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Hello everyone, Without naming organisations, I would tell my story with abbreviations of organisations as XYZ, ABC DEF, and GHI.
I was working in XYZ company and joined ABC company in September 2022, working simultaneously in XYZ company. ABC and XYZ companies were unrelated to each other, so I pursued both roles separately at the same time. I left ABC company in December 2022, due to some issues, and continued in legacy XYZ company. Because of this 2 PF numbers are generated simultaneously for ABC and XYZ companies in the UAN portal from September 2022 to December 2022.

Now, when i left XYZ organisation in April 2023 and joined a new role in DEF organisation and on their payroll, I joined on client side organisation GHI, now my payroll organisation passed my background verification as green(ok) getting a declaration that I would not engage in the same in the future. However, on the client side organisation (GHI) they are red-flagging my background verification citing dual employment in the past as evident in the UAN portal citing non-compliance. Because of this, I lost my job in my payroll organisation DEF too. I know this is a mistake and should have been avoided, so what should be the best course of action I can pursue now in the case mentioned so that I don't face any issues in future employment?

From India, Mumbai

This is a tricky situation and there are no solutions to prescribe. Undeniably there is overlap and it has come to light. As the client side organisation (GHI) has redflaged you those doors are closed. Just explore the possibility of alternate employment from the DEF platform as they had green-flagged your BGV. You can only appeal to their consideration. If it is not worthwhile to pursue with DEF, then you may explore the job market and look for any start up sort of organisation in its nascent days.
From India, Mumbai
Thanks for the reply @KK!HR, do you have any suggestion for final closure of this issue so that this problem doesn’t comes back to haunt me in the future.
From India, Mumbai
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