Hi, I am asked to prepare H R Manual of a new company. How to prepare HR manual? What are the topics I need to cover?
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Dear Kc-parash,
As per my knowledge and understanding about H R Manual.It will help to cover entire employee life cycle starting from Joining to Exit of employee.
Following point should be covered under HR-Manual.
1)Recruitment Policy
2)Leave Policy
3)Advance and loan policy.
4)Dress Code
5)Attendance Policy
6)Employee Promotion.
7)Employee Referral Scheme
8)Roles and responsibility(R&R) of each and every employee.
9)About Bonus,Gratuity etc.
10)Transportation Policy
11)Canteen Policy
Since the list is endless,you can also consider other points depending on type of industry it is.

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Dear KC Prakash,
In addition to the above information please consider the following:
Please try Cite HR archives.
Type “HR Manual” inside the box WHAT DO YOU NEED
that you find in the title bar right above.
After typing in the box, press the 'research' button next to it.
You will get lot of information.
You can also refer "Related Information" and 'Download Thread'
that you find in the right side of this message.

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The information provided by Rahul is excellent. With the topics listed it really makes one to do the job efficiently. Thank you it improves the knowledge. Regards, amita
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Hi Mr. Prakash, Am a HR professional, with over 44 years of industry experience. I worked for L&T for 33 years and retired as Head of HR. After retirement, am into HR consultancy for small and medium companies and also a soft skill trainer, who conducts training through English, Hindi, Tamil and Kannada. I have been providing HR consultancy for my clients in Kolkata, Bangalore, Coimbatore etc. I provide entire HR set up including Standard Operating Procedure, Employee Handbook, various policies, letter formats etc. If interested, please send a mail to sundargem@gmail.com / 9844008049.
Best wishes

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I have prepared HR Manual for a multinational Company, which was focused on all the processes and systems in chronological order with all details in a standard format....start point ....concluding point......consists of process, responsibility.... all the details of activities...time frame etc.
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HR Manual is a place where you can find concise information of all the HR rules regulation of the company. while making a handbook always remember that a new joiner is going to read it and will follow the same so, It must include:

company history
1. joining information( e.g. what documents do you require from a new joiner, what you will provide them at the time of joining, general probation period etc.)
2. office hours
3. leave policy
4. overtime allowance
5. Dress code
6. Reimbursement policy
7. Important features (which should include telephone manners in office, punctuality, no smoking policies, courtesy like only english rule---you can mention them under different topics too)
8. Employee Referral Scheme
9. Advance and loan policy
10. Employee Referral Scheme
11. Appraisal
12. Bonuses aand gratuity
13. holiday policy
14. Absenteeism(for absconding cases)
15. privacy policy
16. promotion and salary increment
17.Separation policy
18. change of personal record
19. salary trend info
20. closing note for a new joiner

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Dear Mr Prakash,
HR Manual is virtually the Bible for HR Management. Basically you may refer in the Web the following
1. State Government Civil Service Rules
2. Fundamental Rules of the Central Government.
3. Service Rules of Organisations similar to yours.
Ultimately you have to modify these as per your Organisation's requirements.
Best wishes

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its easy, download any available manual, modify it as per your org need, submit it to your management, after it gets approved say "LONG LIVE CITEHR"
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These are the folowwing key points given to prepare H R manual of a new organization. I hope will be helpful to you.
Recruitment Policy
Advance and loan policy.
Leave Policy
Dress Code
Attendance PolicyEmployee Promotion.
Employee Referral Scheme
Roles and responsibility(R&R) of each and every employee.
About Bonus,Gratuity etc.
Transportation Policy
Thanks & Best Regards,
Arjun Singh
T & A Solutions

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