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So, I've worked in 2 companies (A, B) so far whose job experience I do not want to disclose to my new company which I'm going to join (C). When I login to my PF portal, I can see my service history.
Now, I'm 100 % sure that when my new company (NC) verifies my work history, I wouldn't get caught as I've staged everything perfectly with the fake experience in a startup (S).
But, here's what I'm afraid of. I hold a UAN number and two PFs from my actual past employers.
1. I want to hide this UAN and PF details in my new company. I'll say I've never had PF so far as my previous startup did not have PF facility as it has less than 20 employees anyway. Will my new company create a new PF number to me?
2. What are the adds that they could get to know my actual experience using my Aadhaar number?
3. What are the other suitable options for me to make sure I wouldn't caught?
I would appreciate if someone helps me here.

From India, Chennai
Insolvency N Gst Professional
Hr Consultant
Nagarkar Vinayak L
Hr And Employee Relations Consultant


if you want to donate your pf deposits to govt then hide the number
coz now the rule is one employee one UAN and if any employee has got two UAN by error then they have to get transfer immediately to new UAN and surrender the old
but here you are going to do willingly, if you aadhar is linked with previous UAN, EPFO site will not allow the employer to generate any new UAN against this aadhar number .


First thing there is never a perfect fake.
Loose ends will crop up and truth will be unravelled.
Members will have to do KYC for which Aadhar,PAN and banks a/cs will be needed.
By hiding your UAN and obtaining a new one would result in
Breaking your number of years service. This means you may not be entitled for the effective pension amount and it may be reduced due to your less contribution.
Rest of the queries cannot be answered as members are not here to advise or encourage hiding or concealment of information.

From India, Pune
Thank you, sirs. Could you please tell me if it is possible to de-link Aadhaar with EPFO? If yes, please guide me how this could be done.
From India, Chennai

Do not begin your service life with false information. You are making fool yourself only not other. Why don't you think that your HR is also following the citeHR ?
I have seen people suffered termination for providing false information in their mid-carieer, some even after a long span of service. You will fall into your own net as a prey.

From India, Mumbai
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear friend,
You are raising very unethical issues of suppressing your service particulars to new employer and seeking advice on the same.
I feel that learned members may like to refrain from giving any advice and discourage such questions being raised.
Vinayak Nagarkar
HR- Consultant

From India, Mumbai
Dear sir, Any update on your situation? Did you find any way around your problem?
From India, Chennai
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