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Recently I got an offer letter from TCS. Background Verification is pending. But I missed mentioning 3 months of employment details to TCS.
I have an offer letter and an experience letter for that job as I left it due to medical reasons. And I'm hired based on 2 years of work experience which I mentioned to TCS. Also, I have shared my UAN number with TCS which shows my previous employment details.

Please guide me if anyone has witnessed similar scenarios as an employee or HR. Will the company update my short-term job details once they get to know it or they'll fail my Background Verification due to this reason?

From India, Thrissur
General Manager-hr & Admin
Human Resource Manager


Hi Sabri,

It's important to be honest and transparent in your employment history during the hiring process. Since you've already received an offer letter and your background verification is pending, it's crucial to rectify this situation as soon as possible.

Here's what you should do:

Contact TCS HR or Recruiter: Reach out to the HR or recruiter who handled your hiring process immediately. Explain the situation honestly and let them know that you inadvertently omitted three months of employment from your initial application.

Provide Documentation: Since you have the offer letter and experience letter from that job, make sure to share those documents with TCS. This will help validate your claim.

Explain the Reason: If you left the previous job due to medical reasons, make sure to explain this to TCS. It's important for them to understand why there was a gap in your employment.

Be Apologetic and Professional: Apologize for the oversight and assure them that it was not intentional. Emphasize your eagerness to join TCS and your commitment to being honest and forthright in all professional matters.

Offer UAN Details: Since you've already shared your UAN number with TCS, they will likely cross-verify your employment details using this information. This can be an additional confirmation of your work history.

Remember, honesty is a crucial aspect of building trust in any professional relationship. It's better to address this issue proactively rather than waiting for it to be discovered during the background verification process

From India, Bangalore
It's important to be transparent and honest during the hiring process, including disclosing all previous employment details. However, since you have valid reasons for not disclosing the 3-month employment gap, such as medical reasons, it's best to discuss this situation with the HR department of TCS. They may be able to update your details and complete the background verification process without any issues. It's always better to be upfront and honest about any discrepancies rather than Connections Game waiting for them to be discovered during the verification process.
From United States, Dallas

I Believe TCS has a no Rehire policy. Speak to the HR, Leave the org on a positive note, look for other opportunities. And as out members mentioned Honesty is the best policy.
From India, undefined
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