Hi all, Hope you all are doing well. Now that all operations are restarting post COVID 19 , any inputs on how you will be starting T&D activities.
As for me I have been working as an exe HR in a manufacturing plant, so since as all of us have in mind the cost cutting and all budget issues.
If you’re aware of IMS policy and ISO standard, instead of taking the TNI for staff and workers the usual way (March we plan around the years training activity so) I have thinking to opt only for mandatory training like safety, harassment etc.
Also we can have a virtual- email training as well with little tips and input on a set frequency basis.
How will learning and development change post COVID share your inputs.

From India, New Delhi
Kritarth Consulting

Trainig and Development (Honing existing skills + Newer Skills Building) are Need-based Activities which have always resulted in Benefits to the Employers. In future, more Benefits will accrue; because the Employee-Trainees post Covid-19 are realizing that the Future belongs to the Learners and that the "Learned" shall soon be passe, so, Trainees shall canvass for Training to Become Better than Before, Remaining Employable in Uncertain Times, bu Honing their Skills-Set and take full part in Training as if they Come to Foundatain to Drink , Not Just to Gargle.

Employers for the sake of Surving & Thriving shall earmark Training Budget by discarding Pennywise Pound Foolish approach, hence treat the Expenditure as an Investment rather than a Cost.

Few Employers experienced Less than Expected Benefits out of such Investment from Development Initiatives because of No of Reasons chief amongst which were Unplanned Workshops/Programs, hurridly hired Training Facilitators lacking Vision of ROI

Aatm Nirbhar Bharat is the New Clarion Call and we are ready to achieve.

Kritarth Team of Training Facilitators Delivering Top Notch Benefits to Employers & Employees Students & Others Aspirants,


From India, Delhi
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Mani Bhandari,
What is the nature of your industry? What is your designation? What is the total employee count? How training activities were conducted in the past? What was the average cost per programme?
In the current pandemic of COVID-19, nothing matters to the companies other than improving the productivity of the employees. Therefore, whatever training activities you conduct should translate into a higher level of performance. Therefore, try identifying the relation between operational ratios and engagement activities. Following are the guidelines:
a) Reduction in consumption of resources
b) Reduction in turnaround time of some process
c) Reduction in the generation of scrap
d) Reduction of some cost like inventory carrying cost, inspection cost etc
e) Reduction in energy consumption
f) Number of suggestions generated before the engagement program and after the program
g) Improvement in Customer satisfaction
Of the above list, try identifying the most critical issues and conduct the training programme. On completion of the training, you should be able to measure the training effectiveness after a specific time period.
Generally, HR professionals are not known for measuring training effectiveness in measurable and tangible terms. However, now COVID-19 throws a great opportunity for HR to prove their worth. You may avail of the benefit at least now!
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear madam,
To your question ,whether T &D will change post lockdown, the answer is no. What will change is focus and priorities.
In my view the traditional areas will continue to occupy it's space may be within constrained budget.Due to finance crunch, some training will have to be cut down or kept at the back burner. But health and safety will be the focused areas with top priority.
I want to leave a thought here. I think, somewhere along the lines, the organizations need to train their Managers to own the responsibility for their team mates and they have to assume the role of expert trainers. Companies heavily fall back upon outsourced training intervention more than developing internal resources.
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR and Employee Relations Consultant

From India, Mumbai
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