Hi, i am getting salary in cash for sum of rs 22,000/- . My point is my company doesn't provide salary slip. But i regularly deposit said amount to my bank account. If i want to change my job and they are asking for salary slip, what proff should i must provide to them.
I dont have pf n nothing kind of stuff...please guide in these. I can get letter stating my salary is 22000 duly on co letter head n by manager, is it fully acceptable?
13th January 2014 From India, Mumbai

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Dear Veenayak, I don't know how your company is paying such amount in cash because your salary is taxable and if i am not wrong company is not deducting the TDS from your salary. At first you have to talk with your company to pay the amount by cheque or transfer it to bank. And then ask for deduct the TDS and provide the FORM 16 as per rule. otherwise you will get some problem from IT deptt. And regarding the salary slip, it's is necessary to get the salary slip that explain your structure of your salary and deductions. A new company must want to know your salary structure and deductions and as per my knowledge the letter which you mentioned here is not acceptable.
13th January 2014 From India, Chennai
Hi Subrata71, I got your point but firm has around more employees but mine and one of our Engineer salary is of big amount, My manager has said just for you we cant change policy we give salary in cash only.. what if I pay tax on my own...
14th January 2014 From India, Mumbai
Hi can you give me salary slip of showing everything in it that may be required in salay slip...
14th January 2014 From India, Mumbai
Dear Veenayak,
In that case you have to show the amount as income in your IT return and pay the Tax as per law. Plz. cosult with any IT expert regarding this for your safety. And for sample salary slip, you can follow this link : https://www.citehr.com/68287-salary-...te-format.html.
15th January 2014 From India, Chennai
Salary of Rs. 22000 per month is not taxable.
So the company is not liable to deduct TDS on it.
However, in Maharashtra, all employees with wages or salary above Rs. 3,000 per month need to be paid by bank transfers or crossed, account payee cheques. Payment by cash is not allowed. I would suggest you update your management about this (ask them to check out sec 6 of payment of wages act, as addended by Maharashtra State).
In general, if your company gives you a salary certificate or a salary slip, and you have been putting the entire salary in the bank, the new company will accept it as proof that you have quoted the correct salary. I think most sane HR departments will accept that not all companies would be following the documentation procedure and rules.

15th January 2014 From India, Mumbai
hey saswatabanerjee, how is it not taxable, please give the salary slip format of 22000 as per ur knowledge. does the new company will accept it or not?
29th January 2014 From India, Mumbai
jkct15 171
Payslip is mandatory and i am not sure why your company is issuing it. For your concern, better keep your Offer and appointment letter for employment reference. But it will create problem while you are looking out for better prospect, so you have manage at that time with necessary document as mentioned above. Secondly depositing by self will not be accepted as an official transaction as your bank statement will reflected as "deposited by cash". So check with your HR department for better clarification on why your company is not issuing the payslip.
All taxable part are secondary, because this amount you are reference may not comes under the tax purview as there are so many non taxable components could be a part of the salary breakup.
29th January 2014
Well, I believe there is a standard tax free limit of Rs. 200,000 for male assesses
Conveyance allowance tax free is 9600
So monthly salary of 17466 is tax free anyway.
Considering most companies are paying 30% hra,,that could be free also.
So we generally consider salary up,to 25000 tax free.
However, unless the salary is properly structured, the amount of 22000 per month will not be tax free, so to that extent you are right.

29th January 2014 From India, Mumbai
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