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I am joining a new company with a fake degree but with 4 years of genuine experience. Will this be a problem or get caught in the Background Verification check? The company which I am going to join has only one branch in Bangalore, India. They have 300 to 400 employees but their pay scale is very high. I have been offered 10 Lakh per year as a technical support engineer with 4 years of experience.
From India, Bengaluru

We cannot advise you that you will not be caught. Having made a fake certificate, you have already mislead the previous companies and candidates who possess genuine certificates. I advise, it is good if you quit the company already employed and never join any company. This advice will not be acceptable to you, but I don't think that you will get a better advice than this from this forum.
From India, Kannur


Submitting fake degree certificate is unethical.

During BGV mostly past employment details will be verified and not educational certificates. More over you are joining as a experienced candidate so priority will be given past employment verification only. Still be cautious. Why not you can pursue some part time or correspondence course to get real degree ?

From India, Madras

Dear Mr. Josh,

it clearly proves that you are feeling guilty by providing the fake educational certificates.

1. is that mandatory education for that designation ?
2. is that possible to go with only your experience / skill !!!!

no matter how many branches the company having or how big the company is !!!!
providing the fake certificates can lead the legal actions.

so better, try to pursue the better relevant course, it will help you to grow further position without guilt feel.

Education is a power , can't survive for a long with fake power.

best regards
Dharani Sathishkumar

From India , Pune
I am aware that it is improper. I acknowledge that what I'm doing is incorrect.
In 1992, the Indian government sponsored the stamp paper scam by Abdul Karim and Harshad Mehta, among other covert schemes. PM Narasimha Rao was directly involved in these crimes by accepting a bride for Rs. 1 crore. All of India's government officials are dishonest and deceitful individuals in charge of the state, nation, etc.
If my understanding is correct, India is immoral in every sector from A to Z. I'm just approaching things practically and not relying on myself, sir.
Since you all have extensive experience in this industry, I merely wanted to see whether I could get by with phoney diplomas because, in any case, I can't leave without finishing the company's tasks. The entire CBI is working under govt and for their political benefits then what is the use of completing IPS & IAS? India will never, ever become a developed nation since such things do not exist in my magnificent India. China and India were at the similar stage in the 1960s. While we are still in the same stage, China is getting closer to the top spot globally. I'm not sure if I should be proud or sad for my country.

Anyway Thank you all for your responses sir. stay blessed !

@ Lakshmi Narayanan sir, ====> With confidence, I will consider your response and proceed without seeking further explanation. It only takes one thought to transform a life, therefore your response is sufficient to sustain you for an additional ten years. I felt the most lifted by your reaction.

From India, Bengaluru
Small correction to the previous post . " The 1992 scam by Harshad Mehta and Abdul Karim Stamp paper scam is different . PM was involved in 1992.
From India, Bengaluru

I guess we will just sit and wait for your next post.

That will be the one about how the company sacked you when they found out you have a fake degree and now your career is ruined. You will then be asking us to solve your problem - and we can't.

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

From Australia, Melbourne

No, we shall close this discussion here. Is that okay?
From India, Kannur
Okay sir @Madhu T . will close this conversation. John Oz @ You keep dreaming in Auckland with half knowledge should not be from Melbourne
From India, Bengaluru
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