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Can a company terminate me having found that I had dual employment before 5 years. One job was full time and other was freelancing. I joined this company giving the freelancing as experience gained. They are ok for past 2 years and now they threaten me as misinterpreting false information that I didnít produce the full time work I had done before 5 years. I told them that was not the relevant experience to show them. But still they are terminating stating that
From India, Chennai

HI Preets,

In many places, employment contracts typically include clauses about providing accurate and complete information during the hiring process. If you misrepresented your work history, even unintentionally, it could potentially be grounds for termination.

However, if you genuinely believe that your previous full-time job wasn't relevant to the position you currently hold, you should try to communicate this to your employer in a clear and respectful manner. You could highlight your freelancing experience as more relevant and valuable to your current role.

Here are some steps you can consider:

Review Your Employment Contract:
Check your contract for any specific clauses related to providing accurate information during the hiring process.

Gather Evidence:
Collect any documentation or evidence that supports your claim that the freelancing experience is more relevant to your current role.

Open Communication:
Have an open and honest conversation with your employer or HR representative. Explain your perspective and why you presented your experience in the way you did. Be honest about your intentions.

Seek a Resolution:
Try to work towards a resolution that both parties are comfortable with. This might involve further explaining how your freelancing experience has contributed to your current role or finding a compromise.

Consult Legal Advice:
If the situation escalates and you believe your termination is unjust, consider consulting with an employment lawyer to understand your rights and potential courses of action


From India, Bangalore


Employer has the right to terminate employee for suppression of past employment history or for providing false information at the time of joining. There should be some clause in your Contract of Appointment letter related to this. You can request your employer to accommodate you by offering some apology letter but it will be the discretion of the employer whether to accept or not.

From India, Madras
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