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I am posting IInd time this question so HR professionals, please solve my query.
I am a Science post graduate working in Pharmaceutical company as Quality control officer. Now I have another degree i.e. MBA (HR).
I want to know, Whether HR dept. would consider me for good salary increment because of this additional degree (MSc.+ MBA) or not?
And Do you think MBA in Operation Management would be more beneficial than the MBA in HR for me?
with regards

From India, Bhopal
Hi ! neha
PG in science and holding a post of quality control officer plus now another degree in hr wont give u additional salary . but chosing subject of pharma will help to climb ladder thus salary increment.

From India, Thrissur

Dear Neha,
Kindly note the following.
1) mere acqusition of an additional qualification will not fetch additional increment, unless you are in government service/ public sector companies. In government service / public sector there are some additional increments available for passing the specific degrees and department exams.
2) In the corporate sector, unless the additional qualification contributes directly to the working of the organization and unless the additional degree makes you to share extra responsibilities it will definitely not get additional increments.
kind regards
Dayanand L Guddin
HR Advisor

From Singapore, Singapore
Autumn Jane

Dear Neha
Your additional MBA in HR will not value-add to your current role of Quality Control Officer or to your organization. Since this competency/skill/knowledge is not required by the job, it is unlikely the company will increase the salary.
However, do look on the bright side because your additional qualification makes you more marketable.
Autumn Jane

From Singapore, Singapore
Dear Neha
I have just seen your question and I dont know if it was already answered. But to me, if you have a first degree in science and now you get another degree, say in HR. There is no relation between the two degrees and hence only one of them will be considered. Thats my understanding of educational background and its impact on salary and benefits

From Lesotho

And Do you think MBA in Operation Management would be more beneficial than the MBA in HR for me?
i dont think there is any point in discussin on the above issue...since u already hv the degrees with you!!! What you can focus on is your passion or to do wat you are best at!!!! jus sharpen ur skills , i dont think having two degrees really matter in the long run except for ur CV's and visiting cards!!!!:)
regards, priyanka!!!!

From India, Mumbai

Dear Ms. Neeha,
By your Additional qualification doing profeesional degree in Business Management will impact lot in your idea and decision making. thus you are working for Pharma Company , that too ur working QC Officer you must have managment degree which will ladder for ur career .
Regarding Increament , its depend on your working firms & companies Policies.
Mohammed Irfan
Human Resources Officer

From Kuwait, Kuwait
Wajiha Hassan

if an additional degree help you in better decision making and is adding value to your career and helping you and company grow, it will definitely get you increment / better salary. but having a degree which do not compliment your 1st degree/ your work experience will not take you anywhere.
e.g you are working in admin department and start taking workshops and courses of sales....where you are standing ever thought of it??????

From Pakistan
White Eagle

Dear Neha,

First of all, Congratulation for your MBA. It is good you have earned and learned something new. Now directly coming to your question- Whether additional degree will fetch you more many or not. It totally depends on your organization policy. Most of the good pvt organization want and stimulate there employees to go for further education. In short run you might not get direct monetary reward but in long run it will defiantly prove asset for you. As you have done MBA in different filed then your current profile. I believe it will be plus point for you. At top level management want that employee should have diverse knowledge and experience. You have to prove your self and through your MBA you have to add value to the organization. Reading without reflection is like eating without digestion. So through your hard work and dedication you have to show management that you are not only having MBA degree but ample of potential. Believe me forget about HR, top management will run for you.

Money is important but learning is far more important than it. I believe when you signed for MBA your prime concern was to learn something new. You have done it now you have to leverage what you have. Fundamentals of HR are not only helpful for HR. They are very much vital to all of us irrespective of our job profile. So my friend doing in MBA in HR is always beneficial.

I hope you will not restrict or limit your self in one or two fields. You will continue your journey of learning whether there is increment or not. Go for excellence success is the by product. It will come today or tomorrow.

White Eagle

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Friend,
Whenever you performedhigher post on your department MBA HR is very useful than Lower post, So i think that your Qualification would be consider by your organization. And also effect on your salary and incriment.
Nitesh Prajapati

From India, Surat
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