We had the same problem in our office and we have implemented a process wherein, after 3 late comings in a month, the person's half day leave will get deducted and each subsequent late coming will result in half day deduction. The next month, its a fresh start.
There was the same reaction from our employees stating that they put in extra hours in the evening; However, we got back to thm stating that we need to have a discipline in the office in terms of the reporting time as this is a part of the Company Policy.
In regards to their putting in extra hours in the evening, it does not necessarily mean that all the hours go into work. And the employees who actually use these hours for real work, I am sure there is a R&R system in the org. that rewards them accordingly. It adds on to their annual appraisal rating, growth rate etc.

From India, Delhi
You can make a policy that any employee works till 7.00 p.m., next day he/she can come to office at 10.00 a.m. We are also facing the same problem. If we insist them to come at right time, evening they may try to go at 6.00 p.m. At the same time, please see their key responsibilities. 9 hours time is more than sufficient to finish the work. If the work is not finished by this time, employee is not efficient or man power problem. Work distribution is also important in each and every department.

From India, Mumbai
Considering late sitting by managers by their own they should not be punished immediately. But to have a better control they should be penalized nominally after more than 3 lates in a month. Whenever a manager comes late to office he should be given a message at main gate that you are late today. You will see the improvements & positive results with in a month.
From India, Hyderabad
Hi, you should introduce flexi timing hours system. it increases motivation in the employees and they can have a balance between personal & professional life.
From India, Mumbai
All the suggestions are gud...below few points may also help you- We follow the same in our organistaion.
1. Our office timings are 9.30 to 5.30....We have given leverage of 15 minutes i.e. the employee can come till 9.45..but the same is allowed only 3 times. After the 3rd late one EL (Earned Leave) is deducted from the employee's leave balance........but we also follow the same rule----that late coming is not compensated with Late working hours....
try this..it might help......
flexi timings may alos help...but according to me it's a culture in BPOs etc...where we have shift timings....and it totally depends on the nature of work...but it actually distrurbs the discipline of the company....
hope my input is useful for your...

From India, Delhi
Hi All,
In addition to flexi working hrs(shift system), and zero alte appreciations at month end, another way is to amend the Attendance/Discipline Policy. When I was in H3G they had a system: 3 days late n u lose 1 day sal, it works....

From India, Kanpur
Dear All, we have also face the same problem in our organization, we teach them a lot but some employee did'nt care about any notice or soft shout up calls. after that we decide to catch their pockets.
we give them 10 minutes grace ( only for 6 days a month, and not more then three consecutive days.)
After that we start deduction with the blow formula.
If an employee takes 6000 rupees / month. he is suppose to work 25 days a month and 12000 minutes. his per minute vale is Rs. 0.50 and the late coming formula is as under.
1 to 10 minutes late X 2 ( ( 10*2*.50 ) Deduction of that day is = Rs. 10)
11 to 20 minutes late x 2.5 ( ( 20*2.5*.50 ) Deduction of that day is = 25)
21 to 30 Minutes Late X 10 ( (30*10*.50) Deduction of that day is = 150)
And if any employee comes late more then 30 minutes he is considered as half day absent.
After this we are very much fruitful results and now late coming ratio is less then 1 %.

From Pakistan, Lahore
Giving leverage of 15 minutes and deducting a day's/half day's salary surely works ...but I feel the kind of problem Titli is facing ...it wudn't work in her case......
Flexi timings does not work in a company where shifts are followed...it can not work there cos they already have another shift to come n work in the next shift......
Moreover it does not spoil discipline at all...we follow this in our organization n it is working pretty well.....
shift system and flexi hours system are two totally different concepts...this ways employees gets liberty to come at the time they are more comfortable in....and does not necessarily report on a fix timing......

From India, Delhi
Moreover, do not forget that " paise ki chot sabse badi chot hoti hai insaan k liye" so you can try deducting salaries after say 3 late comings in a month or so.....
but Titli, if you are already being so thoughtful that "employees will feel that the mgmnt is being so harsh" then flexi system is the best way to satisfy both the employees and the management.
do let us know what did u finally do? and if it worked ! it might help others !

From India, Delhi

Do check with the attachment which I had given in this thread. You shall combine what ever idea you all have along with the one attached and shall try to push in.....
From India, Bangalore

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