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Dear Sir/ Mam,
I am currently job in night shift as a finance executive in a MNC company, I want to do job in a showroom like( Armani, Tommy hilfigher and lifestyle etc.) in day. Can I go for this job, will this be call Dual job and if I can do this job will I be terminated from my last MNC company or blacklist. How can the company will know that I am doing dual job ? I want to do job because of my financial problem. Can someone Please guide me I will be thankful to all of you. Please advice me is there any possible way that I can go for another job.
Please advice.
From United States, undefined
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Dear Rahul,

Please note the following:

a) If the rules of your organisation permit then there is nothing wrong in moonlighting per se. Therefore, please check the provisions of the appointment letter first. However, most of the companies do not allow their employees to take second job.

b) The additional factor that comes into consideration is your health. Already you are working in the night time. Night duties are strenuous than day duties. If you are spending 9-10 hours in your regular employment which includes time spent in commutation as well then when will you take rest and when will you do household chores? Please note that your second earning should not come at the expense of your health.

c) Even if you take second job surreptitiously, then tell your employer to show you as consultant and when you raise your invoice, you may raise it on some non-earning family member like your mother or brother or sister etc. However, how far branded companies or organised companies will allow this kind of arrangement that remains to be seen. With the GST in place, the company will have to deal with you as Unregistered Dealer (URD). Anyway, the company will not have financial loss because of URD as they can take input credit anyway.

d) If the company shows you casual employee then what are the rules post-GST era that I do not know, however, the company will have to pay 4.5% ESI on the remuneration that they will pay to you. This will be additional burden to them and they may try to recover this amount from you.

Lastly, let me add about your post. Apart from your regular employment, you wanted to take up additional work to meet family obligations. The force that binds you to your kins is laudable. Your post demonstrates the strength and elevation of your character. Keep it up!

All the best!

Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
Since the questioner is from the U.S, I think it depends upon the State’s Labour Law.
From India, Salem
Thank you DINESH DIVEKAR Sir. you are always right that i need to think about my health as well, But i have financial problem. I do not want to do job but i will have to do. so i have option to do job in Showroom so i am going to join, I have completed my MBA in finance and Marketing and the shift will be 8 hour , i will manage this, however i am fear about if my previous company will know about this then what will happen. Please guide me any possible way so i can go for this job. i will thankful to you. Please advice me .
From United States, undefined
It could definitely be a problem if your company comes to know that you are into dual job. So the best thing is to choose one between the two for your future and well being.
From India, Bengaluru
I agree with Mr. Dinesh. If you really need a second job then please go through your company service rule manual. Sometimes this type of terms and conditions are stated in service rule not in the appointment letter.
Good luck!
Faria Mustafa
From Bangladesh, Dhaka
So far as I understand duel employment is not permissible under the law. Part time second employment is a different issue.
You have to choose from both the jobs as to which job you wish to keep and which you wish to leave.
If you are a regular employee or even casual employee, you will have 2 ESI numbers & 2 PF numbers which is illegal.
From India, Thane
There are people in India, who work 9 am to 6 pm in a company and 7 pm to 10 pm in some other firm. There is no bar to work in 2 employment as long as both employers know about your dual job and have no objection.
From India, Madras
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