Hi All
I am writing here because I am not able to find the solution for one problem.
One of our employee has lost his company mobile, data card & secure ID during travel time in the Rail.
The person who has lost the mobile has told it to me but I am not sure what action will be gud to solve this problem.
My question is, Should an company get the reimbursement from the employee for this cost?? or some other action has to be taken.

From India, Delhi
Hi Lavanya:
First check your company policy, whats written if employees losses company assets (mobile. laptop, etc). If their's anything specific - as employee needs to replace the asset or he needs to reimburse etc.. then you can do so...
Or, ask employee to replace those items, and give to company... Mobile (worth same cost or 50-75% cost), datacard is something costly, so you can get that replaced..and about ID you can relieve him and provide him new ID (since its first time)..if second time he losses ID, you can charge him d amount..

From India, Mumbai
Fine, no issues..In that case, you can define a policy saying ottom:"Disciplinary action can be taken against the individual for any misuse, damage or theft of the company asset. Replacement charges might be imposed upon the individual"
And then you can decide along with senior people of your company one amongst the options suggested earlier.

From India, Mumbai
Thank you for your suggestion. If possible, could you pls send me policy "ottom" which you mentioned above, just for my understanding. regards Lav —
From India, Delhi
i think Lavanya, is right . in no way are you supposed to pay any amount for some body who is so careless aboout his belongings .
do deduct all the cost from his salary ,
the max u can do is deduct itin parts instead in 1 month salary . because that will b a big deduction ,
this incident should be a lesson for people who dont take care of company asset

From India, Calcutta
I would Say I am Bit Surprised to See the Responses on this Issue.

Why Always you Go to the Extreme Steps any time.

Put Urself into his Shoes & Understand the Situation,

Just Simply he has Lost the Materials, You Cannot term him Careless..

If he has the same history, then could be thought.

Please ask him to File an Complaint in the Police to take FIR which is very vital.

Talk to Him & Understand his current Situation

He should by this time would have undergone lots of Turmoil in this regard

On top of this, if U go by the suggestions, the employee will be under mental stress which will result in less productivity, detachment from the Job & Company eventually resulting in Loss to Company.

Make an Alternative arrangement, Give Him Laptop or PC (if the work done by him can be finished with PC)

Give him Budget Mobile & Charge only for the Travel ID

Take an Writing from Him, that he will be Responsible in Future.

By Doing this, you are also making him comfortable, No Pause/Stop in his Job & at the same time you are making him reliase his mistake & become more Responsible.

Please Understand we are HUMAN RESOURCE Professionals......

From India, Coimbatore
Any disciplinary action must be referred form company policy. You can not implement a policy from back date. Normally such things get captured in company’s code of conduct or policy manual. If not you can add now.
On current situation, you have to review the situation objectively, and take decision which is win-win for both.

From India, Delhi
Hello Mr. zardari,
Good to see your comments on the issue . I really appreciate your thinking.We as HR professionals should think in a different way in a more matured way.
All the Best .

From India, Delhi
How come you guys are convinced that he has lost the items ??? He may have given it to someone or sold it or n number of things......First Thing he need to explain his conduct in writing that he has lost these things and a FIR should be lodged for the same.....a show cause notice should be issued to him asking him to explain why a disciplinary action should not be taken against him for such a behaviour and based on the response further action can be taken or if his response his satisfactory to the management replaced items should be provided to him.....As an employee its once's moral responsiblility to be cautious for the goods provided to him unless somethings happened which is beyond's one control like theft, snatching, etc....
From United Kingdom
I Am Very Very Happy On Comment Of Mr.m.peer ,please Hr People Before Posting Any Suggestion Please Think U People Belong To Hr Not Accounts.
From India, New Delhi

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