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Dear All, I am working in an Org. at Gujarat where more than 80 contractors are working who have engaged a total of 600+ workers for different work.
As per policy, all contractors have to submit statutory labour law compliance documents along with their bill i.e. muster copy, wage register, bank statement showing wage disbursement, PF challan along with PF ECR and remittance slip.
And I have to cross-check these documents and require to make the record. It is quite difficult to maintain such data on a monthly basis and keep the record up to date.
So experienced and learned members are requested to guide how I could make data up to date and keep these proper on a monthly basis.

Tejas Thakaria.

From India, Delhi

If there are 600 contract workers, obviously, there should be more than 2000 regular employees. You can add a few HR/Personnel Executives to verify the bills and supporting documents. You can also keep different dates for payment to different contractors so that you will get enough time to process the payments. Other than these, I don't find any practical solution for your query.
From India, Kannur
you can change the current software and purchase new payroll software he will provide all compliance data automatic in system. you will told to all contractor pay the compliance as per my sheet.

Thanks & Regards,
Pravin Solanki

From India, Pune

Dear Pravin Solanki, Which is that software which can capture the payments made by the contractors (80 numbers) to ESI, PF and which can ensure that all the workers have been given wages at the rate fixed by the government, overtime wages, holidays, rest days etc?
From India, Kannur
Would suggest to go for CLMS (Contract Labor Management Software). For further update you can get in touch with me will guide. We have implemented in our organization and have successfully running the software . All attendance are being captured online (biometric system) and the Wages are also available at the click of the button which includes all Statutory compliances. As a principal employer we are only facilitating the software and all access rights have been given to the contractors. Can deduct even a minor or a token amount from the bill of the contractor for providing such services of attendance capturing thro the biometric device. This strategy will ensure that the contract labors engage are not camouflage or smokescreen and the contract is in the hand of contractor and the company is a mere facilitator.

For developing such type of software the Scope will vary from company to company HR team needs to prepare the robust SOP.

Hilary Joseph

From India, Jaipur

The issue is not with regard to attendance marking. It is easy to mark attendance using a biometric system. The major issue is with regard to capturing or verifying the payments made by the contractors to ESI, PF etc. The software shall show the amount payable to each worker along with deductions made but will it show the amount actually remitted by the contractors to their employees and ESI and EPF? Moreover, the challans in support of the payments to ESI and EPF will be a common one meant for one contractor and its shall contain the employees under him working for various organisations including yours. From the challan/ ECR produced, you have to verify whether all the employees engaged in your plant are available in the ECRs or the names highlighted by the contractor in the ECR are correct or not. Similarly, the principal employer will get a statement of wage remittance to bank. You have to cross check whether all the workers put to work in your plant have received wages by physically verifying the entries. Will this function available in your CLMS (Contract Labor Management Software)?
From India, Kannur
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