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Dear Friends, We would like to introduce a reverse order punishment system, in which the subordinate can also punish superiors for the late response from their superiors. Any input or suggestion for the development of the system. Please help.
Thanks and Regards,

From India, Cochin
Prashant B Ingawale

I personally don't think it's good idea. Rather if any senior is not responding in due time then his her superior authority Should intervene to take charge of. the situation some seniors may not like idea to get punished by the juniors.
From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Lenin Raj,
What kind of this concoction is? If the manager is not responsive then General Manager or any other senior authority should taken action against him. If you allow the juniors to take action against seniors, then it will be pernicious trend. This formula could dilute the authority of the managers.
Secondly, what if manager and subordinate enter into tacit understanding in not taking action against each other?
Please note that in the business organisations, the flow of authority has to be from the top. Reverse flow could stop at the MD's level and who will take action against MD?
Possibly this idea might have emerged from the egalitarian mindset but the business organisations run on capitalism and one who invests the capital will always have upper hand. Business organisations cannot be run like democracy.
Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

This system will lead to anarchy.
While seniors are expected to be responsive to queries etc from juniors, delegating authority to punish superiors to juniors will be a recipe for disaster
Delayed responses will be covered during appraisal of seniors if 360Degree appraisal system is being followed.

From India, Pune
Nagarkar Vinayak L

Dear colleague,
The concept of reverse punishment is fraught with potentially grave consequences.
If any junior has grouse against senior, the mechanism of grievance redressal can be resorted to.But to give him handle to punish senior would be digging the grave of the organisation. I strongly oppose this idea.
Vinayak Nagarkar

From India, Mumbai

Echoing the seniors' views that it drives the organisational discipline in reverse gear, I say the solution to the problem does not lie in opting for reverse punishment system but streamlining your communication system by making it more open and transparent where the employees feel comfortable to voice their views and your grievance redressal system by making it time bound and accountable to the higher authorities .
HR & Labour Relations Advisor
Navi Mumbai

From India, Mumbai
Aishwarya Manjunath

Dear Leninraj,
What kind of solution do you think this reverse system will solve? Why is there a management hierarchy in the organization? or why is an organization even called organization? Isnt it because it has an organized system each one follows?
If anyone can take action over anybody, junior on senior or anything like that, what difference does that bring for their designation and reputation and their contribution to the company? This kind of a thought will only lead to chaos. Totally opposing it.

From India, Bengaluru
arunachala nataraj

Normally subordinates will be unhappy with superiors because superiors will be pressurizing the subordinates for the completion of work in time. Very rarely you find very cordial relation ship between superiors and subordinates. So introduction of such system will simply create problem in functioning of the system and the organisation may suffer. You may try to implement 360 degrees feed back system wherein the subordinates rates the superiors and will be submitted to the HODs and the HODs can counsel both and see the relationship improves. Reverse order punishment will not work because of authority and responsibility and accountability lies within superiors and not subordinates.
From India, Mysore
Atul Bharti

Dear Leninraj,
First of all, why punishment, Whether to subordinate or superior. Any business organisation is a place of performance and that has to be measured. Accordingly you reward. So a poor performer is rewarded poorly at each level. One who doesn't pass even to be poorly rewarded,fails. So do not punish anyone, just put a system in place meticulously and all stake holders should be informed of the system. Superior subordinate and vice versa relationship should be close bond in nature. We have to come out of the punishing mindset.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Arunachala
The 360 degree feed back system is periodical(mostly annual) and may not meet the criterion of promptness with which an employee expects response from a superior.secondly, it is possible all subordinates may not evaluate the superior in the same manner and some may rate him "good' while the compliant rates him 'poor' on communication. In my view, it may not fit as a remedy for issues in one to one communication.This is my view.
HR & Labour Relations Advisor
Navi Mumbai

From India, Mumbai
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