Asked To Submit An Indemnity Bond To Get My Name Corrected In EPFO Office - Help Me With A Relevant Sample Of An Indemnity Bond

23 April 2024 10:08:10 AM | From: Bengaluru, India

Sai-bhargava Follow

Greetings all, I have been asked to submit an Indemnity bond to get my name corrected in EPFO office. Can anyone help me with a relevant sample of an indemnity bond?

Dinesh Divekar

Greetings Sai Bhargava, The dictionary meaning of the word "affidavit" is "written declaration made under oath", whereas the dictionary meaning of the word "indemnity" is "protection against future loss". By correcting your name whom will you protect from future loss? Therefore, you need to submit a Read More...

23 April 2024 18:39:12 PM

IRDA Insurance Agent Licence Cancellation - Do I Need To Surrender Or Cancel The License Even After Its Expiry?

23 April 2024 12:28:42 PM | From: Cochin, India

Padmavathi. K Follow

Hi All, I am Padmavathi. Preparing for State Government Public Service Examination. During college days I have appeared for IRDA Insurance Agent Examination and passed. My license valid from March 21, 2013 to March 20, 2016. I didn’t actively worked as an insurance agent on or after the validit Read More...

Dinesh Divekar

Greetings Padmavathi K It appears that the word "termination" has muddied the waters. Though your license was expired eight years ago, it is still haunting you. Your post is an example of tilting at the windmill! The insurance advisers (not "agents" as you have referred to) do not have paid jobs. The Read More...

23 April 2024 18:29:41 PM

Confused About Specialization

23 April 2024 16:16:48 PM | From: Kanpur, India

Pratistha-chatterjee Follow

hello everyone I am currently pursuing mba from united university and have completed my 2 semester now its time to choose specialization i have a option to choose dual spec. i am confused between hr and finance with marketing when i was doing graduate i was weak at accounts but now i feel like to solv Read More...

Dinesh Divekar

Greetings Pratistha Chatterjee, Unless one is firm, choosing a stream for specialisation is confusing. It happens with many. Marketing, HR or Finance all the streams of management science are dynamic. Therefore, your success will depend not on the choice of the stream but on how much knowledge you absor Read More...

23 April 2024 18:07:53 PM

Am I Eligible For Gratuity If The Employer Has Created An Artificial Service Break With 2 Employee ID And Consultancy Period?

16 April 2024 18:26:41 PM | From: Bengaluru, India

Anupama-h Follow

Greetings Team, I’m here to get a clarification regarding my eligibility for a gratuity. I’m an Assistant Professor of English who worked for 4.8 years in the same institution. However, the employer is refusing to settle the gratuity by creating an intentional artificial gap in my service Read More...


Thank you very much for the suggestion!! Should my FTE period be considered along with the consultation period?

17 April 2024 13:26:56 PM


Fixed Term Employment is part of your service. The 'consultation period' is just a technical term used whereas you were not actually engaged as a consultant. You have to establish that during that 'consultancy' period you were following all the HR protocols with regard to office timing, holidays, takin Read More...

18 April 2024 03:58:53 AM


Alright sir! Thank you for your valuable inputs and quick response..

23 April 2024 17:17:47 PM


Here i attach DA Tamilnadu 2024

14 March 2024 07:56:02 AM

Any revision in Shops and Establishment for the year 2024-2025 for Tamil Nadu notified? Kindly share a PDF copy if available?

20 April 2024 13:46:10 PM


Kindly share footwear industry VDA TN 24-25

23 April 2024 15:00:39 PM

Principal Employer's Lability For Contract Worker Bonus Payment

20 April 2024 07:14:39 AM | From: Jamnagar, India

Brijeshwar S Follow

Greetings All With due regards, I wish to ask that how far the Principal Employer is liable for the payment of Bonus to the casual/ contract workers employed by third party contractor at the site. Please advise.


Mr. Mohanty, I believe you are wrong in your assumptions. Please refer to Section 21(4) of Contract Labour (Prohibition and Abolition) Act, where it provides that in case the contractor fails to make payment of wages to the labor employed, it is the principal employer who may need to step in and mak Read More...

23 April 2024 00:58:40 AM


Hi Brijeshwar S, When it comes to the liability of the Principal Employer for the payment of bonuses to casual/contract workers employed by third-party contractors at the site, it typically depends on the legal and contractual arrangements in place. Best, tunnel rush Read More...

23 April 2024 01:43:04 AM


Greetings Mr Bannerjee, Hope you didn’t read my opinion or failed to grasp the meaning mentioned there in. Being an elite member, you should not remarks or coments. The points you’re telling, is very much exist in third line of the opinion.

23 April 2024 13:32:17 PM

Wanted To Know, "Is HR Responsible For Explaining The Annexure To An Employee?"

16 April 2024 12:12:02 PM | From: Mumbai, India

Akansha-bhatt Follow

I am a Marketing head in my company and have started taking on the responsibility of an HR. I wanted to know, "Is HR responsible for explaining the annexure to an employee?"


Greetings Dr Raghunath, Dinesh has not said that people should not use computers nor did he intend to say that we should go back to the era typewriters and stone age. He only said that we should refrain from excessive dependence on AI-assisted software. Why he said like that? because Ms/ Mr. Andrew Whit Read More...

23 April 2024 11:20:59 AM


Mr. Madhu, Thanks for the clarification, I have seen your solutions in the portal, mostly it pertains to compliance part of the HR. You might have gone through I have suggested your name for HRs to be contacted for the compliance part. Good Work. Keep it up. Thanks

23 April 2024 12:03:17 PM


Thank you for suggesting me for HR compliance.

23 April 2024 13:29:53 PM

Required Documentation For A Manufacturing Industry

23 April 2024 12:03:47 PM

Viriyala-anuf-m-naresh4339046 Follow

What are the pre-commissioning documents are required for a Manufacturing Industry and what type of licenses should be obtained from the government authorities. Different type of Industries need to produce different type of documents, how should we know that. Thanks and Regards, Naresh V.

Employee Not Reporting To Work Due To Health Reasons

18 April 2024 14:10:15 PM | From: Mumbai, India

Careers-goa Follow

Hi ! One of the employees in my organisation has not been reporting for more than 2 months now saying that she has certain health reasons. Prior to that as well she had not been reporting regularly. Her offer letter mentions a 2 month notice period from both sides. Our team was very busy with an even Read More...


The fault is with you only. Whatever be the situation in the office, you should not have ignored an employee not coming to work. What your HR person was doing all these days? If the employee has not reported, it should be the HR person who should initiate to enquire in to it. It could be for genuin Read More...

19 April 2024 05:24:36 AM


I would like to say that, She must notify to HR or her line manager by email or by call and as said by Madhu sir that HR representative fault is bigger than her to not giving her call or inquire into it. if her attendance was coming absent then at least end of month or on receiving absent report fro Read More...

23 April 2024 11:13:47 AM

Automatic Salary Slip Generation In Excelsheet Using VLOOKUP

23 April 2024 11:10:08 AM

Asmita-m Follow

Anyone know, how to generate automatic salary slip in excelsheet using VLOOKUP formula.

Not Under ESIC - Can She Get The Benefits Of Maternity Leave During Her First Pregnancy? If Yes, How Can She Apply To Her Company?

Virendra-birhade Follow

My wife has been working with a B pharmacy company in Mumbai for the past 10 years. Her salary is 30,000, and she is not under ESIC. So, can she get the benefits of maternity leave during her first pregnancy? If yes, how can she apply to her company?

23 April 2024 09:47:39 AM | From: Mumbai, India


She will be entitled to get maternity benefit. She has to send a communication to the officer concerned, her reporting officer or the HR, that she is pregnant and will require leave from the date mentioned therein. The leave is for 26 weeks, and 8 weeks of which shall precede the date of child birth

23 April 2024 10:47:34 AM

Excel Based Pay Slip With Formula - Need Your Backbone Support And Guidance Follow

Greetings HR Fraternity, I need your backbone support and guidance; needed New Excel-based Pay slip with a formula. Regards, Prabhu V, Human Resources, Chennai.

23 April 2024 10:25:52 AM | From: Chennai, India

In Case Of Accident Or Death Of An Employee On Duty - What Are The Necessary Steps To Take By A Human Resource?

