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Dear Seniors,
I will be joining a company which is into financial services (stock market). I need the guidelines of how do I start with formation of HR department.
What are the things that should be initiated as well as what are the things that should be done on priority basis.

From India, Mumbai
Rachana From Hector

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From India, Delhi

Dear Snel ,

To Start anything from scratch , you need to focus the prepare the framework( flowchart will be easy ), know the urgency ( as how much time you have to start the department , as accordingly you will be filling the positions as per requirement )as well as your budget . I have focused o budget because it will let you know the length and breadth of your hierarchy means if you have small budget , then you can handle it with few employees and if you need to have a separate department in huge , then you need to bifurcate roles and responsibilities as per the hierarchy .

You need to prepare the hierachy , bands ( levels as categorization of employees to be hired ) .

As you have mentioned that your firm is already in finance related business so may be they will be having few of the HR Documents related to formats of

So in prior you will need to know the type of positions you will need frequently and others ( you can discuss it with other members ) and have a proper JOB Description prepared for each vacancy to clarify their roles , responsibilities , pay-scale and others . This will show your preparations better before you employ the new candidates .

After this you will require to prepare the induction kit : which you will handover

prepare a ppt for the induction round covering details about your organization -history , present and achievements to get the member attached , office norms , lunch hours , etc .

next you need to plan the orientation session to let the new member know what to do , whom to report as generally here you need to introduce the reporting officer and let him know his sitting space and others .

this will help you be a modest start for general .

hope it will be helpful to you

best wishes



From India, Gurgaon

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From India, Bangalore

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From India, Thana

Dear Seniors,
I would be joining new company which is an animation industry. Here they do not have HR dept. They have told me to set up HR policies & other HR systems. Employees here are very casual. I cannot directly put all rules & regulations on them. I want to maintain good relations with them as I would be new to them. Total employee strength is 60.
How do I go about it?? What all things can I do to start HR dept??
Pls Help!!!

From India, Mumbai
Hi Snel,

Firstly, congratulations on getting such a challenging and great opportunity of setting up the HR function in a company!!

This truly is a golden opportunity for you. My suggestions to you would be as follows :

1. Have a detailed meet with the top management and understand what they expect from the HR Function. note down their expectations in your handbook.

2. Let the management introduce you to the entire team as the person who would head the HR function. This introduction should be done with a motive of breaking the ice.

3. Have a one on one discussion with each and every employee. Let them be brief discussions, but should happen with all. Assure confidentiality in these discussions. Understand their background, seniority in the company, where they fit in the org chart. thier roles/responsibilities (communicated to them), expectation from the HR, etc. You need to make a note of these discussions as well...this will definitely help u in understanding the team and might help in building the basic trust. You can divide this activity over a week.

Dedicate one day to go through all of these inputs and chalk out your plan. All the above activities will prove to be a good base work for you to form your HR policies. Its always better to have a strong ground work before you plunge into formations of policies and the HR team.

4. ensure that all your policies are communicated properly to the team. and encourage their feedback. The more you involve them by asking their feedbacks and opinions, the more the bonding is better.

this will be your foundation work , following which you can start building the HR team as the need be.

From India, Mumbai
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