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Stategies For Bulk And Mass Recruitmen
Pls help me to provide the stategies for bulk and mass recruitment, what are the media can be use for the same.
Trade Union - Can A Workman Join More Than One Union In The Same Establishment?
I have some doubt relating with trade union and works committee. You are requested to help me to come out from them. 1) Can a workman join more than one union in the same establishment? 2) Can contract labour cast vote in works committee election? 3) Can contract labour file nomination in the electio
Company Asking To Pay F&F - What Will Happen If I Don't Submit This Amount To The Company?
I paid 50000 security fees before joining the company (aviation sector) due to personal reasons i left the company within 6 months now company is asking me to give them 40000 as full and final settlement other wise they will take legal action on me. what will happen if i don’t submit this amoun
Week Off Rules. Different Rules For Company Pay-roll And Associate Employee.
I am working in a Telecom industry, O&M department. As per company rules working hours should be 9:30am to 6:30pm with 30min break and Saturday and Sunday as week off, But only Sunday is allowed as week off for associate/ off-role employee. Is this leagal? when I asked my Reporting Manager about thi
About Gratuity Payment If Worker Dies Within 3 Months Of Joining?
I’ve an question in my Mind about the gratuity that is, if a worker join my organisation on the date of 1st January, 2018 but he met an death on the date of 31st march, 2018. So in this condition will he eligible for the Gratuity amount..??
Maternity Leave Extension - Is It A Legal Obligation For The Company To Allow The Same?
If a mother wishes to extend her 26 weeks maternity leave, for another 6 weeks of unpaid leaves? Is it a legal obligation for the company to allow the same?
Leave Rules - Saturday,Sunday,Monday Leave - Sandwich Rule
Greetings All, I am working with a limited Retail Company and we have leave policy. In leave policy we have EL,CL and SL for all employees. My question is when a employee take the leave on saturday , sunday ,Monday and his week off on Sunday so in current scenario we have count all days in leave. i
How To Deal With Delayed Salary - Company Cheated By Co-founder
I am working as Technical Consultant at a start up company which was running fine until we got our first revenue in February. But this revenue has made one of the co-founder of the organization greedy and has cheated his partners by selling our product to the marketing company of the same product. Thi
Salary Deduction Due To Missed Out Punches In Biometric Devices
In my organization, salary has been deducted against missed out punches in biometric devices for many employees although there is no such policy prevalent in our organization and without any warnings. The sign out is showing in the manual attendance register & employee have worked for the day/ days fo
From-II-Renewal Of Licence Under The Contract Labour (Regulation And Abolition) Act, 1970-(central)
Application for Licence/Renewal of Licence under the Contract Labour (Regulation and Abolition) Act, 1970 (37of 1970)/ the Inter-State Migrant Workmen (Regulation of Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1979 30of 1979)*:
Third Party Certification/Audit Scheme 2018 In Haryana
Friends, Haryana Govt proposes to introduced Third Party Certification/Audit Scheme for compliance of various labour laws in the State. Units submitting certificate from Compliance Auditor will not be subject to inspection. Thanks
Is Sharam Suvidha Benefits Are Applicable For All Kind Of Employment?
Is Sharam Suvidha Benefits are applicable for all kind of employment or it is for particular category of employment?
Can Anyone Provide Senior HR Executive CV With 4 To 5 Years Experience?
Hello everyone, Can anyone provide Senior HR Executive CV with 4 to 5 years experience?
Calculation Of Gratuity - Not Taking DA Into Consideration?
I have joined in the Company on 10.10.2012 and got relieved on 30.04.2018. They have paid my salary for the month of April 2018. As per the pay slip for the month of January 2018 & February 2018 issued by the HR, my basic salary is Rs.13,750/- and DA is Rs.5,500/-. But I was informed by the HR departmen
Calculations Of TDS For Different Salary Ranges?
Hi everyone, Could you please help me with the calculations of TDS for different salary ranges?
Annual Performance Appraisal Formats - Doc Downloads
Annual Performance Appraisal Forms For Manager Level For Sub Ordinates For House Keeping / Domestic Staff Members

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