Neeraj-kumar1 Follow

Good Morning to all Cite HR members, Employees are our assets, but if some mishaps occur, what are the necessary steps to take by a Human Resource in case of an accident or death of an employee on duty? Please suggest that what is the process to inform in ESIC and Employee Compensation. Regards, Neera

23 April 2024 06:05:14 AM | From: Mohali, India


If covered by ESI, you should prepare form 12 (online) and submit the same. You should also call the Officer concerned and narrate the incident in detail. If a Factory, you should send a similar report, Report of Accidents and Dangerous Occurrences, to the Inspector of Factories and Boilers. You shoul

23 April 2024 07:15:51 AM


Hello everyone, Good afternoon, Can I get the format of self declaration of previous employment with sign of claimants in specified cases for death claim pension case?

23 April 2024 07:55:02 AM


In the unfortunate event of an accident or death of an employee that occurs while they are on duty, there are several steps an organization typically takes to address the situation: Immediate Response: Ensure the safety and well-being of other employees and individuals at the scene. Provide any necessar

23 April 2024 10:16:50 AM

8 Lakhs 75 Thousand PA C2C. What Would Be The Ideal Salary Break Up Without PF?

Keyur-kanakia Follow

My salary is 8 lakhs 75 thousand PA C2C. What would be the ideal salary break up without PF? And in hand salary

23 April 2024 10:01:42 AM | From: Mumbai, India

Gratuity - NGO That Employs Regular And Contract Staff - 11-month Contract Renewed Every Year

Veejay_969 Follow

Greetings Sir/Madam, We are an NGO that employs regular and contract staff. I wanted to know whether gratuity applies only to regular staff who have worked for not less than 240 days in one year and even to contract staff directly employed by the NGO who have served the NGO for more than five years o

23 April 2024 05:23:27 AM | From: Bangalore, India


Gratuity is payable to all employees, regular and on fixed term contract, who have worked at least for 5 years. An employee on contract for 11 months renewed every time would certainly qualify for gratuity if the total service from the start of to the end contributes to 5 years. There is no relevanc

23 April 2024 07:26:35 AM


Thank you very much Mr. Madhu for your clarification.

23 April 2024 08:07:59 AM

Holiday On Election Day - If Our Company Has Employees In Different States

22 April 2024 05:24:39 AM | From: Rudarpur, India

Ommygautam Follow

Greetings All, I would like to know if our company has employees in different states. If so, we should declare a holiday on election day, or we can run the plant on that day and allow the holiday to concerned constituency employees on their respective election day. This means that when we have electio Read More...


The Peoples Representation Act (section 135B) only says that "every person employed in any business, trade, industrial undertaking or any other establishment and entitled to vote at an election to the House of the People or the Legislative Assembly of a State shall, on the day of poll, be granted a holiday" Read More...

22 April 2024 07:18:54 AM


As per the 2024 election schedule, the election will take place in seven phases. So the total leave of 7 days for an establishment having presence in every part of country. The establishment has to declare the day of election as holiday.

23 April 2024 05:54:23 AM


An establishment having employees drawn from different states need not close down the office due to election in the constituency where it is situated but function with employees who have already casted their votes or dates of voting are yet to come. Why should an establishment in Chennai close on th Read More...

23 April 2024 06:58:31 AM

Salary Guide For 2024 - Product Development Company

17 April 2024 11:37:51 AM | From: Bengaluru, India


Meenakshi-vidya Follow

Can anyone please share me the salary guide for 2024. Positions we are looking at are UI Lead, UI Developer, UX Developer, Business Analyst, Automation and Manual Tester etc related openings. We are a product development org in Bangalore


Hi, Sure! You can try looking into the state regulations related to your question. They might have helpful answers for you.

17 April 2024 12:31:24 PM



I never thought before that I would find this in state regulations, thank you for your response.

23 April 2024 06:47:38 AM

What Is An Ideal Payroll Cost Supposed To Be Against Total Revenue In The Hotel Industry?

11 April 2024 10:15:43 AM | From: Delhi, India

Sonu.orchid Follow

I have a query: what is an ideal payroll cost supposed to be against total revenue in the hotel industry? Thanks


Payroll cost is generally 3-8% of hotel revenue, but it depends on the type of hotel, location and facilities. for example, Luxury hotels have more staff but their charges are much higher, so the ratio drops. Also you need to differentiate between locations. The cost depends on availability of traine Read More...

12 April 2024 11:42:05 AM


Thank you Mr. Banerjee for your valuable information.

17 April 2024 09:29:26 AM



3% 8% I think it’s fine, thanks for your answer, some of my relatives have hotels and they are asking each other the answer to this question. website: basketball legends

23 April 2024 06:37:48 AM

Required Appointment Letter & Offer Letter Cctv Camera Surveillance Industry

23 April 2024 05:25:51 AM


Greetings Team, I want Appointment letter & Offer letter format for cctv camera surveillance industry ... I have newly joined this industry please help me on this...

What Is The Total Number Of Mandatory Accrued Leaves Under Law In The State Of Goa?

23 April 2024 03:17:07 AM | From: Mumbai, India

Careers-goa Follow

What is the total number of mandatory accrued leaves that an employee who has completed one year of employment is entitled to under Goa’s laws?


Leaves admissible will depend mainly on the nature of industry, like manufacturing, plantations, mines, or other shops and commercial establishments. Except shops and establishments all others come under Central enactment and hence it would be common for all the states, but if the establishment is no Read More...

23 April 2024 04:03:31 AM


Thank you Sir. Yes, I checked the act and you are completely right I am confused with the count though. should the 6 days casual leave and 9 days sick leaves be added to 15 days to get the total or are they inclusive and part of the 15 days earned leaves?

23 April 2024 04:13:28 AM


CL and SL are excluding the earned leaves of 15 days. The CL and SL are admissible even for a new employee or during his first year of joining whereas the earned leave of 15 days is available only to those who have completed 12 months' service. If the SL and CL can be availed in single days, the earne Read More...

23 April 2024 04:35:06 AM

One Eyed Person - Government Exam Passed For Staff Nurse She Has 4 Years Of Experience - Institute Rejected Saying She Was Medically Unfit


Harman8442 Follow

Hi everyone, I just want to know about a concern as my sister is a one-eyed person. She has appeared in the government exam and passed the exam for staff nurse she has 4 years of experience, but that institute rejected her because they said she was medically unfit. What should I do now? Should I go t

22 April 2024 19:29:43 PM | From: Tauranga, New Zealand

Tamilnadu PT Payment Circular - Which Has Payment Due Dates For Both Half Follow

I am looking for a PT Payment circular from the Tamilnadu Government. It may be from any location in Tamilnadu that has payment due dates for both halves.

22 April 2024 19:26:04 PM | From: Madurai, India

Conveyance And Lunch Expenses - Management Has Already Included Those Amounts In Their CTC

22 April 2024 11:35:39 AM | From: Mumbai, India

Sridharan Venkataraman Follow

Greetings Experts, Please clarify whether the local conveyance and lunch expenses should be provided to employees for whom management has already included those amounts in their CTC.


Hi, These categories do not typically apply to most employees. Instead, their conveyance to employees and associated charges are determined based on current rules in force.

22 April 2024 13:19:24 PM


It can be either way, provide conveyance and meals and deduct the costs from the salary or pay an amount equal to travel cost and lunch along with salary. If you have included the same in the Salary (as part of Gross salary) in the CTC, then it would mean that these are parts of salaries payable ever Read More...

22 April 2024 13:43:15 PM

Does The Training Period And Notice Period Count As Work Experience?

22 April 2024 05:24:20 AM | From: Delhi, India

Xavier-dunkik Follow

Does the Training Period and Notice Period count as work experience? I had a 1.5-month training Period in the company. Now I want to leave this company but have to serve a 15-day notice period. So will that 1.5 months of Training Period & this 15-day notice period will be counted as work experience?


Ashok Pal

Sir, After Training Period every trainee posted as regular employee. Then only employee get responsibility. Only 15 days notice period will be counted for work experience. It is possible that in relieving letter company mentioned your training period.

