Dear All,
One of our employee comes late on daily basis despite of various verbal and written warnings. On the top of that, he is quite argumentative that makes things a bit more difficult. Being a good sales person, we can't afford to lose him. What can be done in such a case?
To give better understanding of the case, let me give you brief about the policy that we follow i.e We permit 3 Short leaves in a month that means an employee can come late thrice in a month by half an hour but after that every short leave is considered as Half day.
I would appreciate your views to resolve this issue

From India, Gurgaon
Respected Madam,
Ms. Shradha,
Since you have on several occasions warned him in writing and orally, now is the time to issue him a showcause notice calling upon him why disciplinary action should not be taken against you for your habitual late coming and argumentative.
Based on his reply , you will have initiate enquiry against him.
The above are my view perhaps this will help you.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Shradha,

I would like to comment on the first paragraph of your post. Reply to the second paragraph is based on Payment of Wages Act. Experts in this field will reply for this paragraph.

You have written that "Being a good sales person, we can't afford to lose him." The catch lies here. He has well understood that because of his salesmanship, organisation cannot afford to lose him. Hence his peremptoriness..

You have two options now. One is to maintain status quo. If you do that you will be pampering indiscipline. It will become difficult for you to take disciplinary action against other delinquent employees. Ignoring his indiscipline would mean long term impact on the organisation's culture as a whole.

The other option is to implement progressive discipline. Do not hesitate to terminate if required. If you do this, you will send signal to one and all that there cannot be trade off between performance of higher order and indiscipline. People may come and go but the discipline in the organisation remains. Discipline is organisational value and it has to be cherished at any cost.

Discuss this this issue with your management. For second option, the logical conclusion is termination of the employee. Make sure that your management does not get cold feet at the last stage.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Shradha,
Umesh and Dinesh have given you excellent suggestions. Hence, let me ask you a few questions to clarify the scenario.
How large is your organisation?
How large is the sales force?
Have you implemented the penalty policy and deducted half a day salary/wages, when the sales person has come late?
Have you or his boss discussed why he comes late? Does he stay late also to finish the work?
Have you considered introducing flexi-time working? If not, why not?
I can keep on raising questions, but these will suffice for the time being. These should give you some idea of the extent of detail required to get a precise advice.

From United Kingdom
Dear Shradha,
Dinesh has given a very good suggestion. At the cost of the discipline in the industry you cannot continue a person even though his performance is excellent. In spite of lot of opportunities given, if there is no improvement, you have to take a final call and take severe disciplinary action by issuing charge sheet/show cause notice and conducting enquiry, which will send clear signal to the other employees.

From India, Hyderabad
@ Dinesh exactly..i totally agree with him..infact i was about to write the same thing. Once the person is aware that you have already tagged him as a good sales person and he s fully taking undue advantage...its better to give him a written warning 3 times and if if he still continues the same then its better to terminate him.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Shradha,

Though excellent views have been provided by Mr. Dinesh & Mr. Giri.

I would like to add few more, which will help you to implement the above suggestions on practical and legal ground.

Hope the Leave Policy, as described by you, should be intimated to each & every one in the organisation.

If not done, pls share the same thru mail/Standing Order/company intranet.

Pls calculate the late days from back date, deduct appropriate Half Days (in r/o all employees)

intimate the same in next Pay Slip or send mail to check the updated leave status on co. intranet.

Pls note it should be implemented for all, otherwise the person can go to Labour Office and complaint that the policy is implemented to target him.

This will help you, if you take any strong decision agst such employee/s.

Though I m not in favour of deduction from employees remuneration, but in your case it seems to be necessary.

Being an HR professional, it is your duty to make a balance between employee remuneration and cost, value, ethics and descipline of the organisation.

No player is biggen than the "GAME". Players passes on but the game continues in each stage.

If you don't take any decision this will put negative impression on other "EXCELLENT" employees, and subsequently abolish company culture and values.

Lastly as I suggest in my every post, pls take prior approval of the Management and specially the Marketing dept. HOD.

From India, Delhi
Dear Shradha,
Mr.Divekar has rightly suggested implementation of progressive discipline, which for any all other department is always the correct way.
However I have a slightly different view on the timing policy for the sales team members or field staff . I feel we should try and give them some flexibility with respect to the in-time.
I am not saying you encourage indiscipline, but many a times we see that sales members have to attend calls at all hours depending on the convenience of the customers or clients. At times they even attend calls on weekends and other holidays if it is suiting the customers.
Have a general discussion with your sales team members and find out about the hours they are normally putting in. After discussion if you feel that they are genuinely attending to business calls in the evenings, holidays , weekends, talk to your management and propose a flexi time for your sales team.

From India, Mumbai
Talk to ur management for introducing flexi timing .It does not matter as long he is able to achieve targets .many companies have introduced this concept of flexi -timings
From India, Mumbai
Since, being a good worker you should call him and discuss the issue in detail by explaining him that your this habit gives wrong signals amongst other employees and dismantle the decorum because in every life two factor works i.e. his dedication and behaviour.
Thus to maintain the complete discipline, he should be given little liberty being a good sales but that should not affect the others people. Inspite of this if he is not ready to change his attitude, you may take administrative action as per prevailing norms in your company.

From India, Lucknow

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