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Gratuity Law.
Greetings sir, Please clarify the eligibly of gratuity. Suppose a person joined as a daily wages (CL) on 1.1.1985 and he was joined as a employee on 1.1.87 and he is retired on 31.1.2018 and he is claimed is gratuity from 1.1.87 to 31.1.18 . Now he approach the court and he is trying to claim the gratuit
Can I Change The Company During Pregancy
Hi, I recently got an offer from one company and ready to move on. The notice period in my present company is 90 days. However, it seems that I am pregnant right now(not yet confirmed). So if it is confirmed, I am in dilemma to join the new company or stay back in the present company. Request to provid
Doctrine Of Notional Extension Of Employment
Case law on Notional extension of employment>Honble SC If the requirement of the deceased to stay with the bus was integrally connected with the efficiency of the service to be provided to the public by respondent no.1 and the deceased was not present at the bus terminal with the bus in his nature a
Absconding Employee Settlement
My company deals in Architectural Products. One of my employee with 15 years of exp in sales absconded after getting salary. He has some of office belongings and he has joined our competitor. Its clearly mentioned in appointment letter that no one can join our competitors for 6 months and need to pa
Fake Experience And Bank For A Job At Big4 - What Should I Do Now? Will They Review My Bank Statement With The Bank?
I had recently attended an Interview at Deloitte USI. I had mentioned 4years experience in my resume. Whereas I worked only for 3Years but have positive contact with my previous employer, So he provided for further 1year. Only issue is I have said that my salary was 20k during last year. I had submitte
Minimum Wages In Maharashtra In Jan 2019 To Jun 2019
Hi, Required minimum wages in Maharashtra in Jan 2019 To Jun 2019
Termination Of Pregnant Female Employee Who Is Still On Probation
Hello, Professionals, As my wife is Pregnant and she is working in a company, she joined there on 04 Oct -2018 and now her manager got to know that she is pregnant and her manager insisting her to put the resignation as she is on probation then she is giving her excuse that her performance is not u
EL Calculation- Presence In The Factory For Overtime
Hi, EL is calculated according to the physical presence in the Factory (1 day leave for 20 days present in the factory) If some workers are present in the factory for Overtime( they are getting additional benefits ie., double wages for it) and they are marking attendance on those sundays/ holidays. M
Is Is Mandatory To Pay Bonus To Employee Who Has Been Terminated By The Company On Ground Of Misconduct?
1. Is Notice pay calculated on basic salary or gross salary? This company is manufacturer & supplier of ophthalmic instruments and devices based in Delhi. There is nothing mention in letter of appointment about notice pay. 2. Is is mandatory to pay bonus to employee who has been terminated by the compan
Notice Period Was 60 Days Initially And In The Middle They Changed To 90 Days
Hi all, I am in a situation where to give up or fight. Currently i am working in a x company where the notice period was 60 days initially and in the middle they changed to 90 days and i have accepted it, but now i got a better offer where they asking me to join in 60 please suggest me how t
Maintain Salary Register
Hi, I am working in private Industries, Here i make computer generated salary Register and maintain too. so, i want to know, is there legal for maintain record or should i make new manual register? please let me know...
My Union Has Raised A Complaint About The Transfer Order In Front Of The Labour Commissioner But My Co Transferred Me Along With 7 Other. In My Appointment Letter Is Nothing Is Mentioned About Transfer To Other States
Respected Sir. I am magiban lobo working in master marine services pvt Ltd since 26years. In my appointment nothing was mentioned about transfer to other states. Our union "Mumbai port Trust Docks & General Employees Union" has raised a complaint against the management for transferring the workman t
SOP For Office Time, Leave And Late Coming Of Car Showroom With 150 Employees?
Hi.. everyone, I’m new comer in this field in this month i have join one car showroom there is 150 employees, now I’ve to do all basic thing in office like office time, leave, late coming penalty etc etc. Kindly help me that how to format this SOP in simple way.
Registration Of Two Adjacent Factories Under One Licence
we have two factory buildings in two different names but located adjacently owner is same ,flow of process is same . Is there any way to get the registration of both the factories in one licence as one factory Please revert with your view as per clause and notification if any regards
How To Convert From Being A Sales Manager To A Marketing Manager
I have an experience of 4 Years as a Sales Manager. What are the things I should learn and know or do to be a Marketing Manager in Future. I have an MBA in Marketing and HR (minor)
Format Of Transfer Letter From One Company To Sister Company.
Someone please help me. I need format of Transfer Letter From One Company To Sister Company. On urgent basis.

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