Dear All,
I am working in one private organisation as an intern. In this organisation performance appraisal has not been undertaken for past few years. But now it wants to conduct a TNI immediately.
It does not want to draft it for all the employees but only to department heads. This work has been allotted to me. But I am not able to gather proper questions for this purpose. Can You all help me with this.
Can you people please post some questions that i can include in the questionnaire?
Also can you also tell me how I should go about?
From India, Mumbai

Dear Ketaki,

You have not written anything about the company where you are doing your internship. You should have mentioned type of industry, finished product or service, number of employees, number of departments etc.

It is a mistaken view that Performance Appraisal (PA) should precede employee training. While PA has its own importance, employee training need not be offshoot of PA. PA is one of the means to derive the training needs. There are various performance ratios associated with each department. Employees are trained to improve those ratios.

Secondly, it is the mistake of that organisation to give task of TNI to an intern. Of course when management of the organisation wishes to continue even without PA for these many years then it is too much to expect that they should understand the gravity of the TNI process.

In this connection, you may go through my exhaustive reply that I have given in the recent past. The link is as below:

In the above link, you will find further several links. Go through all the links patiently to understand the concept of employee training or TNA. Still if you have some query then you may call me on my mobile.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear sir,
Thank you sir for the link it is quite helpful. i am working in Nitco tiles as intern. Here the work culture is quite lethargic, so finding it diificult to get even small information.
My college mentor was also shocked when he heard that i have been assigned TNI as my topic. they want to conduct the TNI on very shallow basis. They want to make it only for the department heads and want only 3 to the point questions. So it is getting difficult for me.
Can you please suggest me some questions which i can include?
From India, Mumbai
Dear Ketaki,
In your second post also you have not given complete information. Please give me the information asked in first two paragraphs of the previous post. My reply will follow thereafter.
Please confirm which are the primary departments and which are secondary. In the primary departments, what is the inputs and what is output. Same is applicable to the secondary departments as well.
Dinesh Divekar
From India, Bangalore
Dear Sir
As i have mentioned they are not ready to provide me information in that regard. Even though i asked them that i need it for making my questionnaire they are ready to give it.
here the work gets stuck between hierarchy and ego.
If you ask about finished product it is Supreme quality premium range tile, marble, mosiac and other related product.
There are around 1100 employees. Number of deparments i am not aware of.
And since the appraisals have not taken place employees are reluctant to reply to the questions asked to them.
hope I gave all info that was possible.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir,
I am not able to get the information that is needed in this organisation.
The product that the company is dealing in is premium range tile, marble, mosaic and other related products. They have one factory in Alibaug and many showrooms all over India. they also have concept of showrooms where they dont sell there product but just put it for display and also dealers linked with it who sell it.
It was top company in its field few years back but now is in terrible financial crisis.
the Number of employees are 1100. But the number of departments i am not aware of. Even though i ask them the information it is stuck between the hierarchy and ego.
Even if ask them that the information is needed to prepare the questionnaire they dont give it properly.
From India, Mumbai
Dear Sir,
I am working in Nitco which is a company that deals in premium quality tiles, marble, mosaic and other related products. It has a concept of showrooms were they only display there products but dont sell them. they also have dealers linked with these showrooms from where the goods are sold.
The company was top company in its filed few years ago but no is in financial crisis.
The total number of employees are around 1100. the number of departments i am not aware of. Actually it is very difficult to get information here. the info is stuck in hierarchy and egos. Even though i told them that the info is required for making questionnaire they are not giving it.
Hope this information is enough for now as it is all i have. I am trying to get more information but finding it difficult and will take time.
Please help me as i dont have proper guidance.
From India, Mumbai
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