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Hello,Appreciate your advice for my carrier assistance !

Well how i explain you my situation, feeling very nervous and embarrase too. I have started my carrier with a good Indian recruitment company as "trainee- finance and admin" with the help of a personal reference in that company in 2008. I was completely blank at that time. In that company i have start learning from zero and put all the efforts day night on sunday,holidays to learn the work. Gradually i learn the things like- finance, payroll, administration,facilities,billing,agreement,purcha se,vendor mgmt,event management,pf,esi,labour court works, and IT their. My profile was their to handle all the things in the company as i came from the known network, so i feel very bad also some times, but due to financial condition i continued working till april 2012 and left that company due to mess up of my profile and over work their. i was also unhealthy at that time. well at the time of leaving that company my designation was on paper- AM-finance and admin (3.5 years total worked), and also my pacakage was around Rs 3 lacs per annum.

But after leaving that company in april'2012 i face very bad time in my life. In 2 months i have not get any offer matching with my profile.

I was really depressed as i was taking money from my parents and also i was not getting any job. Due to financial condition i was forced to work in a sales job in the half salary from my 1st company (10k per month) and i started working in sales,maketing, and was also doing good in that profile too and also was acheiving my targets and then suddendly after 2 months working in marketing job ON same salary (10k) i got an offer from a automobile company in HR profile which was little bit matching with my 1st job, so i quit the marketing job and join the hr/operations profile job in same salary (10k) , i was happy with the same but after 2 months they plan me to shift remote location on same salary which was also a challenge for me, by force i have to resign that one too. Then i again sit for 2 months in home and not getting any job in finance, admin,sales, operations ,hr and any other field. I was totally disappointed.

Then with the help of one of my friend i got an offer in a good MNC in a salary of (14k) per month in sourcing and compliance department, i worked their for 6 months and due to health issues , i have to quit the job. at that time i was doing BCA which i have started in 2009 but after 4 years in 2013 so many papers was back and also i was not getting time to study and pass the exams, due to family condition again i have to search for job and after 1 5 days i got offer in a MNC in MIS and vendor management profile their i offered 16.5 k monthly salary, i worked their for 8 months and quit because i got an another offer in a MNC in 22k per month salary, i was happy that i am near by my first job in terms of salary and i quit that company too. But tragedy was again happend with me when i worked their for 4 months only and due to health issues again i quit that job without searching a new job. my parents were also very angry on me as i was totally hopeless and stupid in leaving jobs too frequently. Then again i seat home for 3 months and goes into depression. I have to take antidepressents on daily basis which i am taking today also.

My friends and family both left my hands and i was really very alone and depresses on that time. In 2014 again after 3 months i got an offer of 11k per month is a small it company, my profile was their MIS and project management , again for salary hike i left that company in 3 months and join a good ecommerce company in backend/ecommerce logistic profile as my salary was 15 k their. i worked their for 6 months and got offer from another ecommerce company and i join on the salary of 18.5 k per month and on profile of Team leader-operations. But i was deputed in a warehouse where work timings was not good. i have to work for 16-18 hours in a day and on designation of TL they take work like a labor-sweeper. i left that organisation due to pathetic nature of work and family pressure.

Then again i sit home for 2-3 months and i was searching for a job because job was important for my survival. Then i got an offer from a MNC company on the monthly salary of 20k per month for 6 months contract in HR department in BGV/employee screening profile and i joined and also completed 6 months their successfuly but now they are not extending my contract and i have joined a another company before 3 days in same profile (bgv,employee screening) near my home in 18k monthly salary. But the issue is that after working in a good mnc i feel very uncomfortable and different in a small indian company, but i am trying my level best to work atleast for 5-10 years in this company. In one side where i worked in a company for 3.5 years (AM position) and in another 3.8 years i changed 12 companies and this is the 13th one. When i am thinking this i get depresses and also i feel very bad on myself. I am now persuing MBA (operations) 3rd sem from a distance learning institute.

I dont know what can i do in future as i worked for various good indian companies and also for MNC's but due to my quitting job behavior and due to bad circumstances i changed 14 jobs in 8 years approx. In these 8 years i worked in various different profiles like- finance,admin, hr,operations,sales,marketing,logistics,ecommerce, bgv,employee screening, i dont know what can i do in future. please help me and understand my situation. I know you also feel bad on me as I feel embarrassed about myself too. Also sometimes i think can i start my own little business as i have also not enough money or i work in companies. but while seeing my past of last 8 years so many up-downs happened and i really feel i have done lots of mistakes in choosing jobs and quitting jobs.

looking for a prompt, and life-changing career guidance ....

thanks again

From India
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Dear Manishk1989,

First of all it is very good Thing that you have realized your mistakes. but don't feel guilty or even embarrassing, what ever you had done you did it for your financial growth , hence don't blame yourself again and again by looking back at your life it happens with many people due to lack of HR guidance or any professional approach.

it was very good thing that you got a diversified experience in your past years it will definitely help you in your future hence don't regret about your past experience

now from this point if you want to go forward in your life. Always keep this in your mind no company is bad company it depends upon you how you looks towards your organization. if your current job is good and suitable to your health then continue with your current job.

or else decide any job relevant to your educational background and which is suits to your health as it seems you have some health issues.

and try to continue your work in same company for long time to make your career path clear .

please don't change your company only for the sake of salary hike as to build a strong career you need to stable at single place.

changing company only for sake of money will not useful for long run in future.

please don't be upset on your self....

think positively and slowly all thing will convert in positive situation ,,,

always take suggestions from your seniors before making any decision..

you will be never be in trouble..

all the best for your bright future

From India, Mumbai

Dear Manish,

CK_HR has rightly pointed out that you are accepting your mistake.

That is a good thing but the bad thing is that you are repeating same mistake every now and then. This is causing you the trouble. It is understandable that you have a health issue which arises off and on but that should not let you divert from your path.

Past is past and you cannot change it but you can change your present which will shape your future.

Firstly have a GOAL which should be SMART. Specific Measurable Attainable Realistic and Time bound. Aim it so high that it is difficult to reach but not Impossible. Stretch yourself beyond your limits. Have confidence in yours learning and ability.

You know your weakness by now at the same time understand your strengths as well.

Get your daily routine properly scheduled and adhere to it.

Start 30 minutes of workout daily

Start reading some good books , 10 pages a day.

"Do not be embarrassed by your failures, learn from them and start again."

Cheer Up and start a successful life. All the Best !

From India, Delhi
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