22 April 2024 12:55:50 PM


Hi, In certain companies, trainees may not be considered employees, which could lead to the termination of your traineeship. This scenario suggests that your service as a trainee might be discontinued.

22 April 2024 13:10:47 PM


Trainees who do not get the status of employees are those trainees or apprentices engaged following Apprentice Act. All other trainees are employees like any regular employees. They should be covered by all statutory benefits like ESI, EPF, Bonus etc and on termination their training period should b Read More...

22 April 2024 13:35:05 PM

How To Implement HR Policy In The Organization If The Organization Is Decentralized?

21 April 2024 12:39:25 PM | From: Ahmedabad, India

Manish-singh1 Follow

Greetings All, Someone guide me on how to implement HR policy in the organization if the organization is decentralized


How can the administration be decentralised? It is okay that depending upon the state where the company’s offices are located, certain things like leave, holidays etc, recruitment, office timing/ hours or weekly holidays etc shall be different, but most of the other things would be same only. Yo Read More...

22 April 2024 04:19:35 AM


Even in a decentralised organisation, there will be some policies which will be common and some policies which are locally applicable. For instance you have office in Mumbai and Bangalore. Bangalore has a factory. The factories act shops and establishment act, labour policies will be applicable as pe Read More...

22 April 2024 04:38:16 AM


Ashok Pal

Sir, Just try to implement , you will be automatic in right path. first write down according to your decentralized organization and check it. you will find mistake and correct it .

22 April 2024 13:00:44 PM

Sec. 52 Of The Factories Act - Substitute Off Should Be Given On The 10th Or 11th Day In Case The Worker Works On A Weekly Off Day?

Hemant-nadgauda Follow

Hello, As per Sec. 52 of the Factories Act, substitute off should be given on the 10th or 11th day in case the worker works on a weekly off day?

22 April 2024 09:17:29 AM | From: Pune, India


The weekly holiday should be given any day before he will work for more than ten days continuously. The off day should be any day before 11th day from the last off day. That means, if April 14th, Sunday, was a weekly off for him, and due to business exigencies he was asked to work on the next weekl

22 April 2024 10:12:41 AM

Employee Transfer Policy - Pdf Download

18 November 2013 10:32:46 AM | From: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Kmahmed Follow

Hi I recently prepared Employee Transfer Policy - I need your comments and suggestions. I uploaded the policy and the formats for your convenience. Regards,


22year flase loss wrong , he if this there look after do. grant employee deaf dumb problem break here employee fight u

12 April 2019 12:11:47 PM


Suppose a person transfers from one department to another department within the same Organization. Can that person receive the same salary as he was receiving when he is asked to transfer to another department within the same organization? Secondly, is there any section that supports the idea that unde Read More...

22 April 2024 10:10:05 AM

Gratuity Qualifying Salary - Some Observations - Shift In The Concept Of Remuneration For Service

Madhu.T.K Follow

Since there has been a shift in the concept of remuneration for service from the Salary to the Cost to Company, the old theory of computing Gratuity on Basic Salary alone or Basic wages and dearness allowance would require a replacement. It not only applies to computation of gratuity but applies to al

22 April 2024 07:24:39 AM | From: Kannur, India

Promotion Policy

22 April 2024 07:11:17 AM


Praka Follow

Hello All, I am a recent MBA-HR graduate, my role as an management trainee, requires me to research and draft a promotion policy for a company in service sector? If anyone experienced in the drafting HR policies, can someone please share some insights?

What Are Annual Legal Obligations For A Pvt Ltd Company

Juststart Follow

Annual legal obligations for a private limited company typically include filing annual returns and financial statements with the Registrar of Companies. These documents provide an overview of the company’s financial health and operations. Additionally, conducting an annual general meeting (AGM

22 April 2024 06:37:47 AM

Sandwitch Leave Policy - If Anyone Has Taken Leave On Saturday And Monday Is A Government Holiday

19 April 2024 17:02:14 PM | From: Kolkata, India


HR Sujoy Follow

Hi Everyone, I have a concern: if anyone has taken leave on Saturday and Monday is a government holiday, then Sunday is also calculated as leave or not, like the Sandwich policy.


Ashok Pal

Sir, If Sunday is employees rest day or weekly off, then Sunday will not be counted as leave.

20 April 2024 12:44:06 PM


That is why I am trying to say. But it is not due to the reason that Sunday is a rest day. A rest day need not be a paid day. The law only says that after very 6 days work, there should be allowed a holiday of rest of 24 hours.

20 April 2024 13:29:44 PM


From where did you get the word WITCH , Lolz. Please write proper English, cross check spelling before posting.. It is sandwich... what you eat... both side bread and chicken or vegetable in the centre. That is called Sandwich... Something in between. Best wishes

22 April 2024 04:45:27 AM

Help: To Groom My Self In HR Profession - Is Distance Learning PG Authorized For MNC Companies?

20 April 2024 10:28:26 AM | From: Indore, India

Rishi-singh4746658 Follow

Hello, Everyone; I’m a 23-year-old guy. Currently, I’m working in the HR Domain in a Logistics company in New Delhi. My post-graduation is in a Distance learning program. I have a total of 3 Years of experience in the HR domain. My Question is: I want to grow my career in the HR domain. So Read More...


There are two things in career. One is qualification and the other is knowledge. Knowledge you can acquire by working practically. I know of people who have impressive qualifications but when it comes to knowledge on a particular aspect of HR, they will be blank. During and post covid, there have bee Read More...

22 April 2024 04:43:06 AM

If An MNC Company Gets A BGV Done, Will That End My Career Because Of A Missing Reliving Letter?

21 April 2024 13:41:29 PM | From: Hyderabad, India

Aare-vaishali Follow

Hello folks, I worked for one year and ten months with X company; due to some personal reasons, I left company X. But they haven’t provided me with any reliving letter even though I asked for one month. In that X company, my PF was generated. What to do now? If an MNC company gets a BGV done, wil Read More...


No. Just for the reason of not submitting relieving letter from a company no one’s career would come to an end. It is a common practice among unprofessionally managed companies not to give relieving letter. If you mention the same in your CV itself, like, reason for leaving is unprofessional managemen Read More...

22 April 2024 04:12:05 AM

Please Suggest Me If We Can Consider Food And Accommodation In The Minimum Wage Act

17 April 2024 10:24:39 AM | From: Mohali, India

Neeraj-kumar1 Follow

Hello Seniors, Please suggest me if we can consider Food and Accommodation in the Minimum Wage Act. For example, if one state has a minimum wage for an unskilled worker of Rs. 12,000/and we hire a candidate with a monthly salary of Rs. 10,000/+ Food + Accommodation, is this the correct way? If ther Read More...


Value of food supplied and the rental value of accommodation provided shall be added to the wages for compliance purpose. But then the total amount including food and accommodation will qualify for statutory contributions like ESI, PF, Bonus, Gratuity etc.

17 April 2024 11:33:32 AM


You can’t pay less than the minimum wage or can’t bifurcate under different categories I.e, Food & Accommodation.The payment can be with the component provided are of fixed nature. th

21 April 2024 13:28:35 PM

Income Tax Calculator All In One In Excel For The All Salaried Employees For The F.Y.2024-25 As Per Budget 2024

Pranab.banerjee Follow

Download Automatic Income Tax Calculator All in One in Excel for the All Salaried Employees for the F.Y.2024-25 as per Budget 2024 Are you ready to tackle your taxes with ease? Say goodbye to the headache of manual calculations and cumbersome spreadsheets. Introducing the Automatic Income Tax Calculato

21 April 2024 02:33:14 AM

PF Account Opened, No Salary Slip, And How To Avoid Discrepancies In My Profile.

19 April 2024 13:13:18 PM | From: Patna, India

Satyam-raj3660872 Follow

I joined an MNC and did my onboarding, but due to personal reasons, I could not go to the office and continue the work. I informed the Recruiter team, that I won’t be able to continue. But they still created my PF account, the problem is that the communication got delayed and now they are askin Read More...


Ask him to mark date of exit after 2 days of your joining no law to work 2 months.

