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Recruitment Projects In CODIV 19
Greetings All Can you tell me, how the TA team( recruiters) can give thier best or give add on contribution in the organization, when the hiring is totally freezed in thier organization(Corporate).
Recent HR Topics With Reference To Covid-19 Lockdown
I’m an MBA student and I want to take up SIP project in HR, so please can you suggest me a good topic with reference with this covid-19 lockdown.
Article: Indian Migrant Labour Issues & Resolution Due To The Impact Of Covid 19 - PDF Download
Hi, Topic Migrant Labour in India gained attention in April and May 2020 due to the impact of Covid 19 An article on the captioned topic. May be useful information and thoughts. Appreciate feedback by viewers and readers.
Procedure For Actual Payment Of Gratuity Of Eligible Employees
Hello everyone. I have a query regarding actual payment of gratuity for eligble employees. In my organisation there are 3 people who have completed more than 5 years of service as of 31-Mar-20. Also the gratuity was not added into the CTC of the employees while joining as this practice of adding gratuit
Work From Home, June 2020 Issue (Business Manager HR Magazine)
Greetings Friends, Look before leap Due to the environment and difficult situations created by Covid throughout the world, the talk of work from home or remote working has suddenly gathered momentum. The phenomenon is not new to business world. It has been in place since long but was in very limite
Maternity Benefit - Can The Principal Employer Refute To Pay For The Benefits (Salary) Of The Contract Employee Deployed?
Greetings All, I want to understand that , when a female staff on Contract goes on Maternity leave, does her employer ( Contractor) suppose to pay her the Benefits under the Maternity Benefit Act, 1961? If yes then which section ? Can the Principal employer refute to pay for the benefits (Salary) o
Conversion Of Full Time Employees To Commission Basis - Please Help Me With What Should Be Written On That?
Due to lockdown crises, company management wants to convert 2 employees who have not performed well since last 6 months from full time salary to Commission basis. Need a letter for the same. Please help me on this what should be written on that.
Employees Issue Due To Pay Cut During COVID 19 Pandemic Lockdown - Restaurant Delivery Boys Are Denying To Deliver The Food
Hi eveyone, I am working as an HR with restaurant industry in Dubai. As we all are facing the issue of COVID 19 pandemic nowdays and as like many other companies my company is also facing a business loss and the restaurant is doing only the food delivery business nowdays due to lockdown. The compan
Payment Of Gratuity - Employee Has Worked For 4 Years 10 Months And 20 Days - Eligible For Gratuity?
One of the psu employee has worked for 4 years 10 months and 20 days i.e. Less than 5 years but greater then 240 days in the said year. Is he eligible for gratuity under the payment of gratuity central rules under continuous service concept. If not, reasons thereof.
Can We Issue A Consultant Letter To The Employee Who Was Hired As A Permanent Employee But Was Asked To Leave During His Probation
Hi, Wanted to check can we issue a consultant letter to the employee who was hired as a permanent employee but was asked to leave during his probation due to non-performance. He worked with us for 2 months only.
Termination Of Services After Taking Consent Letters From Employees For Voluntary Deduction Of Their Salary.
Hi, I am working with the Hospitality Industry. due to pandemic situation company is facing some financial crises. Company decided for deduction of salary every month till the time company come back in Normal condition. for that they have get the signed consent letter mentioning voluntary deduction o
Apex Court Ruling On Right Of Employer To Withhold Gratuity During Pendency Of Disciplinary Proceedings Apex Court ruling on right of employer to withhold gratuity during pendency of disciplinary proceedings against employee,even afte
Contractor Labour Licence - What Is The Process Of Online Renewal Of Licence?
Under Rule 25(1) of the contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Central Rules, 1971 I want to Renewal of Licence Lic No. CLRA/ALCJABALPUR/2019/L-53. What is the process of online renewal of above licence? thanks with regards
What It Means When Woman-Employees Complain Of Sexual Harassment”
What it means when Woman-Employees complain of Sexual Harassment For the Employers, it means:- 1. Your Employees Still Trust you, Hence Keep their Trust, intact; 2. They do not want at this stage, to Lodge FIR in Police Stations or go to the Courts to seek redressal otherwise your Reputation sinks; 3
"Safety Hook" For Safety In Corona Pandemic In Premises. Open Doors, Push Lift/ATM Buttons Without Touching Your Hands
Greetings Team members, Our office just started its operation. We have started using sanitisers and handwash. One guy showed us this product which we thought of sharing with you. Its a safety hook called "Safe Hands:. Quite interesting and safe to use. Human touch to the contaminated surfaces of doo
What To Do With About Toxic Employer And Coworkers - Best Action She Can Take Against Such People?
Today I am here to share a story of a friend who is suffering from chronic backstabbing, cruelty, bias, discrimination, mistreatment, misbehavior that one demonstrates, are intolerable to work with or be around for an extended period. In the beginning, I thought she needed to be calm and cooperativ

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