Hi, Could somebody help me with your thoughts on "how to ensure right communication reaches right people". Thanks.
From India, Bangalore


The real trick is to define the word RIGHT. The problem is that what seems right to you may not necessarily be seen as right by the recipient. Let me give you and example ' called the mischievous only' to reinforce the point

Take the sentence Only I said that I loved her. Now go on writing the sentence taking care to shift the Only by one word to the right and notice the resultant sentences. To elaborate further, the sentences would read as under

Only I said that I loved her

I only said that I loved her

I said only that I loved her

I said that only I loved her

I said that I only loved her

I said that I loved only her

I said that I loved her only.

Now decide what the meaning of each sentence is and in what circumstances and to whom will you communicate each sentence. It will give you some insight as to the variable nature and complicated nature of who is the right person, what is the right communication, which is the right way to communicate and how should one communicate in the right manner in order to be effective.

Hope I have helped you begin your quest of finding the RIGHT answer to your dilemma.

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From India, Mumbai
To ensure the right communication reaches the right people follow the following steps.
1. Determine the purpose or objective of the message.
2. Choose the channel of communication. If it is oral, your communication should be two-way to avoid a communication breakdown. If it is written, ensure the message is denotative and clear with only one interpretation. Avoid connotative message with more than one interpretations. It will cause a communication breakdown
3. Identify the right people who needs the message. Only communicate sufficient or neccessary information to get the job done.

From Malaysia, Petaling Jaya
right communication can only take place when your are communicating with concerning person and its quiet obvious that a theme of any communication can only understand by person who have prior knoweldge or experience about that topic.
secondly for right communication you must have a command on your verbal and non verbal communiction and this will help you alot in developing impression and appeal others to pay full concentration on what you are saying and this will ultimatly help those people to pick and comprehend your point opinion

From Pakistan, Sargodha
check with the intended recipient - ask if they have got the message, if they need clarification and finally, if you are still in doubt as to whether they have understood, you could ask them to summarise what you have said...
From India, Chennai
One of the ways that HR can contribute is the setting up of an ' Internal Communication Process' to ensure that all communications from the management to employees (and also from employees to the management) flow uninterrupted & at speed. An 'Employee portal' is offered by some automated HR solution providers to facilitate the setting up of this process. The ultimate aim is that the desired information must reach the destination uncorrupted. The information may be for one person or many, for all locations or any in the geographic spread of the organization.

Involvement of HR in the internal communications process is vital even from the viewpoint of employee satisfaction as well as employee engagement. Through effective on-line communications, you can save the time of many who move from their work places to the HR/ other offices to find out information about company policies, rules & processes, plans & programs, circulars & notices, benefits & privileges. Why not up date every one in the organization at their work site & keep them engaged in their jobs? Technology can do anything today, HR has to put in effort to define their needs of internal communication for efficient management of human resources in the organization. Are we, the HR Managers, driving ourselves in the right direction or feel contented as 'paper tigers' following the conventional, outdated, paper based communication methods?

From India, Delhi
Mr.Bhatia has undelined the importance of technology in making communication effective. Thus this indicates that communication to be effective, has
two apects :
1) communication shall be clearly worded
2) communication shall be cleanly delivered.
HR & Labour Law advisor

From India, Mumbai
Hi, Your communication may not viable until the recipient is having the positive and open mindframe.
From India, New Delhi

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