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Labour Welfare Fund
Hi, Companies covered under Shops and Establishment Act., need to comply with the statutory requirement mentioned in the Tamil Nadu Labour Welfare Fund Act. I understand that when a employee who is employed in a company which is governed under the Labour Welfare Fund Act, can claim a benefit under thi
Leave The Organisation Without Serving Notice Period.
Hello All... I am working in a software company, here one of our employee leave the job without serving the notice period. He was working with us from last 6 months only, and now suddenly give the resignation on 5th of June and mention that he will not be able to come from 9th of June, and he did th
Principles Of Balanced Score Card - PPT Download For Your Ready Reference
Greetings All, I would like to share the subject PPT for your ready reference.
If Disciplinary Issue Comes In To Picture, Can A HR Hold Salary Of An Employee?
1.What are the scenarios where LEAVE WITHOUT PAY is applicable? 2. If disciplinary issue comes in to picture,can a HR hold salary of an employee? 3.If an employee comes 1 hour late ,can that 1 hour salary can be deducted? 4.What are the legal factors will work out for above 3 cases?
Professional Tax Deduction - Shall Deduct Professional Tax From Our Delhi Manager's Salary
Our company is based at Mumbai and appointing sales managers across India. While checking I came across that professional tax is not applicable at Delhi. Hence please advise if we shall deduct professional tax from our Delhi manager’s salary. Our payroll processing happens in Mumbai. Thanks.
Who Is A Protocol Officer And What Would His Key Responsibilities Be?
Hi all can somebody help me with the details of who is a protocol officer and what would his key responsibilities be?
Job Roles And Responsibilities Of Hr Executive
Hi I am chaitanya I joined as a fresher for the position of hrs executive in a organisation. Would u please share the roles and responsibilities of her executive
Termination Of Employment Without Advance Notice
Hello Members, Until yesterday, i used to work for a Pvt Ltd company in Pune which terminated my employment stating "inconsistency in your performance and misalignment with the Company culture" today. My points: 1- no written intimation regarding performance was issued in the past. 2- company’
Provident Fund Contribution - Calculation Of Using Gross Salary Minus HRA Is Correct?
In the company I am associated with, we have been contributing employees provident fund at a rate of 12% of basic salary. Basic salary was calculated at 30% gross salary. Thus if an employees gross salary is 10000, PF contribution = 10000*30%*12% = 360INR However, we have been intimated from our PF offic
Formats Of Company Policies Regarding Conveyance And Conduct Of Misbehavior
Hi this is charu singh from HR dept , i have joined a company recently in which company policies are to be prepared regarding Conveyance and conduct of misbehavior, so if possible kindly provide me the formats to help with this asap in which i need to provide the details somewhat like warning lette
Is Overtime Included In Gross Wages For PMRPY.
Greetings All Seniors, In many posts It is mentioned that OT is the part of Gross Salary. Shall we consider Overtime along with Gross Salary while registering employees for PMRPY. e.g. if Gross Salary of employee is Rs. 14000/- & Overtime amount is Rs. 2500/- Is that employee is eligible, as his overtim
Workplace Romance - Policy On Mutual Relationship Between Male And Female Employees At Workplace?
Can anyone guide us with the policy on Mutual relationship between male and female employees at workplace which impacts the workplace culture & create distraction to other employees
Selling Soft Skills Training - How Viable Would Getting A Trainer From Outside Be?
I work for a training company that is looking at selling Soft skills training to the healthcare sector in Kenya. We are looking at getting a trainer from outside.. how viable would that be? Any pointers as to where to start?
Joining A New Employer After Absconding (kind Of) From A Job
I had joined a company after graduation and worked there for 25 days and received some salary too as it was between two months. Work environment was extremely bad and could not take it more. So, I sent online resignation from HR portal which was later disapproved. Afterwards, I stopped going to company
Is It Mandatory For Mid Size IT Company To Have A Group Accident Insurance Policy For Its Employees? What Is The Law Abiding The Same For The Company?
I would like to know if applicable then under which law the group accident insurance policy is mandatory for company? What could be the repercussions of not having one in place?
GST Deduction On Full And Final Settlement To An Employee
Please tell me whether any GST deduction is applicable on Full and Final Settlement provided to an employee after resignation.

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