Hi All,
This is Swapna,
i have started my Career in Recruitment firm where i dint find any thing much about recruitment exactly it is like a sales process
and i wanted to know perfect recruitment process will be there in companies and please suggest me some books names even to know all the roles and responsibilities of HR and Designations of HR every thing .

From India, Hyderabad
Hi Swapna
Recruitment process starts from Identification human required candidates - Selection process to exit process. There are many books for recruitment & HR related. Instead of buying books you can search the particular topics, share the queries and enhance the knowledge.
If need more info I can share the docs that I have to your ID

From India, Bangalore
Dear Swapna,
Recruitment process of finding and attracting capable applicants for employment. The process starts when recruits are sought and ends when application are submitted. Sometimes recruiters are also responsible for conducting interviews.

From Pakistan, Karachi
Please , find attached here with the process of recruitment & selection.hope so may be useable for u.
From India, Delhi

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Hello Swapna,
above and then press research button.
You will get plenty of information.
You can also refer the Down Load Thread,
Popular Discussions and Related Information
that you see alongside these postings.

From India
Hello Swapna
Recruitment is not merely finding some one or filling some position. It is infact a very key and sensitive responsibility.The challenge to a recruiter is to find a RIGHT candidate who has right job fit and cultural fit. Therefore a recruiter shall have a definite and clear understanding of the job profile, skill sets needed and traits required for the job to hire a RIGHT candidate.
The importance of hiring can be guessed from the fact as to what a damage can be caused by a bad hire.

From India, Mumbai
How you landed in a recruitment firm first ? Whats your background ? Did you not try to understand the job requirements first, before embarking on the assignment ? It is essential to know the basics before starting off something. One should not simply jump into water before even knowing some basic knowledge. As my learned professionals mentioned above, there is an abundance of information, documents available in internet.
Best wishes

From India
When you were interviewed for this job, what questions were you asked about your knowledge of recruitment?
I am very curious as to how you achieved a position such as this with no knowledge of the actual work.
We have had endless discussions here on CiteHR about recruitment. Check my previous postings in the various threads.
It seems to me that your organisation has failed even the basic tenets of successful recruiting.

From Australia, Melbourne
Hi to all,

wow great answers from 2 of my friends. one is I guess quite Sr. Mr Aussiejohn, and other one is Mr. Sundaram. You think that this girl is expecting these kind of answers from you as a level of Seniority.She just asked about Recruitment. Might be she is working in some smaill consultancy or it can be like middle one. but she is I guess fresher and just know the Recruitment basic defination and rest is her communication. This is the reason she got selection there and strted her job. Consultancy doesn't hire a fresher only basis of Recruitment knowledge, Also noticed her study, communication skills which is most imp. and yes ofcouse in terms of female candidate looks preffred. lots of other minor things which are also noticed. So I don't think she is not familier with recruitment process. Obv. she knows that but like she was expecting befor strtd her job she didn't get exactly the same. this is the reason she came here and asking to you about Exact Recruitment. She is not asking the books knowledge. she asked about the Recruitment process we all used in our companies. I don't think all the companies follow the complete recruitment process step by step. it is just in terms. but actually we all just try to hire the right candidate and suitable talent for the profile who can cover all the terms. So she is just trying to know your experience. ( practicle Experience ) about Recruitment. Also she wants to chck out a bit more about Recruitment and depth of this term.

So Istead of giving her lesson about her knowledge you better please share your Experience about recruitment so that she could understand about this funda and recommand any book or post link where she can read more about recruitment.

Hey Swapna, I am not much Experienced in Recruitment but till now like I am working in this field i would like to say that like you said sales process. it is like the sales but here you have to sell your words and have to convice the person to come for the interview if you think he or she is capable. but not exactly the sales process. Communication is the best part of this profile which you have to learn how to use with 2nd person. but few other things you better should learn to be proficient in recruitment. Like In starting you just try to understand how to screen the resume, as soon possible you should be be expert in portal and social netwrking sites for recruitment. learn how to use key words to search the best profile acc. to your requirement. how quickly you can search the better one. how to intract with him or her here your communication will work. So try to be effective. learn co-ordination skills so that you can easily co-ordinate with your clients and lined up the candidates. Later on your Sr. will teach you how to make JD of the profile. that will be a later part. So calling is in much quantity in strting era and also it depends on what kind of profile you are hiring in your consultancy. Is it limited for 2-3 particular companies or its a mass recritment profile of some KPO or BPO. In these you have to speak but with calling just get in touch with portal knowledge, if possible social networking sites like Linkedin knowledge, How to do mass mail through portals, how to post the Add on portals, how it revert. Srch the term which you required you will get every term in above srch box of this site. Suitable rplies are there. also you can srch google to know the process of that term.

I am really very disappointed by Sr. who were talking like this. please be polite. we are not much experienced, don't know much about industry that is why we are here to learn from you. All of you had gone through this face. Please if possible use soft words not insulting words. it'll demotivate the person and obv. he or she wouldn't be able to ask any other thing here again.

From India, Gurgaon
Helllo Swapna

Atul has listed some basic skills required for the role of a recruiter. Though Iam not from recruitment field but from the interaction I had with some people who worked in the roles of a recruiter,I understand that a recruiter's job, as you said, is akin to that of marketing. Your performance is rated on the basis the conversion ratio which you achieve which means converting a contact into a candiadte ready to accept the offer. However you need to ensure that the candiadte fits into the job and culture of the organisation for which you are hiring so that he can stay in the job for considerable period. Therefore before hiring, try to gather information of the following about the organisation.

1) what kind of organisation is it ? whether BPO or IT or banking or insurance or manufacturing etc.Each requires candidates iwth different skill sets, knowledge base and aptitude.

2)What is the the work culture of the organisation ? what kind of heirarchy is there? whether any practice of induction in the compnay exists? whether timings are flexible or fixed? what facilities the organisation offers to make the employees comfortable? what is the level of employee enagement? etc. You can match employee's expectations with this feed back.This helps you to understand whether the prospective candiadte fits into the culture of the organisation.

3)Study the job profile and the key competencies required for the job.You need to have this knowledge about the job to ensure that the candiadte fits the job.

4) Have an assessment of the tendencies and value system of the candidate to understand whether he is serious about a job or a mere job hopper etc. to eliminate the prospect of such geeting into a comapny only to leave latter.The objective of a rcruiter is to select a candiadte who can stay in teh company for considerable period if not for life.

Hope the above will give you some idea of the function of recruitment. As regards the book on recruitment, one name that occurs to my mind is the Brian Stracy on recruitment.


Navi mumbai

From India, Mumbai

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