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Hi seniors, My cousin recently had to change his job since his company is moving out of India.Now in his next job search, he does not wish to show his previous job changes in the 6-7 yrs as he might look like a job jumper.He has a friend who owns a company. Can he show that he was working for his friends company in the last 6-7 yrs on his CV and give his friends name & no. as referee in his new job search?
Pls reply

From India, Mumbai

Dear Imrqur,

Job hopping is of course one of the negative points while searching for job.

But the worst is to lie .

Your friend can surely show experience of his friends company. But when facing an interview and replying to the current job profile and company any experienced interviewer will be able to clearly make out the lies. There might be background checks too which will certainly point out he not working there.

Ask your friend to tell the actual reason of job changes to interviewer. Also ask him to find out the reason why is he making so many changes. I cannot believe that all the company he worked for were having problems. There might be some attitude problem with your friend that needs to be sorted out 1st.

Success and maturity will only come when you are working for a longer duration with a company. Face the next interview as a fresher and be committed to the company. 6 -7 years experience will not be wasted but that needs to be visible while working.

Be fair if your friend wants his employer to be equally fair with him.


From India, Delhi

Every job seeker needs to have good CV-devoid of inaccuracies and false claims.
Your friend should be honest to write all his job experiences.
Job hopping has a negative connotation,but ask him to try and show a pattern wherein job changes were necessitated by needs of professional growth mostly.
No point trying to cook up a CV.
A good interviewer who knows his job will poke holes in the CV and drop the person like a hot potato.

From India, Pune

Hi All,
The question here is not about the interview process but about background verification.
If friends name is given as referee , can the background verification system make out that he was not actually working there ?

From India, Mumbai

A proper background check will not only involve check with friend but some other employees also.
Why try to do a wrong thing and find out how to escape.
One must remember
“Man is not what he thinks he is, he is what he hides.”
― André Malraux
Hidden facts always come out at inconvenient times.
Why invite trouble??

From India, Pune
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