Back So Will Be Eligible For Gratuity?
I want to know whether i will be applicable for gratuity or not? My company changed their name 2 years back so will be eligible for gratuity? Who can help me to get gratuity legally. Since company has denied past employees who have worked more than 5 years. What all documents needed to submit for lega
Maintaining Registers Under Factories Act 1947 - Is It Mandatory To Maintain All Registers Under Minimum Wages Act Also?
If we are already maintaining registers under Factories act 1947 then is it mandatory to maintain all registers under Minimum wages Act also?
E-Commerce Start Up Firm In Chennai - Need Your Suggestion / Support With The Relevant Document Formats
Hi All, I started up a e-Commerce firm and need your suggestion / Support with the relevant document formats. I have initiated for Pvt Ltd company act too. This firm is based at Chennai.
Serving Notice Period Is Necessary If My Contract Is Expired?
I am working on consultant role with a known CSR. Initially they made me sign a 2 year contract with them. I have completed 1 year and they have sent me a new contract of 9 months to sign within 6 days. In the case of new contract I believe the old contract is terminated automatically. Now I have resigne
Pension Applying Process For Widower In The Case Of Wife Death
Hi, 5 months back, One of our employee resigned , after left from the company she dead, now her husband came to the office, he asking her pf and pension amount, he has all the documents like Death certificate and all, kindly guide me how to handle and apply for his PF & eps .
Change Of Job Within 10-15 Days - Butt Company Pays Salary Each Month Around 20th Or 22nd
Hi, I want help Regarding my job change, some of the company was offering higher pay package as offering me to join as soon as possible (within 10 to 15 days) but my confusion is that I had joined my Present company on last December and they paid salary on each month around 20th or 22nd day of each mont
Overtime Calculation As Per Act - On Which Basis We Should Calculate - Wages/26 Or Wages/30?
Greetings All, In overtime calculation, on which basis we should calculate - wages/26 or wages/30. under which section it has defined. I need a calculation details as per act. please assist. Thank you
"Full And Final" Not Received - Ltd Company In Senior Management Level For Over 10 Years
I have been working in the said Ltd company in senior Management level for over 10 years . Left the company due to superannuation-retirement. While the company has confirmed to me vide email message , the amount payable to me by way of full and final settlement shown in the company’s books ,bu
Provide Me Format Of Warning Letter In Case Of Poor Performance Of Employees
Greetings all, Please provide me format of warning letter in case of poor performance of Employees.

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