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"My company, initially named ABC Pvt Ltd, undertook road construction work. The principal employer issued a work order in the name of ABC Pvt Ltd. The company also obtained CLRA and BOCW licenses under the name of ABC Pvt Ltd. After one year, the company changed its name from ABC Pvt Ltd to XYZ Pvt Ltd.

Now, my question is,
1. Is it permissible for the company to continue its operations with the existing license, or is there a requirement to obtain a new license for ongoing activities?
2. does the company need to change its CLRA license and BOCW license to its new name?"
3. How does the change in the company's name impact its existing CLRA and BOCW licenses?
4. Can the company face legal consequences for operating under the new name without updating its CLRA and BOCW licenses?
5. Did the company apply for a new BOCW license and CLRA licence in the name of XYZ Pvt Ltd after the name change?
2. Are there any implications for the company if it continues to operate under the old CLRA and BOCW licenses with the new name?

From India, Patna

Is this an actual situation you are involved with, or is a college assignment?

If it is an assignment, and you are having problems, you should first discuss this with your professor or tutor and seek their advice on how to approach it. It is not for us to give you the answer to an assignment. Use what you have learnt on your course to answer the question.

Secondly, this is not a HR question, it is more a legal question, and this is not the appropriate forum. This forum is for HR questions and discussions. If this is an actual real life situation in which your find yourself, you need to seek proper legal advice, so speak to your company's legal team.

From Australia, Melbourne
From India, New Delhi
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