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I joined a IT company in 2019 and recently company decided to register in PF. Since my join date is 2019 what date employer will mention in date of joining in PF account ? if they mention doj as 2019 then do we need to pay all the contribution since 2019 ?

Date of joining is important for me because i want to change the job and it will help me to clear the back ground verification.

Please answer.

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Even though you joined by 2019, Employer is applying for PF now only. This might be due to the minimum number criteria applicability in PF (The employer must obtain the registration for PF within one month of attaining the strength, failing which penalties will be applicable. ). So pf start date will be the date wherein the company reached the strength in terms of employees. Arrear to be paid from effective date by the employer.

This has nothing to do with your experience with the company. Employer should mention actual DOJ for experience certificate purpose.

From India, Madras

If the company was covered by PF right when you joined in 2019, then the employer cannot register you now with date of joining as 2023. There can be one reason why you were not given PF when you joined. That is, your salary was above Rs 15000 and you were never been covered by EPF earlier. That is, you belonged to a category called excluded employee. If that was the reason, the employer can offer PF now as a matter of investment without Pension fund. Then for all purposes of PF your date of joining will be 2023.

If on the other hand, you were not an excluded employee when you joined in 2019 but due to oversight or ignorance of law the employer failed to register you in PF, then the employer is liable to put date of joining as 2019 and contribute your PF (both your share as well as his share) together with interest and damages as per the Act which will be computed later on.

The date of joining in PF will not have any direct bearing on your future career check. It will be the service certificate that the future employer will be verifying and not the date of joining in PF. While joining a new company, it is only the UAN that you share with them and not the service history. Even if the future HR asks about the difference, you can just say that you were excluded employee when you joined but later on in 2023 the company decided to cover all employees irrespective of their salary and I was also given PF coverage since 2023. That will justify the date difference.

From India, Kannur
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