I have one staff applying leave for long holiday about 2 weeks but his HOD did not approve the leave but the staff just go for his holiday. Please advice.
29th September 2011 From Malaysia, Shah Alam

India, Lucknow
V. Balaji
India, Madras
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Dear Lina,
If Leave is not supported with proper approval from his Reporting Manager/HOD then you should deduct the same irrespective of position/role, but inform them before processing their salaries.
29th September 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Lina,

If the leave is for two weeks it should be applied a minimum of 10 days in advance and after obtaining the approval from the sanctioning authority only the concerned employee should proceed on leave.

If the employee proceeds on leave with out permission and all send a telegram to the address mentioned in the leave application / present / permanent addresses which are as per his personal file asking him to report for duty immediately, wait for three more days and send one more telegram and after that send a charge sheet and initiate the disciplinery action - this is purely one side of coin

As per knowledge is concerned no employee will proceed on leave for so many days knowing the implications, as a HR person you should know what is the critical reason behind his act. If I am not wrong the employee might have approached the HOD and having a serious cause he might left, the HOD might have not heard his requests and not sanctioned the leave or some times the HODs will confirm orally and once the pressure comes from top they simply denie it. Pl. check on all this fronts & before initiating action you should also look into his past record because it shall be very critical.

Regards - kamesh
29th September 2011 From India, Hyderabad
When the employee has got leaves in his account, why the HOD deny him availing the leave? Probe the entire episode. Pon
29th September 2011 From India, Lucknow
My Dear Friend,
We should understand and respect the criticality & delivery commitments of the HODs and they might have denied but the same need to be communicated in writing to the employee when the HOD recieved a request from the employee & the other side of the coin is the employee's primary responsibility to get the leave sanctioned before proceeding on leave.
Regards - kamesh
29th September 2011 From India, Hyderabad
if employee is leaving without taking the permission there could be three reasons-
1. Employee has already decided to leave the organisation, and because of this act the co will ask him to leave and the full sal will be paid.
2. he has already decided to leave the co. so it hardly matters for him whether he gets the approval or not. ( provided he has already got the sal)
2. employee is having really urgent work so on that grounds once he come up a warning has to be given with discussion on this.
Richa Srivastava
30th September 2011 From India, Delhi
But currently things are happening as Mr. Richa mentioned. Regards, Kanthiah Alias Deepak Ram
30th September 2011 From India, Madras
It is primarily responsibility of an individual to apply for leave and get the same approved before proceeding on leave. It is prerogative of the management to sanction or deny leave, which will depend upon the exigencies of work.

In many cases, people go on leave - with an approval - are called back to office on account of emergency / exigencies. Therefore it is management's right to sanction or otherwise. Even in Govt. services and departments (and in defence sectors), employees are called back. That is why, probably you would have seen in the leave letter format, to mention the contact address and phone no underneath, so that the management can contact him/her in case of an emergency. In a renowned Software company, I know my neighbour's friend was pulled to office on his wedding day - immediately after tieing "Mangalsutra". The officers waited for this imporant event to take place and took him to office for that emergency job. He came back and joined his newly wedded wife for lunch later, that was different story.

However, at times it so happens, things are done keeping something in mind. This will be known only when you start probing and analysing the situation.

As far as this employee is concerned, what he did - not submitting approved leave letter - was wrong. You need to communicate to him and ask him to report for duty forthwith.

30th September 2011 From India, Madras
Dear Lina,
This is not good activity done by your concern HOD regarding leave sanction. If he has to go to leave, then he can, becuase he is HOD.
It doesn't means the concern HOD misuse their power and authority.
This very very bad.
Thanks & Regards
30th September 2011 From India, Mumbai
Dear Mr.Prafful,
I am not fully agreed with your statement or thought. If any employee has to go either he has to take leave, the HOD must be approve the leave of concern employee.
Because leave is also part of job.

30th September 2011 From India, Mumbai


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