hello to all,
i am 3rd sem student in MBA HR from Mumbai university.i did my BHM from IHM and i have some confusions-
1. I am searching for a job as i am fresher, where should i apply?
2.Is getting a job in consultancies the only option i have as a fresher in hr? if no which companies can i apply?
3.As a fresher,how much salary can i expect?
4. can i try in for government jobs?if yes, where?
5. what are the scopes of getting a job to an MBA hr fresher, abroad?
i have no experience in hr apart from my training in a 5star hotel in hr dept for two months.
i know too many questions but i really request you all to answer. please.

From India, Thane

Dear Shubhangita,
Being a fresher you can get job in any company according to your experience level. Some companies do like to induct fresher and they have posts like M.T.O (Manager Trainee Officer) HR Officer or junior officer so keep searching for job opportunities for no or less experienced people. I cannot say anything about salary as I do not reside in India and for abroad you must have verified degree of any country to work abroad. Each country has its own standard to accept the degree of other country.

From Pakistan, Karachi

Hello Subhangita,
I have given below my views, maintaining the seriatim of your queries.
1.0 If you have completed your MBA, you can apply through any reputed Placement Agency.
2.0 You can apply in any good company that adveritises for its wants.
3.0 Salary depends on the company to which you apply.
4.0 Yes You can apply for Govt Jobs. Watch out for ads in News Papers and also in Portals.
5.0 Very less.
Wish you Good Luck,

From India
Fasihul Hasan

Dear Subhangita,
Its better to join any of the Consultancy in Hr profile rather than waiting & searching job. your wait for good opportunity may increase your passing & placement year gap & that will be a question mark in front of the Interviewer.
F. Hasan

From India, Kolkata

Hi Shubhangita. I have also done graduation in hotel management, post which I worked in hotel operations (front desk) for 2 years. I opted for full time MBA- HR and passed out this year, i.e. 2013. As you can see, I have had a (somewhat) similar journey as you and having gone through the grind, can give you some guidance/tips about job hunt among other things. Here goes:

1. First of all, I would like to state that a person going from hospitality to corporate; especially HR has a huge advantage. That is, we hoteliers have (or are supposed to have) not only good communication skills but emotional intelligence, people skills and situation handling skills. These are extremely advantageous in personal and professional life.

Now I understand that you don't have work experience, yet try and figure out what are your positive take aways from HM and how you can be a better HR professional with ur skill sets.

2. As for looking for a job, you havent mentioned which MBA institute you belong to. If your college has campus placements, go ahead and make sure you secure an HR job for yourself first. Dont be choosy about location or salary. Getting a job especially in HR and off-campus is extremely difficult, especially in current economic conditions. Make sure you are well versed with all HR technicals, labor laws and have (convincing and confident) answers to all obvious interview questions.

3. Consultancies are not the only option. I myself never wanted to work for a consultancy; not because I look down upon them but because I figured there will be job opportunities in the future. That was not so. It makes sense to look for core HR jobs first. Yet, have a deadline for yourself after which you will take up a job in a consultancy.

4, Don't focus too much on salary.

5. Govt jobs notification, including ibps; comes in newspapers. Be on the lookout.

6. I don't have any credible info about jobs abroad.

7. Improve on your comm skills. I'd like to point out that many institutes are allowing students to work through sem 4 (of MBA); if the students are placed. Try and get yourself placed ASAP. ALso, dont forget to NETWORK with people. Includes FB, Linkedin, Whatsapp, friends, classmates, everyone.

8. Having said this, the idea behind such a long reply is NOT to scare you but to help out so that you are better prepared than perhaps I was.

WIshing you luck in your career and future. Godspeed. Pls write to me for any queries. I'l be happy to be of assistance.

From India, Mumbai

Dear Shubhangita,

Well you have long list of queries, let me try to clear your doubts one by one :)

1) Create your profile in the renowned job portals (keep updating it on weekly basis for good results), and from there you can directly apply at various current openings, use advanced search options at the portals for refined results. You may also apply to official websites of various companies by directly uploading your resume there on the websites.

2) Getting into recruitment consultancies are not at all bad options if you want to shape your career into recruitment's, as it will give you an hardcore recruitment experience.

But I will highly suggest you if recruitment is not your choice then try not to work at recruitment firms, because you won't be having consultancies as your only option, as there are too many jobs for fresher hr in company's as well, so don't worry and try to explore job portals for the same.

3) Develop your skills first and then expect salary, so focus on the company, job profile and go with the company norms .

4) Yes you may try for PSU's, there you can enter as HR Officer, Management Trainee etc. There are various Maharatna and Miniratna companies who hire Fresher HR on entry level, NTPC, EIL, BHEL, NHPC are the few companies who almost every year hire freshers.

Refer employment newspaper every week for such openings, you may also visit this link for government jobs सरकारी नौकरी - Government Jobs India - Sarkari Naukri --

5) I don't think there is any scope for fresher HR at abroad. Anyways you would be finding ample of opportunities here in India as well, so don't worry and make your contribution in India's economy :)

Well I would like to add as you have done BHM try to find out a job in hospitality industry as I have seen many openings in hospitality sector where for an HR position BHM is mandatory, so your BHM is an added advantage for you.

Cheers !!


