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Shikha Satyendra Prasad

A friend of mine was notified to lay off from Wipro during the current downsizing.
She was given a last working day and later was being forced to resign. Can such employee choose not to resign and raise voice on any platform?

From India, Mumbai

She can refuse to resign and she can tell them to issue a termination order and also convey that she will challenge it in court. They will get cold feet and defer issuing termination letter. One of my friend's daughter working in Wipro, was asked to resign about two weeks back. She told them point blank to terminate her and she will challenge in court of law. They then intimidated her stating they will put her name in Nasscom data base. She told them to go ahead, since in any case she will be going to the court of law. They tried other intimidatory tactics and finally gave up and told her to continue with her work. Your friend has to be strong enough to counter any intimidation. Meanwhile, tell her to take up the matter with various IT forums such as FITE which have taken up the matter with the government.
From Indonesia, Jakarta

Hi All;

We are in India, with ancient culture, of respect and love. We say doing it yourself is best, doing it with others is next, getting it done by others is difficult. It is no good putting soil in the plate where we ate. Employer started business and employee joined, not that there were a set of employees and for them the employer started business. That is only government. In private, employee is always in the secondary position. If employee is not happy, he/she can leave. That time employee does not consider how adversely it will affect the employer. That time employee thinks of self only. Now that the employer has a difficult time, why insist that employee should not be removed? Even in the case by Anonymous above, after so much of bitterness, will the employee work happily there? Is the employee not spoiling his/her life? Forget about others, it will be wise to find another engagement. Sar Salaamat to Pagade Pachaas. If employee has capabilities, employee can find alternate work anywhere. Mostly employees try to find other employment, very few think of starting a new business. I am of the firm opinion that to develop oneself, one must stay in a hostel in studentship and one must try a business in his working life. Then one learns the true meaning of life, and starts understanding others, rather that fighting for false rights.


From India, Pune
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