20 April 2024 10:34:38 AM


Ashok Pal

Sir, You boarded but did not resume duty, they will pay you nil salary. In that your PF amount will be zero. Keep 2 months pay slip with your self. As already you said that " the problem is that the communication got delayed ". Keeping 2 months pay slip is sufficient to proof that you did not resum Read More...

20 April 2024 12:27:01 PM


Hi If you didn’t work during a wage period, but your employer made a payment to your PF account, it’s likely due to HR team oversight. This oversight shouldn’t be your concern. However, if they did make a payment to your PF account, it might create an overlap with another service fo Read More...

20 April 2024 13:22:49 PM

Revision Of ECR With One Missed Employee In Already Filed ECR

18 April 2024 13:13:21 PM | From: Bengaluru, India

Keshav-kalantri Follow

Greetings All, Mr. A has joined ABC ltd on Dec 15, 2023 but due to some reason he was not added in EPFO in Decmber and he has been added in EPFO in April 2024 with date of joining as Dec 15, 2023. All monthly ECR are correctly filed. How to revise already filed ECR for this newly added employee.


Nihar Nandan

HI you can file arrear for employee missed in last month Ecr.

19 April 2024 12:10:26 PM



You can generate additional ECR from Dec 2023 to Apr 2024, pay dues for all months for that one employee. Once you make payment, system will auto generate penalty and damages challans u/s 7Q & 14-B for each month for the delayed payment. You have pay that amount too.

20 April 2024 12:41:47 PM


17 April 2024 02:34:04 AM | From: Mumbai, India

Pranjaali Follow

Hello, Currently, we are receiving notification emails from EPFO. Please let me know the solution. Greetings EMPLOYER, YOUR ESTABLISHMENT ___________, _____________, HAS NEITHER FILED ECR NOR MARKED DATE OF EXIT FOR 2 EMPLOYEES. IT IS REQUESTED TO FILE CORRECT ECR FOR ALL EMPLOYEES AND TIMELY MARK DO Read More...


Also We have received this kind of sms

20 April 2024 04:35:22 AM


Yes if the contribution not submitted by the employer you have to pay remaining contribution first if employee left the company mark exit

20 April 2024 10:28:55 AM

Gratuity Act - Since All Ten Employees Are Executives, The Act Is Not Applicable?

17 April 2024 10:51:36 AM | From: Bengaluru, India

Arpitha-bhagyaraj Follow

Someone asked me about the applicability of the Gratuity Act to their small product-based IT company, which consists of 10 employees including software engineers, HR and accounts team members. They consulted a professional who stated that since all ten employees are executives, the act is not applicable Read More...


Hi, (e) "employee" means any person (other than an apprentice) employed on wages, in any establishment, factory, mine, oilfield, plantation, port, railway company or shop, to do any skilled, semi-skilled, or unskilled, manual, supervisory, technical or clerical work, whether the terms of such employmen Read More...

17 April 2024 11:06:22 AM



The definition posted by Mr Laksminarayan is as existed prior to 2009 amendment in sec 2(e).

19 April 2024 09:50:38 AM


applicable to all the employees working in the company either staff,worker, executive. Wrong information provided by him.

20 April 2024 10:24:41 AM

Esic Damages And Interest After Company Is Closed - Why Did They Delay Sending The Letter?

Pradeep Patil Follow

ESIC officials sent a letter for damages and interest after the company closed operations in December 2017. The last payment was made in December 2018. After that, ESIC officials sent a letter for damages and interest in April 2024. Why did they delay sending the letter? There was no correspondence betwee

20 April 2024 08:35:32 AM | From: Ahmedabad, India

Gujarat Minimum Wages April 2024?

Bhushanpranu Follow

Gujarat minimum wages April 2024

20 April 2024 08:21:12 AM | From: undefined, India

Help Needed In Drafting The HR Compliance Policies And Related Documents

Hena-khan Follow

Gud Afternoon, I’m new to HR domain wanted some help me draft documents on the related topics: 1. Developing and managing HR processes 2. Develop and monitor organizational strategies 3. Developing and implementing human resources policies 4. Maintain compliance with hr laws 5. Ensuring complianc

18 April 2024 08:24:37 AM | From: Lucknow, India


18 April 2024 11:10:44 AM

Hi Heena ji, Yes of course, An HR is not just about forms and it is not even simple as looks. A HR Manager and Recruitment manager is itself a big responsibilities and used to be separate but you are in small firm so it is okay for the instances, One thing is important to note that the management styl


18 April 2024 11:11:53 AM

Hi Hena-Khan It looks like you’re listing tasks related to human resources management. Here’s a breakdown of each point: Developing and managing HR processes: This involves creating and overseeing various HR processes such as recruitment, onboarding, performance management, training and development


18 April 2024 11:35:59 AM

Although i am not a HR manager, but i have learned it in HR that you must strategize your HR function and it implementation on this - Progress vs Yearly Objectives / Progress vs Monthly objective. Because your progress is totally about how you or team is recording HRIS data and how effectively you wil

EPFO Message For Inactive Members - How Can These Accounts Be Closed? What Else Needs To Be Done?

19 April 2024 13:48:43 PM | From: Patna, India

Spaul Follow



If you have not exited these ten employees. please do it. They might have left you but you should not have exited them. Please go to dashboard and get the active members, and if you find them in it, exit them.

20 April 2024 06:39:36 AM


Ms Kalyani, this is the practice, ie, to calculate the leave encashment on basic wages (and also DA, if it is paid) But I am saying that no where under any Act, it is said that basic pay alone is your salary. In the present situation when we fix the Cost to Company first and then split it in to smal Read More...

19 April 2024 14:32:56 PM


Madhu, Paid Leaves are a benefit that the company gives in to employees, They are supposed to use it, Majority of company encashes leaves only while FNF. So technically this practise is alo discourage employee to balance life and given importance to personal time and break that one deserves.

19 April 2024 14:38:56 PM


I agree, encashment is permitted only at the time the employee leaves the company, as you said, at the time of full and final settlement. Why the laws restricts the surrender of leaves while in service? Leaves are minimum in number and no employee should be permitted to keep it so that he can encas Read More...

20 April 2024 03:59:00 AM

Help To Formulate The Policy Or Rule - Temperature Of The Workshop Reaches 45 Degrees, So Their Working Capacity Decreases

Maulin Suthar Follow

Can anyone please suggest me policy points for the summer season? My employees are working in a first-floor workshop. The roof of the workshop is made of sheets. So, during the afternoon, the temperature of the workshop reaches 45 degrees, so their working capacity decreases. We give them a drink t

19 April 2024 12:21:29 PM | From: Ahmedabad, India

Eligibility For Maternity Leaves - Remote Job From India. But Contract Mentioning The Singapore Office Address

20 March 2024 05:08:18 AM | From: Bengaluru, India

Ankita-joshi4381799 Follow

I am working as a contract employee with a MNC. It is a remote job from India. But I have received a contract mentioning the Singapore office address. I applied for maternity leave. But my employer denied it over call, saying, "You are not eligible for maternity paid leaves as your contract agreemen Read More...


Ashok Pal

As you mentioned that their existence is in India as well as and your working hours are also fixed 9 am-6pm SGT. Naturally you are an Indian citizen. I am writing here what I read an article written by an advocate regarding refusal of Maternity benefits. " refusing to sanction of maternity benefits i Read More...

27 March 2024 09:01:40 AM


I would like to share that this matter got resolved. It wasn’t easy as the company denied by saying that offer letter is from Singapore and you are in India. Though it was a lame excuse, I reached out to 1. National Commission for Women 2. Centralized Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring Syste Read More...

19 April 2024 08:52:47 AM


Good, Congratulations! I appreciate Ms Anita who shared the final result.

19 April 2024 11:09:14 AM

Induction Training

19 April 2024 09:18:11 AM

RC Follow

What / Which are the contents shall be used to give Induction Training by Human Resource department. Actually, we are planning to prepare one presentation.

How To Find Out Market Salary Bands For All Tech Related Designations?

Vinithrapandian Follow

How to find out Market salary bands for all Tech related designations?

