Tejaswita k
"Different ways of Traffic Management and its impact on employee productivity"
Traffic is a huge problem nowadays as almost all of the employees of different organisations had to leave for job at almost the same time , so the traffic, which is very hectic, if one can find the middle path (like work from home, or work for five days a week or selecting different days for weekly off by different organisations {so there will be a less traffic}) to solve this problem then it will be very beneficial to manage the traffic , as well as it will have a huge impact on the productivity of employees.
I am looking forward to work on this topic for my PhD, I request senior faculties/professionals to guide me for the same..
Thanks & Regards,
Tejaswita K

From India, Khopoli

Dear Tejaswita
Please access articles available at https://www.google.com/search?q=Diff...hrome&ie=UTF-8 and then clearly state the aim and objectives of your study and where you will conduct the survey and how, etc.
Please also access https://www.citehr.com/219355-resear...tml#post986143 and study my ppt presentation, if you have not done so. Also, there is an excellent ebook at https://www.citehr.com/142149-resear...tml#post601705
I am already helping Seema, a PhD student, and you can get in touch with her.
One of the things that I found useful, as a researcher, was getting in touch with others and exchanging ideas.

From United Kingdom

Hi TejaswitaK,
Good, First & foremost you have to draw out an action plan as how to proceed on this. I would suggest the following action plan for you to pursue step-by-step towards your task on this chosen topic.
1. You have to short list name of Universities under which you wish to carry out this research;
2. Search various sites providing guidance for preparation of entrance exams of this u'sities and make a check-list of date of entrance exams;
3. Once you have materials on which questions will presumably be asked in the exams identify some those scholars already researching on this topic and/or who have already completed their respective Ph.D and consult them, take guidance for your preparations to be successfully qualifying in the entrance;
4. Immediately after the entrance results are out of all the entrances you appeared, select among them the most reputed u'sity and get you regd. to do the research for Ph.D.
5. Once the U'sity so regd intimate the name of faculty & guide under whom you have to carry out the research, you go to him/her seeking their guidance;
6. Finalise the title/topic in consultation with your guide and of the targetted group/institutions and also a time line breaking down activity wise & prepare a bar chart specifying days allocated for each activity and get it approved by your guide;
7. Prepare a questionnaire containing appx.100 questions in such a way those will provide enough data for completing your requirement which are your basis for drafting your thesis;
8. Now you are ready to commence your work - first, collecting the Primary data i.e. survey responses on a listed questionnaire from the targetted group/public/industry/institutions within a span of time provided in the chart;
9.When all the above in progress you should maintain your work-diary based on which you should prepare a progress report, preferably monthly or quarterly as may be necessary and submit to the u'sity thru' your guide;
10. After collecting enough responses on your questionnaire show them to your guide and obtain his/her advices/suggestions for dissemination/presentation, grouping of the
collected responses;
11. Prepare graphical presentation of the grouped responses in the form of suitable/appropriate plates, graphs, charts;
12. The above task will provide some key summation, throw some problems and suggestions;
13. Based on the above you have to write your draft thesis providing appropriate charts, graphs,photos interleaved, write your summary, over view and conclusions, suggestions in a manner as per the Ph.D course requirements and discuss with your guide for corrections & improvements to the draft.
14. The corrected draft now ready for submission to the U'sity.
The following link will show you some of the questions for preparation of your own questionnaire. You may down load them, amend/rewrite to suit your requirement.
Traffic Questionnaire - Market Research Survey
I think you are aware of the duration of the course, implications, expenses and stipend involved in undergoing a Ph.D degree. My opinion is the duration could last from a minimum of 4 yrs and might go to 10 yrs(worst case) and be prepared. It depends on the u'sity and the guide. You should also consult few other Prof./Reseachers from faculties who are right persons to guide you appropriately in your quest.
All the best.

From India, Bangalore

Thank you Mr.Kumar, you have given the birds eyeview of the entire PhD process, very helpful.
Could you pls add what is the right technique to identify gaps through literature review and how to map them.
thanks and regards

From India, Hyderabad

Please go to the following link
There are a number of links that contain very good information on how to to go about identifying gaps in the research. For example, https://www.researchgate.net/publica...rature_Reviews
However, be careful in selecting the gap. There may be people working on some gaps and their work may be in progress and not published yet. I know of a few cases where researchers (part-timers) were slow in completing their work and had problems, as others had published papers similar to the work they were doing.

From United Kingdom

Appreciate, in addition to what is stated above, it's important that when you narrow down to a topic/'title' to scout for topics of similar nature/areas which might face the risk of being rejected as 'sham' rendering your hard work go a waste. I'll also suggest some topics/title if you would let me know your areas of interest & conducive to research upon.
From India, Bangalore

You'll know the conditions for Lectureship in India, read on -
1).What is Net exam for Lectureship?
The National Eligibility Test (NET) is a test to determine eligibility for college and university level lectureship and for award of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) for Indian nationals.
2).Who is eligible for NET exam?
Candidates must have scored at least 55% aggregate marks (50% for SC/ST, OBC- NCL, PwD) in Master's Degree or equivalent examination from university recognized by UGC in Humanities (including languages) and Social Science, Computer Science and Applications, Electronic Science and others to be eligible for UGC NET 2019.
3).Is net compulsory for lectureship 2018?
The University Grants Commission (UGC) has notified UGC (Minimum Qualifications for Appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff in Universities and Colleges and other Measures for the Maintenance of Standards in Higher Education) Regulations, 2018, in the Gazette of India on 18.07.2018
4).Is UGC NET exam difficult?
Yes its is difficult as out of 5 lakh aspirants around 25,000 clear UGC NET every 6 months. But with due preparation and consistency you can surely clear the exam. ... Clearing UGC NET Exam is normally difficult as the Exam paper is very difficult as well as there is intense competition.
You'll know more about lectureship & Ph.D from this link -
There was an announcement by the Minister of the Union Govt. some where in 2006 saying the NET exam was not compulsory for faculty positions. Pl.check for confirmation from UGC sources.

From India, Bangalore

I found two articles on Contributing to Knowledge at https://www.universityaffairs.ca/car...-to-knowledge/ and https://researchinsiders.blog/2017/1...tribute-to-it/
Found at https://www.google.com/search?ei=rZM...4dUDCAo&uact=5

From United Kingdom

Hi Tejaswita & Seema, You’ll find attached some ref. for doing Ph.D in India. You have to browse on those links for further details. I’ll come up with some more in due course.
From India, Bangalore
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