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HRMS has become one of the ideal ways of implementing basic HR functions today, like recruitment, training of employees, motivating, evaluating, rewarding, and overall management of human resource in the any organization. Most companies are looking for customized hsenid business solutions today, because off-the-shelf software might not be able to meet up to their exclusive needs and requirements. But is it the right option to choose? Let's keep the following points in mind before investing into custom HRMS:

The positives:

· Needless to say, custom HR and payroll software in India are designed and developed as per the requirements of the company. Standard HRMS software might contain several redundant features, thus increasing the complexity of operations but custom HRMS software in India will contain only those functionalities essential for HR operations of only your business. Though the development costs will tend to be higher, its rewards will pay off over the long term to provide incredible RoI.

· Privacy is a major factor when it comes to manage the greatest resource of a company. Every organization practices a certain working style and corporate culture which is reflected through its employees. The HR and payroll software in India must adhere to the rules and policies specific to the company that requires the software to be customized as per need.

· A customized top HR software system always will be robust and specific to a company. Standard HRMS may be designed for general purpose which might contain several loopholes which might pose difficulties for an organization to implement its functionalities. Custom HRMS eliminates those and makes the system robust and scalable for future needs.

· With custom HR management software, the requirement of future updates can be executed with immense ease. The organization will be able to update and eliminate/add features as per their need without being dependent on any third party vendor every time they need to tweak any element within the HR function.

It is amply clear the custom HRMS can provide valuto an organization at many levels. It not only streamlines your core HR function, but also helps improve the collaboration of the HR team with the employees within your organization. As a collateral benefit, employee productivity stays high, thus improving your business bottom lines up by a notch.

On the other side of the coin, there are a few challenges associated with a custom HRMS as compared to an off-the-shelf solution. One key issue is the level of involvement needs from the in-house team to ensure that the HRMS solution does exactly what is intends to do. Customized HRMS needs total involvement from the organization, and needs the software requirements system to be quite strong in order to build a need based solution. It is however difficult for an organization to be that specific in specifying requirements because that’s dynamic and keeps on changing with business trends.

Intellika can offer several options when it comes to custom HRMS which can be cost effective and easier to operate. Check out what is in store for you and take an informed decision to strengthen the capabilities of your HRMS.

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