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Is It Mandatory To Follow Labour Laws In Madhya Pradesh By Pvt.Ltd. Company
Hi, I would like to know that, is it mandatory to follow all labour laws by a private limited company in Madhya Pradesh and the company has completed 3 years of services. It is a IT based company (Subsidiary of foreign company). If mandatory, please brief all the laws and rules such as ; Gratuity, Bonus
Working In A Chemical Company - Which License Comes Under The Factory Act 1948?
I am currently working in a chemical company and i want to know which license comes under the factory act 1948. please help me.
Claimed Subsistence Allowance For The Period Of Suspension Under Tamilnadu Payment Of Subsistence Allowance Act
A worker was suspended for 2 years and then allowed to retire from service on attaining age of superannuation. He claimed subsistence allowance for the period of suspension under Tamilnadu Payment of Subsistence Allowance Act,1981, after superannuation. The workman filed a petition,after his retiremen
Existing Employees - Fine To Issue New Appointment Letters With The Current Date?
Hi, I have joined an organization wherein appointment letters are not issued for most of the existing employees. Can you please suggest from the legal requirement perspective if it is fine to issue new appointment letters with the current date to regularize the process of issuing appointment letter
If Basic Pay Is Less Then Min. Wage Rate Of State, What Should I Consider?
If basic pay is less then min. Wage rate of state, what should I consider?
Unlawful Termination - Who Gave The Rights To Employers To Treat Their Staff Like Animals?
Need your kind suggestions on the topic of unlawful termination by our employers. We are working in a software company, where they don’t provide us any official documents regarding the job. And after some months he called us in last Saturday and says that we don’t have fund to pay the tea
Does HR Differ In Theory And In Practice? If Yes Then How?
Does HR differ in theory and in practice? If yes then how?
Payment Of Bonus Act - State Schedule Employment Rate For Employee Category
I have two questions related with The payment of Bonus Act, 1965. As per amendment in 2014, new wages/salary limit is Rs: 21,000/- per month. Those who are getting wages/salary upto 21,000/ are eligible to get bonus. Minimum Bonus wages/salary limit is for the bonus calculation is 7,000 or state schedul
Company (HR Dept.) Can Give Address Proof Letter To Employee For Bank Loan?
Greetings Professionals, One of our employee is applying for bank loan and he is asking HR Dept. to give address proof letter from the company as per bank request. Is this legal to give this kind of letters to the employees and if we provide letter is there any chance to claim company if he is unabl
Leaves Eligibility After Probation - How Many Maximum Leaves I Can Take This Year?
I Had Joined a company in Feb 2018 and completed 6 Months probation and proceeding. I have taken few leaves in probation also. The company has 14 Leaves/ Year as per their policy. Calendar of events is from Jan- Dec. Now am I eligible for all 14 Leaves during the year ?? If Not, Then how many Maximu
Gratuity Eligibility After Leaving The Job.
An employee left the job in 2012, now he is asking for his Gratuity, is he eligible after 6 Yrs? kindly help on this issue.
Factories Act Returns
Hi everyone Can you please tell me about the procedure how to file the factories act return, Half yearly and Yearly.
Replacement To Striking Workers And Their Continuity After Withdrawal Of Strike
A. Replacement of striking workers in US : In the U.S., as established in theNational Labor Relations Actthere is a legally protected right for private sector employees to strike to gain better wages, benefits, or working conditions and they cannot be fired. Striking for economic reasons (i.e., protestin
Pension Rules In Private Companies Not Aware By The Workmen
Why companies and industries do not giving the information regarding retirement benefits and existing pension rules in their company to the workmen before retirement?During retirement period,the workmen were getting meager amount as retirement benefits and most of them not informing about the existin
Would Like To Know What Legal Implications Are There When We Convert Professional Employees To Payroll
Greetings All, I am working in a Start-up based in Mumbai. I would like to know what are the legal implication involved when we convert Employees on Professional fees to Payroll. Is it wise to convert them into Payroll or is it wise to keep them on Professional Fees. Total employee strength is 200
Termination Of Service While On Probation - Can An Employee File A Case In Labor Court Against The Company?
Kindly help me out , if an employee is asked to leave the job from the management itself even if the employee is on probation period irrespective of any department whether its HR. is it injustice or the management has the right to do so. and if its injustice, can an employee file a case in labor cour

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