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Do employers give a lot of weightage to previous employer's feedback? If so, how rational the practice is, especially considering that there are egoistic megalomaniac people who misuse it unethically.


Mine is a mid sized indian IT MNC & I am am technical person.My department is mostly into bodyshopping and they sent me to a client place. the project was soon found to be not matching my profile and I informed the management that there is no value addition. On top of that the client manager started getting tighter by asking to work on holidays unexpectedly etc. Friction mounted and we were asked an explanation on why the 'unreasonable cooperation' is not there? It was a cordial discussion and we (I and my colleague) explained it properly - also willingness to resign with 3 months notice period.

After 2 days, they issued a show cause notice stating that 'you were found unprofessional at client location, attitude issues etc'. It was unexpected and unproportionate. We said we are willing to resign and signed the document with a comment-'acknowledge receipt of doc , pending discussion on the same'. Having written like this provoked the HR Head and she asked (2 days later)what is the problem signing it without such a comment? I explained that these are abstract terms and need to be substantiated how I am unprofessional. This made her further angry. She started speaking arrogantly and started abusing me. At this point I said "I cant continue the discussion in such a way, I am willing to resign with a notice period". Immediately she told me that I will be terminated. My Manager and 2 HR Executives were present all the while. They did the same thing with my colleague too.

After keeping me in wait for 2 months, they finally has given an experience letter.


I have been searching for another jobs meanwhile and lost two opportunities for not having the relieving/exp letter at that time. I have explained the situation to a prospective employer and I cleared all their rounds and given with offer letter. I am just curious to know how the prospective employer will deal with it if the firm responds revengefully & makes fabricated bad remarks about me during background checks. I very well expect it that the management & HR Head personally is revengeful (for me trying to be assertive and trying to preserve one's own integrity & dignity and walked out of the room). I feel natural justice is being denied in my case & its too unethical.

So the main question is: Do employers give a lot of weightage to previous employer's feedback? If so, how rational the practice is, especially considering that there are power-hungry people who misuse it unethically.

Some of the previous managers advised me to approach it legally; but I am not interested being inexperience and because of a personal distaste to get into such complex matters.

Note: (i) I am confident and has exceptional technology skills which I am further updating during this crisis. Also this company has been in the headlines for anti employee practices in July in leading newspaper.(ii)I am 12 years experience & 3 years in this problem company. Allprevious records are clean.(iii) 46 days leave balance(in 3 years) are calculated for encashment at a basic salary as per final settlement.which is nominal.

From India, Bengaluru
Also wan to add that the way non cooperative & arrogant the HR & Management are, I am further concerned about entering their premises for any future settlement. As this can give them the opportunity to fabricate lies and false allegation of theft/manhandling. Considering the inferior ethical standards they possess I should expect this too. The company's other divisions have food and tobacco business and the management is preoccupied with the practices there-trade union & labor laws- and it does not really function as an IT Company in that respect.
From India, Bengaluru

Dear friend,

Since existence itself is comprised of dualities like virtue and vice, good and evil, sanctity and sin etc., it is called as " Misra Prapanch ". Work place is a small world within the larger world manifesting all the same dualities. So, if we are very much worried about some bitter things happened in our life, particulary work-life, without our own contribution or beyond our control if any, we can not move on. Your note to the first post vividly exhibits your self-confidence of your employability while the successive post indicates your natural fear about the negative feed-back from the particular ex-employer. Particularly, as regards body shopping in IT field, the employee's position is a bit more precarious as he has to serve two masters. In the event of any friction like the one you mentioned, it is quite natural that your immediate employer would react in such a manner only out of the fear of losing clientele and had the HR person a bit more shrewd or if the situation was handled by any line manager, the proper response would have been placing a fresh team in stead of pulling you up without listening your side. But, all employers are aware of the fact that in such a situation employees leave, not orgaizations, but only managers. When your relief from the previous job is peaceful and formal and your selection for the new job is based on all the positive factors of merit, no employer would give importance to the informal words of mouth uttered by a person belonging to such a company of disrepute well known to the Corporate World..

From India, Salem

You can go forward legally against your ex-employer only if you can prove that such act was intentionally done by your ex-employer to jeopardize your future employability.
From India, Kolkata

Thanks for you being kind to reply Dear Sir. Yes, I am naturally tensed of the harm these people can inflict for future employability. At present 10+ employers are interested on my profile and I am being offered with a (1) job(bound by background verification) after interviews. Also there are 5+ interviews going on at different rounds. I am confident of getting another job without difficulty due to merit. Concern is different that I am worried about the general possible industry practice of giving too much weightage for previous employer feedback(I am not sure how much it could be or what the practice is). I know this forum has a lot of experienced HR Professionals and needed to get expert opinion. in fact I was curious than being scared!

I understand that if a background checking agency once mark it as red, then no chance for future employment in this industry :) . What a practice!

This condition of mine is miserable with a family to look after. The mental torture this inflicts is huge and could possibly be leading anyone to suicide for he/she has nothing left for what he/she cherished. But I am exceptionally positive! I have decided that I am not going to succumb to this injustice and live my life.Losing integrity is irreversible-Never want to compromise on that, however I suffer. I have decided to do any job as a chauffeur or labourer and live a life if they spoil my career.I have that courage & I am not succumbing to this high handedness, I decided.

My advice to all people is "Not to get engaged with organizationswho lack values in an employment. They can spoil your career pretending as legitimate players in this industry & misusing their 'powers'".


About the legal aspect, I am running on a tight budget right now. I have barely some money left for 3 months normal expense. I can't afford the legal cost with ease.. neither I am experienced with it. Also, I am concerned if in case if I get a job(if I am lucky) the legal proceeding can be a problem for my future employer, having the need to take so many leaves for attending court procedures.

Ideally this is not something one should not go through and is not ideal. Some unfortunate people get into it because the industry has such players with crooked people. It is almost like an underworld and they pretend as legitimate and gentle.

From India, Bengaluru
@UMAKANTHAN53, Thank you very much sir for your opinion that gives me hope. I am just waiting for another couple of weeks to see the outcome.
From India, Bengaluru
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