Dear All,

Ms. A and Ms. B are working in a same organisation as a Team HR. Earlier both of them were working on third party payroll for the same company they are currrently working and they were reporting to the director of the Consultancy from where they used to get their salary. (For consultancy this company was a client like Outsourcing HR).

Now as the Consultancy's director decided to wind up the business and he asked Ms. A and Ms. B to work directly on company payroll, the client company has agreed to this and they have taken these two on there payroll. While joining this company there was no Interview taken just the salary was revised and appointment letters issued.

Ms. A was working from consultancy office for the company and Ms. B was seating in current companys branch office. Ms. B was a front face and was nadlling few daily responsibilities, where Ms. A was handlling the maximum part of preparing payroll other part of complience etc. and she was sharing this work and alll other data with Ms. B at branch office to forward it to the company the consultancy's director was aware of this work and had knowledge of work done by Ms. A and Ms. B.

Ms. A has more experience / qualification and knowledge of HR than Ms. B.

Both the people have completed 12 months with the company and company is in Impression that both HR people are sharing the job and working together where Ms A's knowledge and responsibilities are more and Ms. B needs her support while doing all work. Ms. A wanted to share this with her current reporting head but it is difficult to express this situation showing comparison bettween Ms. A and Ms. B. He just asked her to let him know what is the job they both are doing and to list out the work to share but as I said earlier Ms. B was just a front face and right now also the same thing is there Ms. B taking help of Ms. A and working. So while listing the responsibilities she will list out the same things like Ms. A.

Now as Ms. A is working from company HO she have to share the things happning at HO to Ms. B at branch office, else later Ms. B will blame that she was kept in dark as Ms. A is in HO she cames to aknow about all management decisions related to employees. If Ms. A goes to management and director sharing this issues they may think as Ms. B is at not at HO this may be the reason we can see only Ms A working. Though Ms. A proved herself in one year of time still because Ms. B is just show off that she is also working it is getting difficult for Ms. A to take this forward to Managment.

(It is always seen that Management is never shows Intrest in employee issues thay just hand it over to HR and concentrate on their businesess)

Kindly suggest how Ms. A will help help herself in this case so that her hard work should be seen and her carrer growth in the organisation should not affect. I think in future her appraisal may also effect as management may give both of them the same Increment assuming both are working 50-50.

(Ms. A can not take help of her ex director to reccomend her hard work as he is settled out of India)

Please suggest your valuable opinions to help Ms. A

(*Ms. A is one of my college friend)


Ashwini SS Mhapankar.

From India, Mumbai
Dear Ashwini,
Ms. A has to speak with concern/familiar employee who sitting corporate office but should normally does not known by Ms. B and speak with them clearly about roles and responsibility and this problem so she will judge the culture of corporate office.
Further, speak with concern authoirty with raising question and sort out otherwise it will be continue until Ms. A stay there.
If company is professionally managed and follow, Authority will inquire further and give valuble input to Ms. A
Best regards,

From India, Ahmadabad
Thank you for your reply Mr. Parimal. (Parimal564)
But this is the big problem that organisation is not professinally managed. All seniors are busy and concerned about theie own work.
They never try to understnad who is working actually and who is acting that they are working that is the problem my friend facing this difficult situation and it will be very difficult to compare and shoe this to management this diffrence.
Please suggest if there is a way to put this in front of management in a professional way and not as a comparison. Where they will actually understand the diffrence.
Thank you.

From India, Mumbai
This kind of situation arises at work.While Mr. X may be a competent employee but does not recognition for his work due to Mr. Y sitting between X & Management.It is difficult situation although.But Unless you prove your talent no one is going to accept that you deserve the recognition.One more thing Knowledge and hard work is good but days it is Cleverness and smart work that works.If you want to recognized you will have to get up and blow your trumpet for your own sake.Management and business only identify those who are in limelight.It is the age of cut throat competition and success wont be easy unless you grab it.
Business is not done with emotions but it needs passion.

From India, Vadodara
Dear Ashwinin, In this Situation, Ms. A has to directly speak with concern authority. If she can not, write mail to them for whole subject. Best regards, Parimal
From India, Ahmadabad
Practically it is not so simple.Management believes what they see.secondly being upfront and challenge may bounce back probably due to the image / repute created by the B.Suggest be in touch with management and encash your work for quite some period.and let management know about you.Once confident that you can now ask for justified solution.
From India, Vadodara

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