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I am Shilpa, working for a software firm as Executive Human Resources. I request all the senior Human Resource Professionals to guide me in initiating an appraisal process with an Appraisal document or form with all the required parameters to be measured in the process of Performance review of an employee.
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From India, Hyderabad
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Shilpa,

It appears that you do not have a proper Policy on Performance Appraisal (PA) well in place. When employees join the company, during induction itself they should be told when their appraisal will take place. The salient features of policy could be as below:

a) Appraisal may be done quarterly. The appraisal cycle of one year is too long. Nevertheless, a salary hike may be done a son 1st April or 1st Oct.

b) Employees who join in between, when their first PA will take that can be decided in the policy.

c) % of salary hike should be linked to the score of PA.

The important point is PA concentrates only on individual performance. We need to go beyond and measure the business performance. For this, you need to have a well-designed policy on Performance Management Systems (PMS). There was a query in this forum on PMS. I have given a reply to this post. Click the following link to refer to the reply:

In the above link, you will find several other links. Go through all the links patiently. It will improve your awareness of the subject.

For further doubts, you may call me on my mobile number.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Looking for performance appraisal guidelines for employees who joined mid year, Thanks Yogita
From India, New Delhi

An appraisal should have a linkage to the objectives set forth by the employer for the employee to achieve during a given year. Such objectives should have a linkage to the organisational revenue growth. Unless otherwise there is linkage, then the performance appraisal becomes farcical and an eye-wash to keep people happy. Anything that can be performed can be measured. An employees performance can be measured in terms of productivity, output, profitability, faster turnaround time, - both quantitatively and qualitatively. This PMS philosophy should be ingrained in the organisation from the top management to the bottom-most employee. Unionised cadre can be exempted as most of them will be doing their perfunctory, routine jobs. Most of them may not understand the philosophy at all. I am an HR auditor and have done PMS audit, suggested improvements, changed the JDs in my client organisation. Best wishes
From India
Raghunath Sabat

Hello Shilpa, I can definitely help you with that. Here are some steps to initiate an appraisal process and create an appraisal document:

Define the appraisal process: Develop a clear and comprehensive plan that outlines the purpose, scope, and timeline of the appraisal process.

Determine the parameters to be measured: Identify the parameters to be measured in the performance review process. This could include job knowledge, communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving, leadership, etc.

Develop an appraisal form: Create an appraisal form that includes a rating scale and open-ended questions to gather feedback from the manager and employee. The format of the appraisal form should be consistent for all employees.

Set goals: Set goals for the upcoming year with the employee. These goals should be aligned with the organization's objectives and the employee's job responsibilities.

Collect feedback: Gather feedback from the manager and employee on the employee's performance over the past year. Ensure confidentiality of the feedback by keeping it anonymous.

Conduct employee review: Provide the feedback to the employee and discuss areas of improvement and strengths.

Develop an action plan: Develop an action plan with the employee that outlines steps to improve performance.

Regarding the format of the appraisal form, there are several templates available online that you can use as a reference. The format should include the following sections:

Personal information: This includes the employee's name, job title, and department.

Performance ratings: This could include a numerical or descriptive rating scale to evaluate different competencies.

Open-ended questions: Provide open-ended questions to gather specific feedback on areas of strength and improvement.

Overall comments: Allow the manager and employee to provide overall comments on the employee's performance.

Signature: The employee and the manager should sign the form to confirm that they have read and agreed with the feedback.

I hope this helps you in initiating an appraisal process with an appraisal document for your organization.

From India, Mumbai
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