Hi all,
What Veda Consultants said is right. the gross salary should be divided by 26 for calculating per day wages.
but in the case of gratuity we use to divide it by 30 days. in order to control company's liability.
For Example:
Gross salary: 10000
Per day Salary = 10000/26 = 384.61
even if he has given full attendance i.e 27 days of working in august month, his salary will be 10000 +384.61. because we have to pay for August 15th.
Bt in other cases if he worked for 27 days his salary will be 10000 only.
In feb he is supposed to work for 24 days oly, bt he shld be paid with the whole salary 10000. no queries in that.

From India, Coimbatore
Sharmila Das

Dear Dhana,
I still am not sure as to why there is such a bizzare in your mind. When you calculate the salary, it should be aways kept in mind that 30 days is the count for employees employed as per the Factories Act. In case of daily wages paid, the weekly offs are not counted. In that meticulous condition it is therefore considered to be 26 days.
I presume that this is a clear-cut for your query.

From India, Visakhapatnam

Hi Sharmila,
For monthly salaried people we have to divide the gross salary by 26 days and for weekly waged employees we will fix their per day salary as per minimum wages act. so for them no need to divide. we have to just multiply the number of days they have worked with their per day salary.
this is the procedure we are following. we are one of a manufacturing company employing around 200 employees. we have faced many IF, PF & ESI inspections. they too didn't criticize on this procedure.

From India, Coimbatore

Dear Dhana, We follow 30 days as standard and we are practicing the same in our company Regards, Bharghavi
From India, Bangalore
santhosh srivatsav

Dear All,
Per day salary will always vary from month to month. Say for example, if your salary per month is 30,000/- then
for the month of Feb =30000/28,
means per day Salary in Feb = 1071
for the month of Mar = 30000/30
means per day Salary in Mar = 1000
for the month of Apr =30000/31,
means per day Salary in Apr = 968
Always keep in mind the per day salary only comes when we pay short in that particular month either in case of a new join or for LOP.

From India, Hyderabad
Suresh Kumar M

Hi k_shenbagarajan,
As your reply,
How per day salary change Every you said divided by 28/29/30/31 if that x person not worked for all Sunday so in that person getting salary is less then as fixed know...
kindly clarify me....

From India, Coimbatore

Hi Suresh, Sunday is a paid holiday. We should not consider it for per day calculation. this is my experience. correct me if i am wrong,
From India, Coimbatore
santhosh srivatsav

Correctly said by Brindha. Sunday or any week off as per the work requirement is a paid holiday. One should not calculate the paydays excluding weak off for monthly payments. Only Absents or Excess leaves as LOP will be deducted that to calculating the per day salary for that month.

From India, Hyderabad
Sharmila Das

Dear Brindha,
I'm not sure what your company follows and what aint they criticized about. All is in one part which avers two ways:
(i) When you say 26 days, employees 4 days weekly offs aren't counted for calculation.
(ii) In case of 30 days, the entire month including weekly offs are counted to propotionate maneuver when calculating.
Most companies follow a methodically follow the 30 day computation to avoid any hindrances in calculating leaves as well.
For instance, Gross salary/ 30 days in a month x no. of days present (10000/30*25 = 8333.33)
In case of 26 days count (10000/26*25 = 9615.38)
Difference is 1486.05,
In which way is the accountability of the employer? pls. justify!

From India, Visakhapatnam

Dear All,
The following will be the formula used for calculating the salary,
For monthly salaried people for the days 28, 29, 30 and 31 days.
Actual Salary = Gross Salary / No. of Days in the month * No of days worked + week offs.
For salaries based on daily wages
Actual Salary = Gross Salary / 26 * No of days worked.
@ suresh, it is a paid holiday.
Here every one is calculating for full attendance, if you have any LOP or absent only you will know the problem. It is not easy to solve the problem when a worker ask for the same because every rupee matters for him.
Let us consider an example.
If a person gross salary is Rs.10000/ -, He has got 1 LOP in august his salary has to be calculated as follows.
Gross Salary = 10000 / 31 * 30 = 9677.40/-
Not as below for august(As per bhargavi / sharmila).
Salary = 10000/30 * 29 = 9666.66/-
Understand every rupee counts for the employee.

From India, Mumbai
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