Hai all,
We do issue exp letter for both formal & informal separations. I just want to have your valuable suggestions on can we issue exp letter mentioning that the "employee resigned on short notice", inorder to control the informal resignations to some extend.
Pls suggest your ideas.

From India, Thiruvananthapuram
HR Hiral Mehta

Dear Devi,
Do you really see this (mentioning "employee resigned on short notice") as a solution to reduce informal resignation!!! Surprising but sharing your views at length on the same can be of great help.
On the contrary what I feel is that this will help the new employer to understand that the employee hasn't served notice. But are you aware; most of the times new employer insist the employees to join on immediate basis & are ready to buy back the notice pay. Hence such one liner in the experience certificate is going to satisfy your own self but might not affect much to the employees.
Their are much better ways to it but I would still insist you to share your opinion first.

From India, Ahmedabad

No matter employee resign by serving a short notice period or complete notice period according to the terms of Employment/ Appointment Letter, you just need to mentioned the period of working i.e. Joining Date and Resignation Date which will be self-explanatory in this regard.
Resignation and Experience latter are two-difference matter here and as you have accepted his resignation and have no issue with it, you must not be hesitate to issuing Experience Letter but need not to mentioned “Resignation on Short Notice” or etc.

From India, Gurgaon

You may do so, but it appears vindictive. However the same employee can escape by saying, at the next interview or at the time of joining,
"it just happened to be like that just because I was eager to join this co. as much early as possible hence this short notice"
Who knows it might help him for encashing this event -
"I just paid Rs.xxxx to get an early relief and inlieu of longer notice period and you may be pleased to reimburse this money as your gesture as I am in so early, you only gained by this so called short notice...they didn't want me to relieve me and hence added this adjectives etc. etc."
And for the 3rd co.when you switch over again, this relieving letter is no more mattered.
It doesn't matter you guys.

From India, Bangalore

Voluntary separation can be categorised as under:

1. Employee disappears and does not return even to ask for certificates and settlement

2. Employee disappears (absconds) and returns after a few months requesting for settlement and certificate

3. Employee gives just one or two days notice as against a month

4. Employee gives 2 to three weeks notice

5. Employee giving full notice period

6. Employee giving shorter notice but pays the money due to shorter notice

1. In cases mentioned in 1 and 2, there is no problem in issuing a certificate saying the person has absconded

2. In case of 5, there is no problem in issuing certificate

3, In case of 3 and 4, if the employee has paid the shortfall in notice period, the management can not issue a certificate saying he left in shorter notice,

as he has fulfilled contractual obligation.

4. In case if you have waived the notice period, again, it is your decision to relieve him early and it is not correct to issue such a certificate

5, In case if you have recovered the notice pay from final dues, the same shall be mentioned in full and final settlement and there is no need to repeat it in

a certificate

Hence, if you analyse the issue logically, you will arrive at a decision that making a mention about shortfall in notice period in certificate is not required and does not serve any purpose.

I used to mention in acceptance of resignation letter the following

1. If the shortfall is waived, the same shall be mentioned in the acceptance letter.

2. If there is a need for recovery, I used to mention in acceptance letter saying that shortfall ( mention number of days) in notice period shall be recovered from final settlement

T Sivasankaran

From India, Chennai
Shailesh Parikh_HR Pro

Dear Devi
Pl. understand there is nothing like "Informal Resignation". In absence of resignation it is to be termed as "absconded" or "abandonment" of services.
Whatever the case may be, HR need to complie 100% with SEPRATION process. Take note of all dues of employee as well of employer (including payment for short notice period if it is part of "service condition") and also Reliveing Letter and Experience Letter, both will help yopu to immune again any unforseen legal complications.
I beleive no cerceive (negative reinforcement) can help to retain employee, you need to better introspect and analyse organizational aspects like culture, practices and HR systems ratther than thinking for inefective measure like writing of some texts in expereince letter.
Wish u Seasons' Greetings!!!
Shailesh Parikh

From India, Mumbai

We should think this in broader prospects,
If some one is resigning, what are the reasons?
Definitely for better prospects, higher salary and more comfort.
Why one should become hindrance in the growth of other one.
Yes, if companies want to retain their employees, they should think to provide better salary, opportunity to grow with more comforts.
By adding a line here or there will not solve the purpose.
AK Mathur
Everyone in this world is Self-centered …. Its just the radius that Differs.

From India, Delhi

Dear Ms.Devi,
Mentioning \"Short term Notice\" in the not good.
U can mention dt of joining and date of relieving.
Relieving of an employee from the comp. without any issue is most important.
B.Gopalakrishna Murthy.

From India, Hyderabad
Dear Ms. Devi,
In the experience letter nobody mentioned "employee resigned on short notice" in my experience. Employee resignation and experience is different letters.
If you want to stop the informal resignation or staff turnover or absenteeism, first you have to identify the reasons or problems for turnover of employees from your organisation. Once you identify the reasons or problems you have to take problem solution measure to reduce the turnover.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Member
I agree with Shailesh that there is nothing as informal resignation. Resignation is a document which is very official in nature and is to be treated like one.
Mention of short notice period will not make difference as the new employer might have come to an understanding with the employee in terms of buy back of notice period and / or has accepted that the person is joining by giving a short notice. For future organisations it would not matter.
Further if you are recovering the short notice period from his final settlement as per the terms and conditions of the appointment letter then you are effectively harming the company image by issuing a letter which mentions the short of notice period as the word would be that company has not only recovered the amount but has also given such a relieving letter.
Preetam Deshpande

From India, Mumbai
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