19 April 2024 08:26:26 AM | From: Chennai, India

Want To Benchmark The Non-monetary Benefits That Companies Provide


Swapnapg Follow

Hi, I want to benchmark the non-monetary benefits that companies provide. Can someone please share the list of non-monetary benefits? Regards, Swapna

19 April 2024 07:39:56 AM | From: Chennai, India

KRA KPI Performance Review Sheet For The HR Department (weightage Wise)

Anish-philips4809000 Follow

Can someone share with me the KRA KPI Performance review sheet for the HR department (weightage wise)

19 April 2024 06:50:46 AM


19 April 2024 02:01:21 AM | From: Bengaluru, India

Srikanth-suri Follow

During financial year 21-22, from April to Sep 21, I have not paid the esic contribution. How to pay now. I have not received any notice from the department. Should I volentarily approach concerned officer in the department or wait for the demand from the ESIC


Nihar Nandan

Hi you can consults related authority for same he will calculate the amount due with penalty & will pass order to pay the amount .

19 April 2024 06:49:54 AM

Want To Understand The Legal Applicability Of An Employee Who Is Exempted From The ESIC Act

Santoshreeshu05 Follow

Hi everyone!! I want to understand the legal applicability of an employee who is exempted from the ESIC act... in which rate of compensation will be paid to him if employment disability or death occurs

19 April 2024 05:47:06 AM | From: Bhubaneswar, India


It will depend upon the rate as per the Employees Compensation Act. If yours is a factory, then it will have a direct application to all employees, right from the MD to the casual worker, but if yours is a shop or commercial establishment, then the compensation is payable only if the decease employe

19 April 2024 05:56:20 AM

Can We Deduct PF/ESI/LWF Deductions From The Minimum Wage Salary?

18 April 2024 12:06:22 PM | From: Mohali, India

Neeraj-kumar1 Follow

Greetings Cite HR Members, Please suggest to me that I can deduct PF/ESI/LWF deductions from the Minimum Wage Salary. Regards Neeraj Kumar


Out of these three, labour welfare fund contribution seems to be a fixed amount and not a percentage of (gross/ basic) salary. Now coming to the question, I would say that ESI and EPF are contributed on total salary. The salary/ wages qualifying the contribution cannot be confined to the statutory minimu Read More...

19 April 2024 05:47:47 AM

PF Father's Name Miss Match - Can I Provide My Aadhar Card And My Pan Card As Proof To Make This Change?

18 April 2024 14:00:57 PM | From: Chennai, India

Angel-xavier Follow

My PF transfer claim was rejected due to my father’s name miss match. Can I provide my aadhar card and my pan card as proof to make this change?


Ravi BG

Yes, you will submit any 3 to 4 Documents proof ( Aadhar , PAN, Marks sheets, Voter ID, DL) along with Joint Declaration Form to EPFO Office. Or Same Documents u can Upload in Basic details Change request in EPFO Member portal. once your Father Name Change, u can Apply Your Transfer Request.

19 April 2024 04:30:27 AM

Required Policy & Templates For ISO 27001 - Implementation

19 April 2024 03:07:10 AM Follow

Hi Team We are in the process of implementing Physical Security Policy for our corporate office as per ISO 27001 standards. Request you all to kindly share us the policy and templates to be followed. thanks in advance regards Pradeep N

Is The Certificate Of Departure And Relieving Letter The Same? If Not, What Is The Difference Between Them?


Rev2344 Follow

Greetings Advisors, Is the Certificate of Departure and Relieving Letter the same? If not, what is the difference between them?

18 April 2024 19:24:47 PM

Employment Issues - The Company Is Forcing Me To Complete A 15-day Notice Period Or Pay The Equal Amount

Ritesh-dhanawade Follow

I joined an Insurance Brokering company, and after joining, I resigned on the 11th day before accepting the appointment letter. Now, the company is forcing me to complete a 15-day notice period or pay the equal amount. As a salesperson, if I do not get business in these 15 days, I will be marked as LW

18 April 2024 13:55:25 PM | From: Mumbai, India


I have joined Insurance Broking company and after joining I resing on 11th day before accepting the appointment letter, now company forcing me to complete 15 days notice period or pay the equal amount. As a sales person I do not get business in these 15 days I will be marked as LWP on every non busines

18 April 2024 14:05:39 PM

Employment Issues

18 April 2024 14:05:39 PM

Ritesh-dhanawade Follow

I have joined Insurance Broking company and after joining I resing on 11th day before accepting the appointment letter, now company forcing me to complete 15 days notice period or pay the equal amount. As a sales person I do not get business in these 15 days I will be marked as LWP on every non busines Read More...

Dinesh Divekar

Greetings S Shah, The trackers are developed to track activities in progress. The HODs or the top officials gain visibility into the activities done in the immediate past when the trackers are shared online. In contrast, the Training Needs Assessment (TNA) or the Training Needs Identification (TNI) require Read More...

18 April 2024 07:00:09 AM


Hi Shah, "TNI" typically stands for Training Needs Identification, and "TNA" often stands for Training Needs Analysis. These are crucial components in human resources and training departments for identifying gaps in skills and knowledge among employees. Here’s a basic outline for creating a TNI/TN Read More...

18 April 2024 11:31:37 AM

Pay Split-up - Want To Structure It Properly To Get The Proper Monthly Salary

18 April 2024 09:56:18 AM | From: Coimbatore, India

Hemarekha-v Follow

We have declared a pay compensation for a role as follows, Total Annual Compensation Calculation (without profit sharing): Base Salary: INR 13.00 lakh Bonus: INR 1.30 lakh PF/Term Life Insurance: INR 0.65 lakh Health Insurance: INR 0.50 lakh (estimated) Housing Allowance: INR 0.65 lakh Vehicle Allowance Read More...


Hi Hemarekha-V, Here’s a structured breakdown of the provided compensation package: Base Salary: INR 13.00 lakh per year Additional Benefits: Bonus: INR 1.30 lakh per year PF/Term Life Insurance: INR 0.65 lakh per year Health Insurance: INR 0.50 lakh per year (estimated) Housing Allowance: IN Read More...

18 April 2024 11:19:28 AM

Karnataka Shops And Commercial Establishments Act

17 April 2024 11:03:01 AM | From: Bengaluru, India

Arpitha-bhagyaraj Follow

According to Karnataka Shops and Commercial Establishments Act, employees are entitled to 12 casual leaves, with no provision for Sick leaves. However, in our organization, they have combined CL and SL into a total of 6 leaves. Is it mandatory for employers to adhere to this requirement or does it remai Read More...


This 12 days' leave is for any sickness also. Some other states' law, like Kerala Shops....Act, provides for 12 days CL apart from 12 days Sick leave, the Karnataka Act provides for 12 days leave only (in addition to Earned leave of one day for every 20 days worked in the preceding year). The casua Read More...

18 April 2024 06:21:08 AM

Karnataka Compulsory Gratuity Insurance Rules

18 April 2024 05:41:08 AM | From: Bengaluru, India

Arpitha-bhagyaraj Follow

Is company obligated to procure insurance under the Karnataka Compulsory Gratuity Insurance Rules of 2024, if only four employees have completed their five year of service, considering insurance companies might not provide coverage for such a small number of employee, posing challenges for MSME?


If you have ten employees, your establishment will come under the Payment of Gratuity Act and the rules made thereon. It is immaterial how many of your employees have completed the prescribed five years for entitlement of gratuity. Please understand that gratuity is payable to the dependents of a decease Read More...

18 April 2024 06:07:28 AM


Hi " In a significant move to safeguard employee rights and ensure financial security, the Karnataka Government has introduced the Karnataka Compulsory Gratuity Insurance Rules, 2024. Under the new rules, companies can obtain gratuity insurance from the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) or any other insuranc Read More...

18 April 2024 06:16:28 AM

Subject: For EDLI & Pension - Transferred Four Employees From One Department To Another

Sanjay-tiwari1 Follow

We transferred four employees from one department to another in 2013. Three employees accepted the transfer letter and started their work in another department. But one employee filed a labor court case and challenged the transfer letter. We convinced him to start work in the new department, and he agreed

18 April 2024 04:32:58 AM | From: Mumbai, India


There are some clarifications required. He has been absent for seven years, but you have not taken any action against it? While a dispute is pending in the Labour Court ( I am not convinced why this employee went directly to Labour Court bypassing the conciliation by the Labour Officer) why did you arriv

18 April 2024 05:28:48 AM

Company Asking Money To Come Out Of It As They Are Not Giving Salary

16 April 2024 17:18:56 PM | From: Bengaluru, India


Sasikumar9849 Follow

I have been selected to a company as a fresher in the role of embedded systems engineer they said first four months you will be in probation period and you will get 2000 stipend after 4 months you will be deployed into project then your salary will start the salary will be 3 lpa 22400 per month the Read More...


