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I have added a fake experience from my previous company of almost 4 months to cover the employment gap..

My last working day was March 3rd 2023 and I have extend it till June 30 2023.
I have submitted relieving letter (edited), Payslips (edited) as per my august, September salary.

Now they are asking for form16 and in that it is only till March 3rd.
How to justify this?

From India, Chennai

No, you cannot justify it nor anyone in this group will help you to find the way you should travel and make further stories to support a crime. Good employer will certainly ask for details of TDS for the initial period so that they can decide the TDS for the remaining period. Moreover, if you say that you would manage the tax liability for the previous period of the year, you will be caught when the employer sends your details for background verification.
From India, Kannur


Never repeat this mistake in your career. Please note that your fake payslip & relieving letter are subject to verification during BGV process. So be very cautious and this might spoil your career.

From India, Madras


I understand that you're in a difficult situation, but it's important to approach this ethically and transparently. Falsifying documents can have serious consequences, including termination, legal issues, and damage to your professional reputation.

Here are some steps you can take to address this situation:

Consider honesty: It's generally better to be honest about employment gaps. You can explain that you took some time off to focus on personal development, family matters, or any other legitimate reason. Many employers appreciate transparency.

Update your resume: Remove the fake experience and be upfront about the employment gap. Focus on highlighting your skills, achievements, and any projects you might have worked on during that time.

Explain the situation: If you're still determined to proceed with the fake experience, you should be prepared for the possibility that you might get caught. If asked about the inconsistency between the Form 16 and other documents, you'll need to explain the discrepancy. You could say that there was a payroll processing error or a delay in updating the records.

Prepare to face consequences: If your employer discovers the deception, they may take disciplinary action, including termination. Additionally, this could affect your professional reputation and future job prospects.

Seek professional advice: Consider consulting a legal or career advisor who can provide you with guidance on how to handle this situation. They can help you weigh the potential risks and benefits of your current approach.

Learn from the experience: Understand that taking shortcuts in your career, especially through dishonest means, can have long-term consequences. It's always better to be truthful and transparent in your professional dealings.
It's generally better to face the consequences of an employment gap than to risk your professional integrity and future opportunities.

From India, Bangalore

A person can make/do lie, lie. or fake, fake so many times... But at last, he will be caught and has to burn his fingers for all fakes he has done till then. So also in your case, like relieving letter, or pay slips, if you want to fake your Form No.16, you will have to pay the price, very miserably..
From India, Aizawl
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