Sir/ma'am, I am a resident of Jamshedpur wants a solution for my problem. I was working with XXX ltd. I joined it during the month of 8th june 2015 and june month i was having my training which was of one month in Mumbai.

During the end of 2nd week of my training, I got a bad news of sudden demise of my father and i came back to Jamshedpur in between of my training. During the training period i was at home with family.

Again mid of july i called the hr and asked him about my training, training certificate, exam and everything, he told me that there will be no training of mone and i wil not get any certificate and whenever i can join office, i can straightaway join in kolkata branch.

I did the same thing and i joined my other colleagues in kolkata branch on 15th of july. I went there met the hr and my other colleagues, i started working over there.

After few days my collegeus mentioned about the bond and everything. They told me that they were asked to sign it at the end of training and at that time i was not there with them. I was with my family.

So i told them that i haven' t signed it and nobody in the office has even spoken about this bond and all with me. I continued working with them.

I left the job in december month and before leaving i even asked the hr about the notice period, she told me that u dont have to serve it, i resigned it and i went back to my home. My other colleague along with me left the job. The hr said the same thing to her that no need to serve the notice period.

Sir/ma'am yesterday evening i received the mail regarding payment of bond fee.

Kindly help me regarding this as i am going through a lot of trouble. I lost my dad, and i never wanted to leave this job but due to too much pressure from the reporting manager and he was continuously asking me to leave and al. Hence i went and resigned it.

Right now i am in a confused state of mind, don't know how to solve the problem. I will be highly obliged if you can kindly help me with some solution please.

Thankyou and regards

From India, undefined
Dinesh Divekar
Business Mentor, Consultant And Trainer
Insolvency N Gst Professional
Allan Fernandes
Vp - Quikchex Hr And Payroll Software And
Management Trainee

Dinesh Divekar

Overall you have given information in sequence. Nevertheless, we need to know the following:

a) Has anything been mentioned about cost of training or bond fee in your Appointment Letter? Has anything been mentioned about the notice period in your appointment letter?

b) While leaving your company, did you take proper clearance from all the departments? Did you ask for "No Due Certificate" on your last working day?

c) What amount is quoted as "bond fee"?

d) Did you get any show cause notice or warning letter for your under-performance?

Partially, you are under stress because HR has done half job. At the time of separation, there should have been clarity on the payment of dues, if any. Allowing the employee to leave and then as a afterthought sending mail asking for the payment of bond fee is unprofessional. Nevertheless, we need to assess the tenability of their claim.

If you were unable to put up with the work pressure then instead of resigning from the job, you should have allowed them to terminate your services. However, no there is no point in crying over split milk.

Final Comments: - This feedback in addition to your query. If you were unable to put up the work pressure then that time itself you could have approached this forum and asked for the suggestions as to how cope with it. Whatever the type of job be it may, you will have lot of work pressure. There are very few cushy jobs. Demanding jobs is fait accompli of 21st century. Your incomplete training, did it become cause of your under-performance/

Therefore, I recommend being choosy in your next job. However, once you step in, there should not be any scope for retreat. Job stability is a basic requirement in building one's career. Therefore, keep in mind English proverb, toughest of the tough steel has to pass through hottest of the hot fire.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Allan Fernandes

You don't need to worry. Contractual labour is banned in India and hence you're not liable to pay a bond amount. You're, however, liable to pay the training expenses incurred but it most probably won't reach that stage. Also that amount would be negligible. My suggestion is that you ignore these letters or make it clear to the company that you're not entitled to pay a bond amount.
You can read more about this in the article below:
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From India, Mumbai
Nothing related to bond or bond amount was mentioned in appointment letter plus nothing was mentioned from the hr part.i came back home from the training in the 2nd week itself. I called the hr after a month almost to ask him when can i get training again then he said that you dont have to do that training neither you are elegible to get the training certificate.
I told him ok and i joined the office directly, after joining also nobody in the office told me to sign any document related to service agreement. My other collegues who was in the same training batch of mine told me that in the end of the training they gave them service agreement in which bond amount was mentioned, the other collegues signed it and gave them back. My collegue even said me that u were not there in the training and they have given us that service agreement. I told her than when the hr wil say me personally about this paper then only i wil sign or else no. But in the entire 6 months of mine no body mentioned it nor about the notice period. While leaving i even asked them that whether i should have to serve notice period or not. The hr said no and i left the office.
Suddenly they mailed me about that bond amount of 46000 that i have to pay.
I am damn sure i havent signed ny papers plus the other collegues of mine are with me saying that i havent signed it because i was not present with them in that training. I was at home with my family for my dad'funeral.

From India, undefined
Dinesh Divekar

Since you have not signed any paper related to training cost or bond fee, I recommend you not worrying on this. You may send a mail to them saying that you have left their organisation with proper resignation. Therefore, the claim for the bond money is not tenable and no correspondence hereafter will be entertained.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

The organisation is just trying its luck.
HR has cleared your exit and now asking for bond money is not in order.
Just remain cool and do not bother about such demands.
It will not stand in a court of law.

From India, Pune
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