A bond signed by an employee cannot be taken as an evidence to show that the employee has accepted the bond conditions. There are lot of court verdicts which say that employee is at a very low bargaining capacity when he is accepting an offer. Therefore, what an employer cannot do should not be put o Read More...

17 April 2024 11:35:57 AM



I didn’t signed any bond I signed on a cheque which written as 1 lakh rupees they kept that with them they said if we leave the company before two years we will cash this cheque otherwise after two years they will return back the cheque they said.But now they are asking 150000 that 50000 is th Read More...

17 April 2024 16:01:31 PM


He will not listen to you if you approach directly. If you have any person who can influence him, you can take his assistance. If not, the best choice is to escalate the matter to law and order authorities. This is ridiculous, and no employer should do like this. Therefore, I only advise that you shoul Read More...

18 April 2024 04:21:02 AM

What Response To Be Given When An Employee Suddenly Got Email From HR That You Are Relieved From So And So Role

15 April 2024 05:19:04 AM | From: Hyderabad, India

Radhakovel Follow

How to respond when an employee got a mail from hr stating that "As per the management instructions you will be relieved from the service of — — — — role with effect from 01-04-2024.request you to please do the needed exit formalities before 01-04-2024, the related relieving document Read More...


Sure, the employee should question it, ask for the reason for termination. Even during probation, termination should not be on account of "management instructions". If the terms of appointment order says that "during probation your employment/ this contract of employment shall be terminated by eithe Read More...

15 April 2024 05:39:00 AM


Thank You Mr.Madhu for your valuable reply. It is an LLP. The Management is least bothered to discuss about this even after working 3 years sincerely with them. In this case, can she tell the same in an interview? She had only the bank statement as proof of salary and a small email offer letter. Pleas Read More...

17 April 2024 13:57:18 PM


Yes, certainly. In any interview for future openings, she should tell the truth. All employers will not insist on documentary evidences, but if she can confidently exhibit that she has obtained experience by working for three years, that will be more than enough for her to get a job. She can also produc Read More...

18 April 2024 04:07:07 AM

Relieving Document - PF Account Is Associated With Nseit, And Now TCS Wants 10 Day Exit Letter

PC Follow

I joined Nseit on 8 Sept 2022, but my BGV failed. My PF account is associated with Nseit, and now TCS wants 10 day exit letter. I am already on a project. Please help me with this

18 April 2024 01:18:52 AM | From: Nagpur, India

HR Policy For An NGO - Is There Any HR Company That Will Do This As Volunteer Work?


Sowmya Simhan Follow

Sukriti Social Foundation is a Chennai-based NGO working for children with disability since 2006. All these years the founder was a working professional. The post-retirement founder is in full involvement with a mission to reach out to more As the team is being set up, an HR policy has to be put in plac

18 April 2024 01:16:02 AM | From: Chennai, India

Do You Have Any Idea About The Average Notice Period During Probation In The Bengaluru Startup Scene?

16 April 2024 09:59:35 AM | From: Bengaluru, India

Saurabh-kumar3447241 Follow

I joined a company one month ago and am on probation for three months. Now, I have an MBA admission offer and will be taking that up in late June. I need to resign, but I am unsure about the timing. The Official Notice Period is two months. I don’t want to resign immediately because if they reliev Read More...


Ha Ha, lovely points, Prof S Kumar, Madhu! As I already said, help if you folks wanna help, without passing judgement. You don’t know what financial constraints a person is in, and putting blanket statements like calling someone cheap is dumb. Also both of you, instead of flaunting your credential Read More...

17 April 2024 14:24:08 PM


Also, I don’t know how do you start a question other than like "Do You Have Any Idea"!! Am I supposed to write an application with "Respected Sir, I beg to seek a response". Such times of servitude has passed. Now we call even the CXOs by their first name, and it doesn’t diminish their respect Read More...

17 April 2024 14:28:36 PM



As the OP is not taking on board both the meaning and the spirit of being professional and polite, this thread is now closed. OP, you were given options in answer to your question. As you did not like them, you only had to walk away and leave it at that, not engage in a slanging match against other member Read More...

17 April 2024 21:45:18 PM

Consecutive Holidays As Saturday - Sunday - Monday Or With Festive Holidays" What Does The Law & Our SOP Say About It?

17 April 2024 14:17:16 PM

Sharada-hallmark Follow

Consecutive holidays as Saturday - Sunday - Monday or with festive holidays" what does the law & our SOP say about it?


17 April 2024 13:53:17 PM


Auditsupport Follow

If a company has multiple hubs in a sigle state,how do we register it for shops and establishment license.Head office is different and there are hubs in different states.

Show Cause Notice - Charges Jealousy, Negativity, Work Efficiney & Quality Compromise

16 April 2024 04:47:47 AM | From: Ahmedabad, India



Hi, Can an employer issue show cause notice with the charges of jealousy, work efficiency, quality compromise in work, negativity for an single instance to an employee ?


Hi, Show cause notice can be issued for poor work performance, quality issues, misconduct etc. If it is first time rather than issuing show cause better go for verbal warning or written warning. In case of any repetitiveness you may issue show cause notice. While drafting show causes the charges shoul Read More...

16 April 2024 05:13:56 AM


The company can be levelled any charges, provided all the charges should be there in the company’s standing orders as misconduct. If none of the charges are not featured in the standing orders are the favourable for the employee to challenge legally.

16 April 2024 14:42:20 PM



Thank you all for providing clarity. Required legal eferences who deals with domestic enquiry and chargesheets. Thanks, Sonal Dash

17 April 2024 13:07:12 PM

Can Anyone Share The Minimum Wages Of Andhra Pradesh W.e.f. April 2024?

15 April 2024 17:13:40 PM | From: Hyderabad, India

Subbaraodva Follow

Can anyone share the minimum wages of Andhra Pradesh w.e.f. April 2024?


Can Anyone Share The Minimum Wages Of Andhra Pradesh W.E.F. April 2024

16 April 2024 07:39:01 AM


MW of all states can be downloaded from this site -

17 April 2024 12:45:21 PM

Election Holiday - If The Company Can Compensate The Holiday? Is It Acceptable Or Not As Per The Rule?

16 April 2024 06:26:44 AM | From: Coimbatore, India

Rajesh-s2404651 Follow

Hi, All State Government issued a notification to all Pvt Institutions to declare as Paid Holiday in view of Elections 2024. If the company can compensate the holiday? Is it acceptable or not as per the rule? Regards., Rajesh


Hi, As per notification you should declare compulsory holiday.

16 April 2024 06:51:49 AM


Every employee is entitled to vote for which a paid holiday should be given to all employees. There few aspects to be noted. It’s obvious there are "essential workers" who are called to work on 'election day' also. By all means they should facilitated to vote by adjusting in their shift timings Read More...

17 April 2024 12:41:42 PM

Is An Employee Under Maternity Leave Eligible For CL As Well? If She Already Has A CL Balance Before Maternity Leave

16 April 2024 11:49:00 AM | From: Ludhiana, India


Lucky Mehta_4092454 Follow

Is an employee under maternity leave eligible for CL as well? if she already has a CL balance before maternity leave. Please confirm


Lucky Mehta_4092454

Thanks for sharing the valuable information. CL will be carry forwarded after the maternity right ?

16 April 2024 12:39:01 PM


No, the unavailed CL will lapse on 31st December. If the maternity leaves ends before that, she can avail the CL remaining when she proceeded for maternity leave after her joining back.

16 April 2024 13:35:54 PM


If CL balance is available she can avail after returning from ML. No issue, provided it’s not elapsed as per their leave policy. CL is meant to avail in emergency situations & unplanned travel, sickness etc. Normally maximum 2 or 3 days only permitted at a time, and that too not prefixed or suffixe Read More...

