Dear dasgupt,
If we consider that your basic is 30% of your salary then Gratuity amount Rs. 32,000 stands correct.
The formula for Gratuity is Last basic*Number of yrs of service*15/22.
Assistant Manager - HR

From India, Bangalore
Dear Friends If a person works for six years in a college as a lecturer in Andhra Pradesh and then resigns, is he entitled for gratuity? Regards Y S Sarma
From India, Mumbai
I have a question here in terms of gratuatuty. I am working in the current organization from last 5 years, i know i am eligible for gratuaty but my question is what next. i.e., Is this a one time payment or lets say if i continue in this company for another 3 or 4 years and if i want to claim gratuty for those 4 years can i do it. Please let me know the answer as based on your feedback i will be taking out gratuaty.

From Canada, Montreal

Hi Karisurya!
Gratuity is a Welfare from Employer and is payable one-time only when employee is retired or leaving organization after complation of 5yrs. of redering service so Gratuity is payable only after completin of 5yrs.and total service at the time of Retirement or Resigingi.
Its simple so dont get baffled.

From India, Ahmadabad
Hi bhardwaj,
Thanks for the reply but my understanding is once we complete 5 years we can take out gratuaty even without resignation/retirement. Please correct me if i am wrong. Any other suggestions from any one are welcome please

From Canada, Montreal
Vinayak Mayekar
Group Gratuity :- our one of the employee resigned from our organisation & he is working in our orgnisation since 7 years his attendance as follows
Year 1 :- 223
Year 2 :- 276
Year 3 :- 2281
Year 4 :- 246
Year 5 :- 238
Year 6 :- 204
Year 7 (From April 2015 To Dec 2015) :- 141
Kindly clarify is he eligible for gratuity & what will the amount if he is eligible, please send calculation

From India, Belgaum
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