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Maternity Leave Extension - Not Reported To Work Till Date And Has Not Been Communicating With Us
As a employer I have granted 6 month of maternity leave to one of the employees on 1st Jan 2018 and she was to return to work on 1July 2018, but had asked for extension of the same for child care. Further she has not reported to work till date and has not been communicating with us. How & what are th
Individual Unskilled-skilled Worker Work As A Contractor ??
Sir We are registered under factory act , having PF, ESIC Registration, have 4 labour supplier contractors at Palghar food processing factory , we paying salary as per Minimum Wages act, deducting PF ESIC, MWLB, PT etc as per prescribe guide line under applicable law. Recently we appoint New CA, he advic
How To Manage HR Department - Where To Start And How To Start
I am New to HR field. I have recently joined a consultancy company which is 5 years old and has approximately 30 employees. Being a novice, I am still confused as to where and how to start? Please help on below queries: 1) What are the forms required for Recruitment process? 2) How to manage payrol
Petroleum (Amendment) Rules 2018 (notified On 10.8.2018) - PDF Download
Please find attached the Petroleum (Amendment) Rules, 2018 notified on 10.8.2018. Main amendments are as under: 1. Fee payable under the rules for various purposes increased. Fee payable to competent persons for inspection, testing and certification now specified under Part B of First Schedule. Fee othe
What Are The Precautions To Be Taken Before Joining So That I Am Given A Notice Period Before They Ask Me To Leave?
Hi, I am a doctor. I recently got a job offer from a hospital. After discussions about the job and salary, i decided to join the job fro 16th aug 2018.They have not givwn me any appointment letter or a joining letter. I requested them to give me the joining letter on the day of joining. But, in betwee
Returning To Work After 4 Years - What To Do About Not Getting Selected Due To A Lack Of Knowledge?
This is about my career; I left my job in 2014 due to some family problems. But now I want to get back to work. I have attended many interviews, but have not been selected due to a lack of knowledge. Please suggest me what should I do.
How To Manage Attendance Of 30 Employees?Excel Or Software Which Is Best
Hi This is death from Pune,I’m new to The department.where to start and how to start with 30 employees of the organization.what documents I should know.plz help
Know Your Delivery Boys - Background Verification
This is the era of technology! The more it develops, the more lazier we have become. Be it small or big shopping, we love to tap through few windows and get done with the entire shopping fiasco. Let me name a few for buying vegetables to clothes to expensive cameras or any other electronic appliance
Gratuity Cannot Be Forfeited For Act Involving Moral Turpitude Unless Convicted By A Court - Supreme Court
Interpreting Section 4(6)(b)(ii) of the Payment of Gratuity Act, the Supreme Court in its order dated 14.8.2018 (copy attached) has held that forfeiture of gratuity on the ground of misconduct which constitutes an offence involving moral turpitude, is permissible only if he is convicted by a court o
First Company Closed. Will There Be An Issue With TCS Background Verification
In 2012 I worked for company A. I worked with A for tenure of 6 months. Then later I worked for companies B and C. Company D is my current company. In all I have 6 years of experience. Both C and D are MNCs. I came to know that first company A is closed. Now I have a offer from TCS. I have Appointmen
Office Politics Effecting My Work And Personal Life - How To Handle
Wishing all an Advance Happy Independence Day wishes from my end. I joined an IT company in Chennai as their HR Officer on 1st August 2017. Two more girls joined as developers on the same day. While I was very friendly with these girls, irrespective of the difference in our designations, soon I realise
Gratuity - Company Is Shutting Down Its Operations And All Employees Are Asked To Leave The Company
I am looking for expert advice from all members regarding the undermentioned gratuity issue :- Company is shutting down its operations and all employees are asked to leave the company. Please advice that if employee has completed 4 years 6 months 10 days will he/ she be eligible for gratuity. Gratuit
Five Benefits Of HR Person In Company - Main Asset Of The Company
We all have seen the smart lady in the corner office of the company. Her signatures are on our offer letter and salary slips. We think that HR person her job is really stress free and joyous. On the contrary, she is one the most important building blocks of the company and she shares the equal burde
Salary: Does Medical Allowance And Conveyance Have Any Limits?
Greetings All, Kindly guide me on salary break ups.... Does Medical allowance and conveyance have any limits... Can we adjust salary through these allowances??
As Per The Labour Act "LETTER OF APPOINTMENT:FORM XXVI" Is To Be Issued To New Joiners?
I am working as HR& Admin in a private limited company. And our company has no practice of issuing Appointment letters till now, but as per the labour’s act "LETTER OF APPOINTMENT:FORM XXVI" is to be issued to new joiners. Is it mandatory to use those forms as appointment letters or we can us
Extra Working Hours - Can I Challenge This In Labor Court As Mentally And Physically Harassment?
Hi All, I am working in an IT company. My working hours are min 37.5 per week but I have been forced to work 42.5 hours weekly means avg. 1 hour extra daily except my lunchtime since last 3 years without paying any overtime, even I also work on Saturday once or twice in a month without getting any overtim

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