I am the only HR in my company. There's an employee A who has joined almost 4 months back. But it's been 4 months and he is a very slow learner like we are a production company in chandigarh and we are having a TAT for whatever work we are getting from clients. Employee A is very slow in production and we have given him several chances (verbal and written warnings both) for him to improve but there is no improvement at all. Also he is an introvert he hardly speaks with anyone or discuss his issues so I don't want to go with termination. Can anyone please help me with any activity or what step should I take to tackle this situation?
From India, Ludhiana

Give them some time and they should improve. You can also use a better HR Software to Train your Employees
From India, Bengaluru
Anita Upadhya-PeopleWorks

As a HR manager, you need to understand his side of story, the reason behind slow performance- is it that he has not understood the process or new to industry, etc. A regular training or interaction with the employee A should help. Is he getting demotivated, etc,.....understand from him.
Human Resource Management System, HR Software -PeopleWorks

From India, Pune
Dinesh Divekar

Dear friend,

You have written two things about employees. One is about his introversion and another is slowness in learning. Both are personality traits.

Apart from imparting education, education institutions are expected to improve the personality of the students. However, beyond pumping knowledge into the heads of the students our educational institutions do not do anything. The result is that we have millions of unemployable students. You have selected one such person.

To a certain extent, this is a failure of the recruitment process as well. Did you conduct the IQ test? If not, then why? His slow learning surely would have been captured in IQ tests. As far as his introversion is concerned, it is possible to capture the introverted nature of the job candidate also. Who was involved in the process of the interview and what questions were asked?

In what department this person works? What are the views of his HOD? He is learning slowly in what part of the jobs? Has HoD spent time improving his performance?

This is where "Formal Mentoring" comes in picture. Mentors helps in developing personality of their mentees. In contrast, training is conducted to develop a specific skill set. Building job-related skills cannot build a personality.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore

I appreciate Dinesh in his concise statement. Yes, you first need to speak with his immediate supervisor and understand what is his comment/view about this employee. I do understand that someone in his department would have escalated this matter to you, however, does that employee clearly understand his roles? What was his statement when you called in for a meeting with him?
Again being a HR, you cannot say that you do not want to terminate, as end of day, outcome matters. You will also be held responsible for his failure. Again, where is the hiring panel who qualified him and what is their say on this? Finally about his introversion, didn't you do a HR discussion with him? First analyse the situation and conclude it accordingly.

From India, Bangalore
Vaishalee Parkhi


I respect the opinions by senior members here. However, what I can sense from your post is, you are not only unhappy about the termination process of the said employee, but somewhere you are clueless or upset about him and want to make the things work.

The crucial part here is he hardly speaks. Might be because of his personality, low confidence, family background or any other triggering issues that you may not be aware. You can follow the suggested process and collect feedback from his superiors, colleagues, team members etc.

The post mortem of how and by whom he was recruited without a proper assessment etc. will help you restrict such incidences and tighten up your systems. But, if you as an HR, want to take a step forward, please speak to him as a friend, mentor to understand what are his issues or problems, is it a profile mismatch ? is he getting pressurized or any other personal reasons. Tell him his under performance and uncommunicative nature may make him jobless, not only in this company but outside also. Such a discussion could be a turning point OR may not help also but give it a TRY before you conclude the matter.

I understand, no company can have a 'sympathetic' view beyond a certain point. But, sometimes, as an HR, we have to prove HR as 'Human Relations' dept. apart from 'Human Resource' dept.

Think about it, you are the best judge!

With best regards,

Vaishalee Parkhi

From India, Pune

In my view, it is difficult to give you a panacea, until and unless you understand the root cause. If you have hired him, I am sure you saw that his worth while interviewing him. Introvert or extrovert is a personality trait and you cannot do much about it. Introvert people have to be pushed to voice out their opinions, whereas extrovert people can do it with ease.

You need to make him feel comfortable, at times the culture of the company also takes its toll and introvert people are not comfortable in voicing their opinions, if they are not appreciated. What is needed is that someone from his team or you become his friend and make him speak out. If he is not comfortable with the profile assigned, either train him or ask him if he would be comfortable in some other role. Overall, it is the responsibility of the company to back its decision and bring this chap to perform. As rightly pointed out by someone, voicing your opinion is something which does not come naturally in certain people for fear of failure or due to fear of rejection. It is about confidence building which will happen over a period of time. Suggest him some self-help books which can build his confidence. I am sure he will turn things around.


Satyabrata Dash

From India, Pune

You have given him enough warning and chances to improve
Nothing happened
If someone has a problem, or need to learn or can't understand a particular process, he will come and tell. When he has been given warning, he would have spoken to someone. I am sure he understands his job is in danger. So it looks like that he is unfit for the job.
Having sympathy is one thing, but has no place in business. Not wanting to terminate because he does not talk to people is another thing and no reason for not removing a person who can't perform and affects business and delivery.
So just terminate him following the proper procedure.

From India, Mumbai

Whilst we all need productive and efficient employees, I would hesitate to terminate this guy just yet.

You need more information. He may have learning difficulties, he may have other problems, such as family, socialisation etc. You need to have a calm, rational discussion with him, outlining the problem, AND the potential consequences if improvement cannot be achieved.

I note that he has been given chances, so he cannot be unaware of the problem. However, throwing him out on the street, with little prospect of finding a new job, should only be a last resort.

Given that you are reluctant to terminate, I sense you want to try and do something to help this guy, and that is commendable. But unless you can get to the heart of the problem quickly, and help the guy improve, then management may have other ideas.

Be gentle, and try to win his confidence, and gradually expand his horizons. Try to get one or two of his colleagues onside as well to provide him with a support network. Helping a fellow human being realise their potential is one of the most fulfilling things we can do.

Good luck, and let us know how you go.

From Australia, Melbourne
Hi All,
Thanks a lot everyone for giving your valuable views on this. When the employee has cleared interview test there was no clue to us he is a slow performer as he has done very good in his test. He is one of the exceptional case that has been come up. I strongly agree with Vaishalee Parkhi and John as I just don't want to terminate the employee only because he is not performing. He is very sincere or in other words there are no behavioural issues, no issues related to punctuality, he gives respect to all. I just don't want to loose such an employee. I guess if I will speak to him as a friend may be I will get to know the root cause behind his slow performance. If he will improve in his production there won't be any issue and he can achieve success. Thanks a lot everyone for helping me with this case.
Shaveta Soni

From India, Ludhiana
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