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Workplace Safety Tips

These Workplace Safety Tips may help save a life... maybe even yours.

Data collected by the International Labour Organization reveals that one worker dies every 15 seconds... 6,300 workers die daily... 2.3 million workers die each year... 337 million workers are injured each year... in workplace accidents worldwide .

In highly developed economies close to 40% of early retirements before the statutory age are due to disabilities. These workers have their working life prematurely shortened by an average 4-5 years. Hence be safe and create Safe and Accident Free Environment at the workplace.

1. Be Well Informed, Not Ignorant or Naive.

When it comes to workplace safety ignorance is definitely not "bliss". Ignorance can kill you, or your workers.

Every worker and employer needs to be fully aware of the particular Safety and Health dangers and hazards that can occur in their particular industry and occupation. Take the time and trouble to get the information you need about your workplace.

2. Safety by Design.

Safety in the workplace begins with careful planning and layout of the work area.

Every aspect from the positioning of machinery (and safety devices), movement and storage of supplies and materials (especially hazardous types), air temperature and quality, etc needs to be fully thought out and expert advice obtained where necessary.

You need to understand Burke's 1st Law... If anything can go wrong, sooner or later it will. And don't forget Burke's 2nd Law... it'll happen at the worst possible time.

3. Provide Adequate Staff Training on Workplace Safety Protocols.

Poor or inadequate Health and Safety Protocols will only result in higher employee downtime and absenteeism, lower morale and productivity, and lead to higher Worker's Compensation Insurance premiums.

That means everything from:

ensuring workers are adequately trained,

providing supervision to ensure correct operating procedures are followed,

instruction on proper lifting techniques,

how to handle hazardous materials,

how to respond to violent, aggressive or abusive behavior (from fellow workers or customers),

the hazards of confined spaces, and much, much more.

One survey estimated up to 40% of all accident insurance claims are Worker's Compensation and Liability claims.

4. Provide Appropriate Work Gear.

This means ensuring personal protective gear (eyewear, footwear, hearing protection, safety harnesses, hard hats, etc) is worn & in good condition.

5. Ensure all Machinery & Tools are Safe.

Workplace safety Tips Checklist:

Are all machine guards in place?

Are rotating parts, pulleys and belts adequately guarded?

Are Emergency Stop Buttons operational, visible, and readily accessible?

Is there adequate clearance around machinery?

Are machinery areas clean & clear of debris?

Are noise levels acceptable?

Is air quality and temperature acceptable?

6. Minimize Repetition Strain Injures (RSI).

"In some populations that we've studied, between 22% and 40% of people have evidence of RSI".

Professor Peter Buckle, University of Surrey (BBC report 5/27/2007).

The 40% figure used to apply mainly to occupations like dressmakers and secretaries, but the huge impact of computer keyboards, mobile phone texting, hours spent hunched over computer screens, and decreasing physical fitness is creating an epidemic of RSI problems in new areas.

Employers need to ensure they provide the best Ergonomically Friendly Workplace Environment possible.

That means looking carefully at every aspect from desk & chair heights, the position and type of computer equipment used, bad posture, to types of tools and machinery to be used.

7. Identify Alcohol or Drug Related Problems. Regularly counsel the workforce to keep away from alcohol and drugs to keep healthy.

8. Consult with your Workforce.

Every organization needs a Consultation Program to promote a safe and healthy work environment.

Sound management practice involves a "Team Approach". This means regularly inspecting the workplace and getting employees to report safety problems, then fixing identified problems quickly.

Your best Workplace Safety Tips might just come from your own employees or co-workers.

9. Have an Emergency Response Plan Ready.

An Emergency Response Plan includes:

The workplace location and layout.

Emergency assembly points.

Arrangements for raising the alarm.

Emergency telephone numbers (fire, police, ambulance, key personnel).

Adequate First Aid equipment.

Emergency evacuation plans.

Recovery strategies.

10. Have Adequate Worker's Compensation Insurance.

The reality is no workplace is totally safe.

The unexpected will happen.

That's when employers will be glad they're covered by Worker's Compensation Insurance... and workers and sub-contractors who've had to arrange their own insurance (because they were not covered by same) will have wage replacement and medical benefits in place.

The consequences of not having that kind of protection in place are just too horrible for workers and their families to have to endure.

Putting It All Together

In the end, workplace safety is the responsibility of everyone at your job. Everyone has a part to play in keeping the workplace safe and free from unnecessary dangers and risks. By keeping these tips in mind and sharing them with others, you will be doing your part in keeping injuries, and possibly deaths, from happening on the job.

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From India, New Delhi

Thanks for sharing such useful workplace safety tips for those working labours. We cannot avoid such accidents, but we can try to control the accidents if we adopt proper safety methodology in our organisation. Instead of 1 accidental death for every 15 seconds let us struggle to change it to one death for every 15 minutes initially and after achieving perfection, we must go ahead with the next target of 1 death for every 15 hours. If we achieve this then we can become real achiever.
Let us try our level best.

From India, Kumbakonam
Bhardwaj Ramesh

Thanks Mr Bhaskar for your comments.........You are very much right. We must put in our ernest efforts to achieve excellence in Workplace Safety. Thanks again.
From India, New Delhi
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