17 April 2024 12:29:53 PM

PF - DOE Has Not Updated And Company Has Closed. How Can Update DOE ?

17 April 2024 11:41:48 AM | From: New Delhi, India


Itisha Follow

In case My past employer they did not update DOE in pf portal. Now the company has closed so how can i update DOE so that i can transfer PF to current Account.


Hi, If you need to update your exit date with your old employer, first reach out to their HR team or someone who can help. You can also contact EPFO for assistance or file a gravedance. Another option is to look at your last payslip from them. If you were paid for a full month, you can use the last da Read More...

17 April 2024 12:28:15 PM

Can I Quit After Getting Salary Increment 2 Months Ago?

13 April 2024 13:25:29 PM | From: Surat, India

Shreya-patel Follow

I got a salary increment in month of March. I now want to resign the from my company due to toxic work environment that is going out of hand now. Previously I chose to ignore that and focus on my work, but it is very much to handle now. I have a condition in my increment letter that I have to work minimu Read More...


Whether you can quit your job shortly after receiving a salary increment depends on various factors, including your employment contract, company policies, and professional ethics. Here are some considerations to keep in mind: Employment Contract: Review your employment contract to understand any notic Read More...

16 April 2024 09:39:55 AM


Fixed Basic is for twety six days or twenty seven days

16 April 2024 09:41:31 AM

Vaishalee Parkhi

I agree with the views expressed by Mr. N.K. Sundaram. I see 2 major points here - 1. If it was explicitly mentioned in the Appointment letter clause, it was an employee’s choice to accept it or not. Once accepted, nothing can be done. Company must have done it after a few setbacks. 2. Now considerin Read More...

17 April 2024 11:17:29 AM

Gratuity Act - Worked For Exactly Five Years, But There Has Been A Gap Period In Between During The Coronavirus Period


Pavi Jana Follow

Hi all, I would like more information about the gratuity act. One of our employees has threatened to file a lawsuit against me if I don’t give a gratuity. He has worked for exactly five years, but there has been a gap period in between during the coronavirus period. When he first joined the firm

17 April 2024 09:24:44 AM | From: Chennai, India


Pavi Jana

Since he voluntarily relieved, the management is hesitant to provide gratuity, how to handle the situation. The employee has threatened to bring a lawsuit against the company in my name. Any other way to refuse gratuity. Kindly help me to get an solution on this.

17 April 2024 10:31:48 AM


The Payment of Gratuity Act only says that if the employee has been in continuous "service" of not less than 5 years, the employer should pay gratuity. The word used is 'service' and not "employed". An employee on leave is still in service though he is not employed. During the Covid 19 period, even i

17 April 2024 10:56:43 AM


Hi, I would suggest you to release the Gratuity as per the entitlement. You may educate your Management issue of relieving letter has nothing to do with Gratuity and even if relieving /experience certificate was not provided employee have the right to place appeal for Gratuity. Also for Gratuity no nee

17 April 2024 11:02:37 AM

Pls Share Recruitment Tracker For Multiple Positions

17 April 2024 08:02:30 AM | From: Delhi, India

Vijaya-rani-balakrishnan Follow

Hello, Would really help if you could pls share a good recruitment tracker - multiple positions Regards, Vijaya



Build you own recruitment tracker using Excel. Add in everything YOU need for YOUR company. Read More...

17 April 2024 10:54:06 AM

Legal Opinion Expected From Experts - Same Workmen Also Do The ATM Loading For Multiple Banks

16 April 2024 08:15:01 AM | From: Bhubaneswar, India


Sidhu Bhai Follow

Hello learned legal experts, Need your opinion with case laws if any: Case: The bank gives the contract to a managed service provider (MSP) to carry out ATM replenishment & ATM maintenance work. Then, MSP gives a sub-contract to another agency for this work (CRA) & CRA agency engages the required manpowe Read More...



This is a HR fourm for HR questions and problems. Talk to your company legal people and get the correct answers from them. That’s what you pay them to do, to look after your company’s interests.

17 April 2024 10:50:09 AM

Having Manpower Issue In Haryana State, Where The Labour Is Continuously On Leave And Working In The Crop Fields

Hr-plant4423352 Follow

I am having problems arranging manpower, as I work in Haryana state, where the labour is continuously on leave and working in the crop fields. Due to a lack of manpower, the company is in a critical condition.

17 April 2024 09:59:59 AM | From: Delhi, India

Dinesh Divekar

Greetings member, I wish you had given sufficient information about your query. What kind of manpower do you need? Are they skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled? How many shifts does your company operate? What facilities does the company provide? And so on. Anyway, irrespective of the type of industr

17 April 2024 10:31:09 AM

Worried About COVID-19? Try FitsPresso To Deal With Stress

17 April 2024 10:04:49 AM


Roederrany Follow

FitsPresso - FitsPresso may be bought on line through the reputable internet site or via select retailers. It is crucial to purchase from a reputable supply to ensure the product’s high-quality and authenticity. In present day rapid-paced international, preserving a healthful weight can be hard Read More...

Company ABC Response As Terminated Due To BGV Issue -- Impact Of This For My Future Employability

17 April 2024 09:44:35 AM

Shekar-reddy-s Follow

Hi , Team I have 17 months of experience in Company ABC. They have initiated BGV as moved to different project. My previous company was startup and HR didn’t respond to BGV or HR mails for 3 weeks, Outcome of it ABC company has Terminated me without any proper exit formailites, For period of 1 Read More...

Is Form 15G Applicable If Service And Pf Amount Is Less Then 50k

17 April 2024 07:43:08 AM | From: Bengaluru, India

Richard-kumar Follow

Sir/Madam, If PF amount is less then 50k and Employee Service period is less then 5 year, does Form 15G still apply? Please guide.


If the PF accumulation is less than Rs 50000, then there is no need to give a declaration in form 15G.

17 April 2024 07:55:10 AM


Arete Securities

Hello All, I required score card format for quarterly rewards & recognition for staff in all segments. Ca anyone pls guide and share the reference. Thanks in advance.

16 April 2024 05:04:43 AM

Dinesh Divekar

Greetings all, The following article has been published in the latest issue of People’s Matter. The link to the article is as below: Thanks, Dinesh Divekar

16 April 2024 05:17:49 AM


Incorporating the 3 R’s - respect, recognition, and reward - within a company entails promoting open communication, commemorating accomplishments, and providing equitable compensation along with non-monetary incentives. This approach aims to cultivate a positive work environment where Read More...

17 April 2024 07:52:55 AM

Employee Requesting Prolonged Leave - What Are The Legal Repercussions Of Maternity Leave Beyond 6 Months?

17 April 2024 05:48:31 AM | From: Jalandhar, India

Kaushal-kansara Follow

One of our employees was on maternity leave, and the maternity leave got over with full benefits, that employee has resumed the office, but she is requesting the management to prolong the leave with benefits if approved by the management; otherwise, she would resign now and resume the office in the futur Read More...


Hi, As per Maternity Act 182 days leave with salary is mandatory. After the completion of Maternity leave period women facing health challenges related to pregnancy can extend their leave beyond this period say for a period of another one month if recommended by the Doctor with proper prescription. Ther Read More...

17 April 2024 05:55:54 AM

EPS Query: Still An EPS Member After Withdrawal?

16 April 2024 15:25:45 PM | From: Kolkata, India

Sayantan-basak4697874 Follow

I was employed with Ericsson as my first employer and my basic was less than 15000 at that time. I had left the organization for higher studies and had withdrawn my EPF and EPS amount completely (with zero EPF and EPS as balance). Post higher education I am employed with EY and now my basic is more tha Read More...


If Universal Account Number (UAN) was generated at the time of first employment, I doubt, if your UAN is still active. If it is active, you will be covered by Pension Fund also as an existing member. At the same time, if you could get a new UAN, then you will be excluded from EPS. I hope others woul Read More...

17 April 2024 05:54:53 AM

Salary Delay - The Reason Showing Is That The Principal Employer Not Cleared The Bill

16 April 2024 16:14:24 PM | From: Hyderabad, India

Itckakatiya-employeesunion Follow

Sir, We are working in a hotel. Contractor. Not getting salary in time every month. The reason showing is that the principal employer not cleared the bill; please advise. Thank you


If your contractor is not paying your salary within seven days of close of the wage month, you can approach the Principal employer for whom you work. He is liable to pay it to you. The Contractor may be innocent though he is bound to pay wages even if he has not received the bill amount from the principa Read More...

