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Hello all
I had filled up 1 year bond with a company which was located at a distant place. I left it in 4 months due to my bad health because of the environment there.
I knew that i was supposed to pay up some amount of money to be relived from there which i have no problem with.
Now the thing is ,,its already been 3 weeks after my resignation and those people are unnecessary delaying the process ( saying 8 more weeks are required) which was never a part of the Bond's clause.
As a result i am unable to apply anywhere else because i don t have relieving letter from them . Kindly Suggest.

From India
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Akanksha Sane
You should once again speak to your HR people. Pls. carry with you copies of your medical certificates citing illness/disease.
Also send them a registered letter attaching a copy of your resignation letter, medical certificates, etc and request them to expedite the matter.
A bond can be broken on medical gounds and if you are ready to pay the bond amount, it should'nt really be a problem.

From India, Pune
mary cecilia
hi, what Akanksha says is right. You can provide ur HR with the relevant documents. And it is better you meet them personally and request to expedite the issue. bye ceci
From India, Bangalore
Sirisha Reddy

I agree with Akanksha. A bond can be broke if you are physically unfit to continue in the present job. How ever, you need to provide the related medical certificates to the HR dept to proove your illness.
From India, Bangalore

Hi Shrutiza
Akanksha has said it right.
The bond can be broken with suitable medical records supportings.
Pls appraise the HR dept the need for your breaking away on medical grounds due to the environment present there.
As suggested already, you may send a letter by regd a/d.
Also, not having the relieving letter now, should not stop from you from applying. If worst comes to worst, the propsective employer can also be appraised of the situation why you are not able to produce the relieving letter by producing copies of the medical records which should indicate the illness due to the conditions prevalent in the ex-company. Some understanding soul in the prospective Company will understand and help you out.
Also, some of the Organisations, request for a copy of the resignation letter in case of inability to produce the relieving letter, based on whcih you can be a new employee in the new Organisation.
Good luck and all the best to be employed soon.
:: Dhinakaran

From India, Hyderabad

Dear friend, Please understand that the law of the land has abolished bonded labour long back. It is a fact that organisations do get bonds executed at the time of recruitment. The fact remains, as you may clarify with any good advocate, that the bond is not worth the paper it is written on. Any bond with any kind of conditions is infructuous. If you have a grievance realated to any kind of bond, please confidently file a petition before the nearest labour commissioner or labour court to get a favourable verdict.


From India

Hi friends,
What Rejeev said is 100% right .... there is value for Bonds here ..... the main reasons for companies to make bonds is:
what if an employee acquires training here and moves to some other organization and the cost barred by the company as the result of attrition.
Thats the reason companies make bonds with the employees.
But you dont have to worry about the bonds here.
Also, I assume that not all the companies expect a relieving order while you apply for a job or attend an interview.

From India, Madras
I wonder if anybody can help me out, as my emails, phone calls to senior management of Infosys have fallen on dumb ears. A company which can prepare its balance sheet within a week, requires 6-8 weeks for providing relieving letter. I don't want to take legal recourse, as I still have respect for the Company, though I am really fed up with the people. I can forward the related emails and correspondence exchanged with Infosys, so that issue can be sorted out at the earliest.

From India

Dear Shrutiza :
With all your efforts finding no positive results, pls change your approach from request to a mild demand.
May be you can send a soft notice from one of the legal advocates known to you requesting and not really demanding for the relieving letter.
Sinceyou have indicated that you respect the Company, pls ensure that the notice from the advocate is not the typical lawyer's notce but soft in nature, which I am sure the advocates do draft.
May be some bright guy who will really safe guard the interest of the Company will atleast reply the notice and send the relieving letter or atleast will indicate the reason for not giving you the relieving letter. If and when you have the reply to the notice, may be you can address the issue and comply with the company's requirement if any and get the relieving letter.
All the best and Good Luck.
:: Dhinakaran

From India, Hyderabad
Hey Friends
wat if a company ask to fill a bond for not joining any of its competitor for three year after Releiving ?? and ur suppose to get releiving only after that ??
The same has been mentioned into the appointment letter when i joined as a trainee Engineer.Now i am SR. Engineer .i am working for more than 4 years.

From India, Delhi
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