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Dear Friends,

In my company(located in Bangalore,India ) there is one girl, whom I used to help in her work. As she was too weak in work, I used to help her in her studies at my home too . There she used to start inappropriate talk all the time. Knowing the consequences , I never even touched her. Now from the time , she heard that I am getting married, she started behaving differently. I understood that she might have some kind of affection with me, so I changed my seat and minimized our encounters by switching my seat far from her. Later she started spreading wrong words about me in the office. I tried everything, even saying sorry for the mistakes I made or not.

But I kept hearing things which never happend.

It was like a mental torture to me. So on Sunday I call her and tried to clarify things. On phone she kept telling that all the issues are with official not personal (Don't know what official reasons would be ?). I told her to forget everything and try to be good friend at least. Also I made her to accept that she joined company as 3 years of experience but she really has 1 year of experience. (Call is recorded and safe with me).

On Monday there was no discussion between us.(Dead silent ).

On Tuesday , My Team Lead asked me if I said something bad to her on Monday ( I didn't even saw her on Monday!!!!).

Tuesday only she came to me for some discussion. I said I don't want to discuss anything . (Fearing this will give her more chances to screw me ).

Now I want her to be out of my sight. I want to report that she used fake experience letter while joining ( one year back).

Please advice what to do.

From India, Bangalore
Labour Law Advocate
Hr Consulting

I think you have used very poor Judgement and got yourself into a mess trying to get close to a girl. I suggest you leave the company and find job anywhere else. You should have concentrated on your work only instead of trying to please a lady. You would not have done this if it was a man. Even if he was dying on the road right? Trying to get the girl out of the company based on fake experience will screw you completely. So if you at least want peace of mind, get out of the company and act like a man in your new work place.
From India, Bengaluru

If you want to report about her fake experience, you are free to do that by way of writing an official letter/ email to your company provided that you have evidence of her experience certificate being fake; otherwise she may claim compensation for defamation.
On the other hand, she may bring charges against you including charges of sexual harassment at workplace too. There can be a lot of mud slinging. And please note that in most of the cases of harassment, the law is slightly tilted towards the women in general.
Now exclusively to your situation, I strongly believe you have put yourself in this situation and no one else is responsible. Instead of report about the fake certificate you should change your behaviour and professionalism in the workplace.
This situation at this stage does not require any legal intervention though.

From India, Kolkata
Dear Riteshmaity,
Thanks for the advice. I will keep them in my mind.
As informed earlier ,I recorded the phone call on last Sunday , where I asked her how much experience she showed while joining the company ? she said 3, then I asked how much real experience she has ? she said 1.
So that can be added as her accepting that she used fake letter while joining.
I also asked he , did i ever touched her in my room even when she used to talk about Sex? she accepted I never touched her.
All i want is her to leave me alone and stop playing dirty games. I don't want to switch the company also. Atleast for next three years. I can change the project but after Feb 2018 ( As per company's policy).
I don't want to report her and bring problems in her life , but currently she is doing the same.
So even i have proof , i will take this step if any new incident come in light.
I hope She reads this post and stop these nonsense.
please advice if there is any error in my ways...

From India, Bangalore

You been with the company for long. So u go and to some senior person who is also your well wisher. These are personal issue and cannot be resolved here.
Preserve the memory card (in case she lands u in trouble), that's the max suggestion I can give.

From India, Madras
Thanks Guys ,

There are few developments in the scenario :

1) I was given a task to Review and manage team of three for small project. She played game and convinced my lead that they don't need me for this project , its very simple. Funny part is she wasted like two weeks and couldn't do anything for that project. so project came back to me but this time I had to work as developer only (Lost a golden chance to learn leadership and show my ways to get things done).

2) On 27 March I was ambushed (Luckily it was meant for threat me not to harm me physically) by three guys near my house while I was returning to my home. Initially I had only doubt on her , but soon based on her body language or my instinct I am sure either She is behind this attack or she knows people behind it.

3) In lack of evidence I spoke with my project lead and HR . They both are ready to take the necessary step i.e. They will have a meeting with her and she will be given warning and also she will be held accountable if some thing happens to me or my future wife.

Honestly I am very angry and mad at her , All I ever tried to help her along with other friends. Sometimes I feel I should officially report to company about her Fake experience. But I think It will be inhumane. She may end up loosing her job and worse.

I have decided, I will switch to other company as soon as I get some other offer, No matter how good rating I got here or how much appreciation I received here from seniors (onsite and off-shores) , I am going to be responsible for my wife and our future and I am going to give her a happy life.

But as precaution, I have saved the recordings in to google drive . ( Thanks HR4Nation for the idea :) ).

From India, Bangalore
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