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Neetu Sunny
I am working as HR in a manufacturing unit (Heavy Industry). I have to prepare competency matrix for all staff which includes engineers, sales engineers, executives in various departments like QC, Production, Design & Development, Marketing, Accounts.
Please guide me to prepare the same.

From India, Cuttack
Dinesh Divekar

Dear Neetu,

While designing competency matrix, you need to take into account the measures of performance for each department or that position. Mere possession of competencies is not end in itself. The logical end is meeting performance targets by attaining those competencies. Therefore, my request is to first concentrate on the deciding on do you measure what deserves to be measured and deciding the competencies.

Let me give you example of what happens when competency matrix is developed in isolation. Right now I am dealing with a client from manufacturing sector. It is a public limited company. If you look at their balance sheet, you find that for the last five years their YoY growth is 10-20% per cent. Nevertheless, what is overlooked is "Per cent of Inventory against Sale". It has risen from 6.5% to 13% for the corresponding period. Can there be better evidence of declining operational efficiency? When the company has 13% inventory, then what amount of working capital must be getting blocked that you can imagine. Notwithstanding this gradual increase, company's HR Head remains ensconced in his world.

Today's HR has penchant for the jargon like competency matrix nevertheless, it has to serve the balance sheet of the company. Lest these interventions may give solace to the HR professionals but their vacuity remains obvious.

For further assistance if any, feel free to contact me.


Dinesh Divekar

From India, Bangalore
Dear Neetu
You also need to consider behavioral skills to map all the competencies for a position, though the extent of the skills needed may not be the same for all positions. For example, sales and service engineers might need expert behavioral skills when compared to design engineers, but still they are needed for all positions, assuming beginning, intermediate, skilled or expert as the scale.
In case you need any further help, do not hesitate to write to us at or or call on 040-64535315

From India, Hyderabad
Ed Llarena, Jr.


The format of a Competency Matrix would depend on the purpose where such matrix will be used.

As such, when a company desires to create a competency matrix for each job/ position, and the general intent is to be able to generate a base level type of data on the current incumbents' competency level (vis-a-vis the minimum competency level required to competently perform a job), then HR would have to develop TWO (2) types of matrix.

One matrix would focus on the competencies required by the job and the minimum level required for such competency to be effective in the said job. The second matrix would have to focus on the existing competencies possessed by the incumbent, vis-a-vis the objective assessment of the incumbents current level.

Comparing the two matrix must give management an idea whether the incumbent's competency level matches with what the job/ position specifies. If there is a mismatch (e.g. job requirement = 4; incumbent level = 3) then, there is a need for the employee to undergo some interventions that would improve his/ her competency level to 4. Otherwise, one can expect a sub-standard performance by the incumbent of the job.

We help companies develop these matrix/ ces and map out every job/ position in an organization in all industries.

Best regards.

From Philippines, Parañaque
Ram Prasad Singh

Dear Neetu, Pl try out 'Sunrise Model' from Miliond Kotwal. Its open source. For sure your will get much clarity. regards Ram Singh
From India, Mumbai
Neetu Sunny
Thank you all for your reply.
As mentioned by Ed Llarena, I am preparing 2 matrices one is the competency that is required for a job and the other is existing competency of the employees.Preparing the required competency for a job is a big task as I am unable to understand at what level what kind of competency is required(especially General skills like communication/ interactive skills, Decision making skills etc) starting from a Asst. Supervisor to DGM.
Please help on this.

From India, Cuttack

Hi Neetu,
Check this below link for you reference (Training Flow chart & Sample Competency Matrix).

From India, Hyderabad

Dear All,
i have requirement of training plan, Skill & Competency matrix as per ISO format. if you have for engineering sector please share also share HR & Admin Skill matrix.
Sunil Prajapati

From India, Mumbai
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