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During LWP Emloyee Is Eligible For CL/ PL Or Not
Hi, one of our employee during lockdoen , left for hometown to take care of his unwell mother without informing senoirs . Meanwhile lockdown finished and managemnt call to employees to resume services. After the management message he informed that his mother is not well so he is not able to join offic
Handling Of Rejected Candidates By HR
A thought HRs should clearly give feedback to candidates of rejection or otherwise. This simple step will help rejected candidate to analyse where he could not put forward his abilities and use to the organisation. This communication will help candidates improve and secure jobs elsewhere. HRs must remembe
Leave Calculation
Hi, I’m planning leave policy for our company. Kindly provide inputs / corrections on the following annual leave details? 1. Casual Leave - 12-15 Days 2. Sick Leave - 12-15 Days 3. National Holidays - 3 (Republic Day, Independence Day and 2nd October) 4. Indian Festivals - Are they Mandatory? I
Increments After Suspension Period
Mr. Kaushal Kishore has joined Bank Service on 23-04-2014 on 13075/- basic Pay. Therefore his anniversary date of annual increment is 1st April every year.On 27-05-2016 he got suspended.At the time of suspension he was on 14545/- basic Pay.He was reinstated in the service on 10/11/2017 stating Reductio
Liability To Employers During Long Term Work From Home
Hi All I would like to know the employer liability with regard to the current situation of long term work from home for most of the employees. Would like to understand if there is any tax obligation for the employer or any new permission required.
Imposing Fine/penelty To Employees.
Greetings All, I am working in HR department of a MSME company. My MD wants to impose fine to employees for negligence & non adherence of company rules. Please guide me is it legally valid to impose fines in monetary terms.
Professional Tax Deduction - A Director Is Paid Remuneration Per Month For Two Different Companies
Hi! Can someone clarify the Professional Tax deduction? A Director is paid remuneration per month for two different companies. Whether we should deduct Professional Tax for both companies / any one company?
Employer Realized She Didn't Pay Minimum Wage? Was Off By 600/- Rupees - What Should She Do Now?
The employer realized she didn’t pay the minimum wage for last 1 year. Was off by 600/- rupees when he checked now. What should she do now? Can she pay the difference now? Any kind of document required for paying it. Is ESI/PF applicable to this? If yes, how to file ESI and PF for it now? shoul
What Records Are Checked By The Various Labour Compliance Dept?
What records are checked by the various labour compliance dept like labor office, pf dept and esi dept when they come for inspection? Does the change into new labour codes change the way in which we maintain records? How does complaince increase or decrease for small shops after new codes have come
Deduction If Notice Period Not Served - If The Tenure Is Of 3 Months Then Can We Deduct 3 Months Salary?
If the employee is not serving the notice period as mentioned then while doing Full and Final settlement what should be deduction only basic or entire salary can be deducted and if the tenure is of 3 months then can we deduct 3 months salary.
When Employers Can Ask Employees For Medical Certificates. If He Is Sick For One Day Or Two Days Or More Than Three Days?
When Employers can ask employees for medical certificates. if he is sick for one day or two days or more than three days? Do We have any notification to show to the employer?
HR Department - What Should Be The Ideal Manpower Strength To Serve A Listed Company Having White-collar Employee?
Greetings Seniors, Need your suggestion in identifying the ideal manpower strength for the HR dept. Presently there are 3 people in the HR Team Do you think it is sufficient & good enough to serve a listed company having white-collar employee strength around 500 & HR has to look after 6 Directors & 1
Contract Labour License Limit Exceeded - Principal Employer Not Ready To Amend RC, What Should Be Done In Such Case?
Good Morning to all, My query is under CLRA, as the contractor Labour license is of 150 and manpower increased to 200. But principal employer not ready to amend RC, what should be done in such a case. Plz suggest
Differentiating Factor Between Factory, Shop And Establishment? And Other Queries?
Firm took license under factory act in 1999. It has 17 employees and 30 contract workers through a contractor. Is firms total employee strength 17 or 47? I would like to know how is it decided whether firm is a factory or shop? What is the differentiating factor between factory, shop and establishment
Role Of IT Company HR Manager In Merger And Acquisition - Help Me To Get A Checklist For Post And Pre HR Role
Greetings All, I am working in an IT company as an HR manager and just understanding Merger and Acquisition. If anyone can help me to get a checklist for post and pre HR role in Merger and Acquisition step by step? Please help me those who has played HR role in Merger and Acquisition. This is my firs
Drafting A Policy Around Penalties For A Loss To A Company - For Sales Associates
Hello Fellow HRs, Hope you all and your family are safe during this global pandemic. I need help in drafting a policy around penalties for a loss to a company. The conditions as of now are Sales order cancellations (material ordered based on order booking confirmation from Sales Associates and is stocke

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