Complete your give task with focus and responsibility do give them a chance to raising any issue against you any kind till your separation.
From Pakistan, Karachi
Ashwini Mhapankar

Dear Anonymous ,

Checking your mobile phone like this is highly unprofessional, you should keep some password or something to your phone so no one should check it. Resigning from company due to any reason is your Individual choice. Now its only one week in which you required to finish you pending works. which you would have finished during the entire notice.

Many employees does this thing that only because they are leaving the company they don't bother to give the proper handover with a mentality stating "If I am leaving only then why should I bother?" this is also an unprofessional attitude. because many times after resigned employee left company faces problem to understand what are the things has been done and what to do with the pending work if the handover is not proper.

Anyways as you said if they are harassing you only because you are leaving the company try to be honest to yourself and finish the handover properly and at the same time give a medical reason that your health is not well so at least they will not trouble you during notice. If possible try to increase notice to finish the given task and keep a record of all the handover that you have done. so if required in future you can show them that you have given a proper handover so they can give you the certificates.

You try to be good with the company till you are there with them , forget what happened in past and leave on a good note. as they are trying to retain you means you are a good employee and important to the company. So try to leave the organisation on same note.

Good luck to you!

From India, Mumbai

I have friends in genpac. It is a large professionally managed company. HR in the company is not under control of operations managers. So you can go and discuss with HR what all would be needed for a smooth exit. I am surprised that someone in genpac accessed your phone from secured area without your approval. You should have complained to HR about it actually.

The problem you state of not being able to train the concerned person is something I can't suggest a resolution because I am not aware of your work or the ability of you and the replacement. Again for that, you need to speak to your operations manager and take her help. She will know what can be done to complete the transfer quickly. She would,be more interested in replacement than in you. Naturally the company is not going to bother increasing your notice period and incur more on salary for someone who is no longer interested in working for the company.

The rest of your posts about why you left sounds suspect to me. Genpac is large and has access to huge set of skills. They would not be desperate to retain you unless you are someone special. The only thing the manager would be unhappy about is the retraininh cost and learning curve. Probably she didn't want you to leave because she realised you would be better off here. May be the failure to get internal transfer is because you are not good enough. We can't give any comment either way because we are not there ......

Further, this all has nothing to do with company act. Your action may have been correct or wrong. It is now immaterial. You should reflect and see what you actually did wrong. Wanting to change job for whatever reason is not wrong or illegal. So long as you are willing to complete notice period, and proper handover possible in the notice period it is enough. You need to reflect on this only because you don't want this to happen in future wherever you are.

From India, Mumbai
I know its a very good company and good people thats why i spent very good here and mgt always supported me even i did lots of mistake but now i am unable to understand what they want thats why i resigned...
From India, Mumbai
korgaonkar k a

Dear Friends, The initiator of this thread has hided his identity throughout by positing anonymously. I am surprised, how his name is mentioned in one of the posts by someone?
From India, Mumbai

Dear Mr Keshav,
The poster had mentioned his name and company name in one of his posts,but was adviced to post on anonymous mode.The poster then hid his identity on anonymous mode.
The common thread in many posts-absconding from job,not getting relieving letters,experience certificate,companies not following own offer letter conditions.
The only way out for all these malpractises is that both employee and employer need to be more ethical in their approach.
Employees need to be meticulous in their approach to work and companies need to be more employee friendly from their side..
But that will happen only in utopian world, till then employees need to take care in doing the job the right way.

From India, Pune

Issuing service certificate by employer to employee who has worked for more than 3 months is mandatory as per the standing orders rules emanating from Industrial Employment (Standing Orders.
Shrikant Prabhudesai

From India, Mumbai
As per my suggestion, first of all, you should prepare all the reports ( do extra hours, if needed ), Submit it to the concerned HOD and apologize for delay in submission. Try to keep HR in loop.
From India, Jaipur
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