From India, Kollam

Dear Ashutosh,
I am a 2013 MBA HR passout from Mumbai. I know the trouble/anxiety/heartbreak it takes to find a suitable job in HR, that too in the current economic downturn. That is the reason I wrote a long reply her queries previously. Can you kindly explain further when you say that there are plenty of jobs available for freshers in HR? As I didn't come across many such openings during my own job search (those that did exist were abysmally underpaid).
It is certainly possible that my whole approach to job search was flawed and hence I need your feedback/inputs/insights on this. The intention behind this reply is not to be rude or sarcastic but It is my sheer curiosity to understand your point of view.

From India, Mumbai

Hello Subhangita,

You ended your query with this statement, "I know too many questions but I really request you all to answer." - I would say please ask questions, relevant, and correct questions, that is the first trait one has to pick up, and let me compliment you for asking these few questions, which I will attempt answering the way I se it.

You say you are in the III semester and that in the Mumbai University, should give you a lot of confidence that you can earn your stripes as you go along, I say this with due compliments that you have been a little proactive, though it would have been so very nice if you'd have done this when you finished your first semester. What you are doing now may at least open your thinking on to what all you can expect as you go along.

In recent times everyone has got education and the number of students graduating MBA is increasing day by day. So corporates too have started expecting something different, other than the bookish knowledge. They want people who can think differently and act differently at situations. He/sh should be creative and energetic while taking decisions. Because today without showing any change it is difficult to survive in the industry.......Now-a-days management is highly Brain game... The companies expect nothing but smart working guys/girls who are intelligent enough to make innovative ideas which are practically possible to execute. The new Gen MBA person should be one who knowledgeable on latest trends, market pulse and technologies etc., practicality the essence in management... is people should be able to be yield results and be practical when needed the most...

To answer what you asked:

1. I am searching for a job as I am fresher, where should I apply?

The first thing I would like to share with you is be open to going anywhere from Kashmir - Kanyakumari, Kutch to Kathmandu, if it offers you a career which you choose.

The next is be open to any industry that gives you an opening, from Advertising to Zoo Management

I support these two statements with the following

The following links will lead to research on what are the types of openings, where, industry place etc.

Mba HR Fresher Walkin Jobs, Top Mba HR Fresher Walkin Career Opportunities - JobisJob India

Mba Freshers Hr Jobs in Mangalore | Mangalore Mba Freshers Hr Jobs | Jobs in Mba Freshers Hr at Mangalore -

2. "Is getting a job in consultancies the only option I have as a fresher in HR?"

No, is the first answer job in consultancies it is not the only option, that may be only the last option, but just be careful your life will be different if you get jobs in Consultancies like ABC Consulting, KPMG, Ranstaad etc., "if no which companies can I apply?" - I suggest you go through the links and then do some research you will be able to figure out this answer by yourself.

3. As a fresher, how much salary can I expect?

Ancient wisdoms teaches us that, "Deserve before you desire." My straight forward answer to this would be you'll get "what you deserve" and from my side I would say please pay more importance to "learning more at this stage" rather than trying to be "earning more." Look at a job that will take you forward in your career.

Expectations have anyways, gone up manifold today across industry and levels of professionals. They are expected to be the front runners of the industry and carry the baton of the company, be the face of the organization.

More so for MBAs who have a certain accomplished expectation tagged along with them which everyone wants to capitalize and boast at the same time that such kind of people are working with them. So the package deal now comprises of expectation in terms of responsibilities, contributions to the organization and its philosophy, business development, relationship management, and overall business growth.

4. "Can I try in for government jobs? if yes, where?"

Yes you certainly can in the central government, state governments, PSU's including insurance, banks and financial institutions. (Look at the "Employment News" newspaper every week. Having said this I would ask you to think of preparing yourself for a bigger future by enrolling into a coaching class and start preparing yourself for the Civil Services Exam's of the UPSC.

5. What are the scopes of getting a job to an MBA HR fresher, abroad?


Now take a look at how you can prepare yourself for the immediate future:

Recent events have shown that MBA in most places does not provide you with tools for surpassing any regular skills in matters of business/trade.

According to Einstein: "We will never be able to solve our problems at the same order of complexity we used to create our problems.", or in other words: "If you want to prevent everyone from seeing your incompetence, hire someone with the same mindset".

As a result - the whole world's "experts" (with exact same MBA mindset) fell into the same pit, simply by following the well trodden path of relying to the next "expert" with the same mindset. A kind of merry-go-round where everyone on it (unlike everyone else) experiences progress at great velocity.

So don't be shocked if you do not succeed in some or most interviews.

I leave you for now with these few tips:

Work on the following aspects:

Develop Creative Thinking

Practical and Innovative Idea Making

Smart thinking, in fact, better to be street-smart

Here are some examples of core skills which will capture the interest of an employer:


Analytical Skills


Problem Solving Ability


Time management

The communication skill and the business management skill are the most important basic skills required for the entry level jobs.

People management skills and the oral communication skills are the most required attractive skills for the entry level jobs.

The Skills to make decisions and Written communication skill are the most required attractive skill for the entry level jobs.

All of these professional competencies will help to put you near the top of the list for available positions in corporations, government departments and agencies.

Best wishes for now, in your preparation and for all the trials Subhangita, and the ever so many young prospects- the torch bearers, the country's prides of the future.

From India, Hyderabad
If you want to get a HR job then you should register on different job portals like monster, indeed,, Timesjobs and so on where you can find lots of job opening for fresher’s as well as experiences in Top companies in India.
From India, Noida
Thanks for sharing such nice article.
From India, Gurgaon
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