Hi Sir, I left company A after serving 1 year and 3 months with the proper reviling letter and FNF and joined company B and worked only 15 days, but I do not like the profile. I put my resignation to Company B for a proper relieving letter and joined Company C, but I didn't mention Company B because only served only 15 days. But Company C asked for background verification and I have all the details of Company A because that is the company I worked for a long time, But I have doubts that the EPF portal will show I worked for Company B for 15 days. By joining company c within 5-10 days, what to do? Should I join and then after some days let HR about that, or should I not join company C? I am in doubt i have both companies reviling letters and no overlapping only mistake was not telling about company B because only worked 15 days. So what to do to help me with that?

Looking forward to your kind help.

From India, Ghaziabad
no worries just keep this not happening again and again
From India, Gurgaon


Here are some steps you can consider:
Contact Company C HR:
Reach out to the HR department of Company C and explain the situation. Clarify that you worked for Company B for only 15 days and offer to provide any additional information or documentation they may require. Honesty is key, and it's better to address the issue upfront.

Provide Documentation:
Share the relieving letter and any other relevant documentation from both Company A and Company B with Company C. This can help validate your employment history and support your explanation.

Explain the Situation:
In your communication with Company C, explain why you did not initially mention Company B. Be honest about your decision and assure them that it was not intended to mislead but rather an oversight. Companies generally appreciate honesty and transparency.

Seek Legal Advice (if necessary):
If you're uncertain about the legal implications of your situation, consider seeking advice from a legal professional. They can provide guidance on how to navigate the situation and what steps you should take.

Wait for Company C's Decision:
After providing the necessary information and explanations, wait for Company C's decision. They may choose to proceed with your employment, request additional information, or decide not to move forward. Respect their decision and learn from the experience.

The integrity is crucial in professional relationships, and it's better to address potential issues proactively rather than later. Being transparent and honest will help build trust with your employers.

From India, Bangalore
Hi Thanks for the response.
Highly appriciated. but i dont know what to do i am afraid anything wrong thing not happen. no overlapping thing can occur because my last day is at 5 dec and my joing at company c is on 11 dec and i have revi;ling letter of both company. so in background verfication thing still not give me proper answer till date so should i join on dec 11 and then tell the hr about thing or should i let him know right moment.

so little confuse help in required

From India, Ghaziabad
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