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Dear Members of CiteHR, please guide me with the following dilemma i am facing, with my previous employer.
(I will try to be as elaborate as possible for a clear picture, but please ask for any further clarification that you may need.)

I had recently joined a new job early in 2021. The job didn't turn out to be satisfactory, and as a result my performance was not always best. I faced few performance issues within the first couple of months of joining. However during this time, i also realized that my manager did nothing to remedy that, instead only imposed strict regulations and pay cuts whenever possible. Talking to them had become very difficult to a point that it gave me anxiety. I tired my best to make it work and get used to the work environment. After several performance issues, i was on the verge of being fired, but requested to a last chance. During this time i realized, that resigning would be the best option for me, and to take the lessons and start fresh. I put in my resignation, and soon after I got i'll due to COVID. I was obligated to continue working as usual during my notice period, but i was unable to do so. I informed my manager about the problem, left the company, after greeting everyone, hoping to end on a good note.

I was ready to take my lessons a start fresh. However, as soon as I joined another firm, I realised that my previous manager is refusing to release any documents and salary until FNF which I may need for future. This includes, salary slips, relieving letter, and all rest documents. After requesting for documnts, I was told, i will recieve the documents with FNF after 2 months. However I need the salary slips for future engagements. My manager told me, because of my past performance issues, and not working during the notice period, all my FnF documents and salary is on hold.

Withholding of important documents till the FnF is completed might pose problems for me in the future. I always took resposiblity for all performance issues from my end, I even accepted all pay cuts imposed by my organization and gave a clear explanation in my resignation. I am ready to accept all deductions and just move forward. However, witholding my previous payslips, and relieving documents will pose a lot of problems for me.

Please guide my with the following questions:

1. Can my previous employer withold my past salary slips for any reason?
2. Can I request them to complete the fnf sooner?
3. Can I request for relieving documents before the final salary is paid after all deductions?

I have some important lessons from this experience, and I wish to close this chapter and move forward.

From India, Ghaziabad
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