what is the standard flow in filling the resignation. I am a new HR staff in one of recruitment agency. Our client want me to submit resignation flow chart.Please help me or show me the flow chart that i can be use for

8th September 2012 From Philippines, Sampaloc

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Kindly see What you need to know about: Ending Employment Relationships - Big Six Publications - NZ Department of Labour found the link at <link no longer exists - removed> found at Google where you will find more links.
8th September 2012 From United Kingdom
Dear Mr. Moises esteron
1. Receive Resignation Letter
2. Appraise/Acknowledge and confirm his Notice Period and any other Terms & Conditions the employee has to adhere.
3. Process his Resignation Letter and arrange for an Exit Interview
4. Prepare the detailed report on the basis of Exit Interview
5. On the last day of duty issue the employee with Experience / Service Certificate
6. Prepare the Full & Final Settlement Voucher and arrange for the payment (through Bank or Cheque), within the stipulated time period.
7. Maintain your records updated after last working day.
8th September 2012 From India, Kumbakonam
Dear Moises Esteron,
It will be a useful exercise for you to study the contents in the links provided by me and compare that with the process given by Bhaskar and list the differences, if any. I hope that you will kindly do that and enlighten us.
8th September 2012 From United Kingdom
Hi, I actually wanted to know when is the ideal time to take exit interview of the separating employee. Is it on the last day or before that and who should take it and how????
10th September 2012
Usually HR should do it. When depends upon the convenience of both HR and the person leaving. Conducting exit interviews | Business Link
Also see How good are your exit interviews? | Chartered Management Institute <link updated to site home> ( Search On Cite | Search On Google ) both found by searching at Google
10th September 2012 From United Kingdom
I am working with a manufacturing firm and I have been asked to streamline the exit management process. can u pls tell me who all play a role in this process and how??
10th September 2012

Resignation shall refer to the voluntary separation by the employee from the Organization in which he is working. It implies termination of the employment contract and shall be in accordance with the provisions of the appointment letter and the relevant Company rules. Only the appointing authorities or their superiors shall be in a position to accept the resignation of the employee.

An employee who tenders his resignation shall submit the resignation letter to his Reporting Senior / Department Head / Director, as the case may be. The same shall be forwarded to HR Department after being accepted by the concerned seniors.

The concerned HR representative shall conduct the exit interview for the employee, and make a note of the employee's reason for leaving.

The relieving date for the employee shall be mutually discussed and settled in case it is other than the period as mentioned in the Appointment Letter.

The employee shall be required to fulfill necessary formalities pertaining to exit from the Organization in terms of the Exit handing over report. He shall also be required to obtain a clearance from the respective Departments and submit the same to HR Department. The employee will be relieved from the services of the Organization subject to completion of the above formalities.

The Clearance Report shall then be forwarded to the Finance Department for payment of all dues in full and final settlement.


10th September 2012 From India, Bangalore
Hi, Can u pls tell me When is the exit interview form filled before or after the one-to-one interview who fills the exit interview form...employee or employer wat questions shud be there in the form
11th September 2012
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