17 April 2024 05:47:28 AM

Can An Employee Be Discharged For 75% Of Permanent Disablement Due To An Accident Outside Of Employment?

16 April 2024 06:49:39 AM | From: Mumbai, India

Sridharan Venkataraman Follow

Greetings Experts Can an employee be discharged for 75% of permanent disablement due to an accident outside of employment? If so, what formalities must be complied with?


There is no question of payment of any compensation since the accident happened not while on duty or in connection with employment. A total permanent disability will come under section 2(oo)(c) of the Industrial Disputes Act. As such it is not retrenchment attracting formalities as laid down in sectio Read More...

16 April 2024 08:11:01 AM

Sridharan Venkataraman

Thank you very much Shri T K Madhu sir. Your views on this matter would help us to move further on. We will go by Sec 2(oo)(c) of the ID Act. In fact the employee will be paid a compensation considering his remaining period of service which is less than 10 years. V Sridhar

17 April 2024 05:13:23 AM


Ok, fine, do it as an employee benefit from the Company. Obviously, if your gratuity scheme is linked to Death Cum Gratuity Scheme of LIC he will get the gratuity projected to his total service till his superannuation.

17 April 2024 05:23:13 AM

New Project In Chennai Hospital - Compliance Checklist As Per The Company Act And Local Government?

Neeraj-kumar1 Follow

Good Morning Seniors, We are starting a new project in Chennai in a hospital, so can someone suggest to me the compliance checklist as per the company act and local government? Thanks & Regards, Neeraj Kumar

17 April 2024 04:28:57 AM | From: Mohali, India

Monthly Returns Of Addition And Deletion Under Epf

14 April 2024 06:46:39 AM | From: Madras, India

P Ramachandran Follow

Earlier it was there sending addition and deletion of members in Form 5 and 10. Presently as we are sending the remittance and contribution details in online through ECR. How to furnish the addition and deletion details other than exit details submission.



We have to update the date of Exit every month in your EPFO portal, and also we need not send addition details i mean Form 5, because when you generate the UAN you have to send all the details like DOJ , Salary,DOB, Martial status etc... so you only take care of date of exit properly , thanks.

16 April 2024 12:44:58 PM

One Of The Contractor Is Also Working As Employee In His Own Contract

16 April 2024 11:41:21 AM | From: India

Nagesh-shahane Follow

We are providing services with 03 manpower supply contractors for Admin, sanitation & security department. One of the contractor is also working as employee in his own contract. Can a contractor work as employee & contractor in the same department.


We (principal employer) is not concerned with who all are engaged but we are only concerned with the number of persons engaged. There is nothing wrong in contractor working. A contractor himself can work as a worker in his team. If not allowed, what is the significance of an independent contractor?

16 April 2024 12:10:54 PM

Terminate Of Employee For Refusal To Accept The Training Policy

15 April 2024 08:49:15 AM | From: Bengaluru, India

Merina-vathana Follow

Will there be any legal issue if we provide terminate an employee for refusal to accept the new updated training policy (work 3 years or pay penalty of 1,00,000)" after availing the trainings


Will there be any legal issue if we provide terminate an employee for refusal to accept the new updated training policy (work 3 years or pay penalty of 1,00,000)" after availing the trainings

15 April 2024 08:50:05 AM


Hi, Strictly speaking whatever terms and conditions agreed mutually between employer and employee at the time joining alone will bind the employee and you cannot force the employee to accept unrealistic interim amendments in employment terms. The right process is make it applicable to the future ne Read More...

15 April 2024 10:08:25 AM


Did you put the conditions before the training and now he is refusing to follow it? Or did you bring the conditions after he finished the training? You can not impose conditions as an afterthought. If you had conditions and he refused to accept, then he should not have been given the training

16 April 2024 11:06:53 AM

What Points Need To Be Checked After The Vendor (manpower Supplier) Submits An Invoice?

Vivek S. Patil Follow

What points need to be checked after the vendor (manpower supplier) submits an invoice?

16 April 2024 10:26:34 AM | From: Schwieberdingen, Germany

Have Been Appointed To Prepare The Long Service Award - Please Advise Me On How And What I Need To Do


Mayle Follow

Hi All, I have been appointed to prepare the long service award. This is my first time doing it. Please advise me on how and what I need to do. Thanks and best regards

16 April 2024 10:17:17 AM | From: Hyderabad, India

Manager Is Saying I'll Not Be Paid For 16 Days As I Did Not Attend The Meet Every Day And Did Not Work On Hiring


Shreyar2409 Follow

I was asked to leave by the company, but I had to complete the handover and a few recruitments by 15th April. I asked them to release me by just taking the handover and concluding the work on 30th March. The handover was completed on April 16, 2024. I proactively informed my manager that I had complete

16 April 2024 08:55:34 AM | From: Pune, India

Dinesh Divekar

Greetings Shrerar2409, Each employee is eligible to draw his/her salary till his/her last working day. If the subordinate does not work as per the job requirements, then the manager should have provided feedback or even questioned the subordinate. However, this bugbear of under-working cannot be raise

16 April 2024 09:17:12 AM

Can We Calculate PF (Employee12% And Employer12%) On Actual Basic Salary Is More Than 15,000/-?

16 April 2024 07:46:25 AM | From: Hyderabad, India

Lakshmana-srinivas Follow

Greetings Sir, For Example: Employee Gross Salary is 30,30,000.00 Per Annum And his Gross Salary Per Month is 2,52,500. Now the Basic Salary 1,26,250/- Hra is 50500 and Special Allowance is 75,750/-. Can we calculate Pf Contribution on Actual Basic 1,26,250/- @ 12% of Employee and 12% of Employer? Pleas Read More...


Why Not? You can pay contributions to EPF even on the gross salary, ie, Rs 2,52500 also. The employer can also contribute the same amount as is contributed by the employee. But, when contribution by the employer is bifurcated, you have to make only Rs 1250 to Pension Fund and the rest can be put in EPF Read More...

16 April 2024 07:54:35 AM

Where To Get The CVs As Per Our Requirements? (without Subscription) (no Cost)

15 April 2024 11:31:22 AM | From: New Delhi, India

Deeksha-gupta Follow

From where i can download CVs as per our requirements. (without subscription) (no cost)


Hi, You may circulate the requirement among Employees and encourage them to refer related candidates with experience. You may post the requirement in social medias wherein you will get some response based on your network.

15 April 2024 11:43:05 AM


You can visit Indeed which offers a free CV builder with tips and advice on writing an effective CV. Retro Bowl

16 April 2024 06:36:07 AM

If We Are Paying Fixed Basic = Minimum Wage *26 =442.41*26=11502 For 26 Days, Then What About For 27 Days?

Ashok-dev Follow

Greetings Sir, If we are paying Fixed Basic = minimum wage *26 =442.41*26=11502 for 26 days, then what about for 27 days?

16 April 2024 06:19:55 AM | From: Lalgudi, India

Required Score Card - Quarterly Rewards & Recognition

16 April 2024 05:04:43 AM


Arete Securities Follow

Hello All, I required score card format for quarterly rewards & recognition for staff in all segments. Ca anyone pls guide and share the reference. Thanks in advance.

Topics To Be Covered While Training The Quick Response Team (QRT) Of The NGO Office?

Bipin-sharma4553685 Follow

Hi All, I Need your support for the below-mentioned requirements, 1) Topics to be covered while training the Quick Response Team (QRT) of the NGO office. 2) Any Vendor providing such trainings for NGO/Corporates, please share the contacts. Thanks, Bipin Sharma

16 April 2024 03:45:04 AM | From: Mumbai, India

Dinesh Divekar

Greetings Bipin Sharma, I wish you had given sufficient information about your query. What is the nature of your industry, how big is the facility, how many employees work, how many shifts are there and so on. The Quick Response Team (QRT) as the name suggests, should be easily contactable during a

16 April 2024 04:42:26 AM

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