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How can I get a candidate arrested for showing fake experiance of 2 and half years ? This gut faked it in 2006 , worked with Alcatel Lucent for 2 years then with few other company before moving to US Qualcomm . This is unacceptable and is illigal ... Let me who can get hold of this guys cheating in some time ..
From India, Bangalore
Hello Anshul2504,
Pl give more details like:
1] How did you arrive @ the said conclusion?
2] You mention where he worked earlier--did you verify with any of the said earlier employers?
3] What are the evidence material you have IN-HAND?
4] Is he working in your company [assuming you work @ B'lore Qualcomm], based on the purported fake docs?
5] When did this come to light--that he faked his exp?
Without any details, how can the members suggest anything realistic, especially when someone's career is involved--that is NOT to say that you are wrong.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Mr. Anshul2504,
You are no matter a proficient & competent employee for your organization, thinks in terms of welfare to your company. When you scrutinize a resource you cant be sure of the person has cent percent genuine experience. Most of the resumes are faked (fact). Making a mark to your post, Mr. TS enquired the right questions to accomplish the facts to your statement.
Although, your subject mentions "Background Verification", have you yourself have done the BGV? (or) Is there any BG department/ company that you've accosted to?
The remarks you give will let us air to proclaim considering the factuals.

From India, Visakhapatnam
Apart from the responses and questions put by other members as above, it would be revealing to know the reason for the following :
"How can I get a candidate arrested for showing fake experiance of 2 and half years ?"
Normally Termination or Dismissal is considered a just punishment.

From India, Delhi
Do you know how our police system works ?
They are not bothered to solve major crimes, do you think they will bother about something like this ?
The amount of efforts younwill have to spend to get any traction is better spent elsewhere.
What is the reason you want police action against a person other than he lied to you.
Looks like there is a reason not explained or some hidden agenda.

From India, Mumbai
Hello Saswatabanerjee,
"Looks like there is a reason not explained or some hidden agenda"--I had this in mind when I posted my response, but DIDN'T want to arrive @ any such conclusion without getting to hear the FULL story from Anshul2504.
Hence my queries.
Let's see what the response is.

From India, Hyderabad
I am HR consultant and conducting background check in south India for leading organisations. I feel I am doing a ethical and value added contribution to the management in this area by giving a honest and forthright recommendations about a candidate. I have come across several fake certificates and resumes. It is extremely difficult to prove that the definition of term Fake from Indian Penal Code or according to legal perspective. If there is a damage or loss to the company whiling serving it is totally a different issue.
without the complete history of the case, it is futile exercise to expect the members to answer the queries raised.
V. Rangarajan.

From India, Pune
I apologize for being late . Thank you every one for their offer to help . Let me make it clear . I am not from HR department ( but, I am part of an organization where many such fake candidates lurk around ).

The reason I want this to be highlighted is because this was once a racket in Bangalore . A were 100-200 guys coming from orissa (mostly) learning the technologies from those guys and showing Fake certificates to get into various companies . Don't you think how short cut it is for them and how difficult it becomes for genuine candidates who don't even get the deserve placement in the company because of FAKE candidates . These Fake candidates are in US now and the guys who struggle and try their best to get a deserving placement are still struggling .

IF any one willing to help and if he/she thinks that some action can be taken ( even though it is late -- but FAKE IS FAKE ) , I am ready to share detail and name of the culprits to their EMAIL ID .

All I am trying to say is do a strong background check and you will be shocked to know . Morever, my information is 100% genuine.


From India, Bangalore
Anshul, If what you say is true, then I would suggest that you go and speak to NASSCOM. They would be interested in knowing and would be in a position to take action
From India, Mumbai
Hello Anshul2504,

W.r.t. your remark "......this was once a racket in Bangalore"--FYI, this wasn't limited to B'lore. It was [and, to some extent, still is] prevalent in almost all the Metros of South, including Hyderabad.

You mentioned "I am not from HR department ( but, I am part of an organization where many such fake candidates lurk around )"--have you reported the matter to your HR then? That could have been much easier than posting this issue in CiteHR for any possibility of action. But since you preferred to post this in this Forum, looks like there are other aspects too. Pl elaborate.

Coming to the very specific individual about whom you refer to, where is he working now? If it's Qualcomm, pl mail me the details in-confidence [you can send a PM]. If not, where? We have access with many IT companies and, IF I am convinced with the material you say you have, we can give it a shot with the companies.

Even though you mentioned that he earlier worked in L&T or Anite Technology also, I am not really sure IF there could be anything that can be done in these companies--EXCEPT for a postmortem & the HR devising ways to tighten their Selection processes.

However, pl note that JUST the name & designation wouldn't help to ensure some action. YOU will also need to PROVIDE SPECIFIC EVIDENCE OF FAKING--at least to the extent that convinces any HR that a SERIOUS REVISIT of the entire hiring process of this [or any such] individual is surely called for.

Reg Saswatabanerjee's suggestion to approach NASSCOM, I am not really sure IF it will work. To the extent I know, NASSCOM takes inputs/complaints from HRs of IT companies--officially [for a few valid reasons]. But I am not sure if they have a system to entertain complaints/info from INDIVIDUALS also.

I also suggest that you SHOULD need to keep in-mind, as a 'Whistle blower', to be extra careful--on the personal angle. Hope you get the point. There's a clear reason why I am suggesting this.



From India, Hyderabad
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