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i am sure most of you know about job enrichment. i am facing a problem right now, i am asked to enrich a job! i.e. to take a job and enrich it. now i find this confusing. your suggestions are required.

From India, Madras
Rajat Joshi
Hr Consulting ,trainer -creative Thinking

Rajat Joshi

Hi Kamina,

Welcome to CiteHR!!...hope it proves to be a truly learning experience for you as it has been for most of us...

Job Enrichment is the addition to a job of tasks that increase the amount of employee control or responsibility. It is a vertical expansion of the job as opposed to the horizontal expansion of a job, which is called job enlargement.

Job enrichment is a type of job redesign intended to reverse the effects of tasks that are repetitive requiring little autonomy. Some of these effects are boredom, lack of flexibility, and employee dissatisfaction.

The underlying principle is to expand the scope of the job with a greater variety of tasks, vertical in nature, that require self-sufficiency. Since the goal is to give the individual exposure to tasks normally reserved for differently focused or higher positions, merely adding more of the same responsibilities related to an employee's current position is not considered job enrichment.

The basis for job enrichment practices is the work done by Frederick Herzberg in the 1950's and 60's, which was further refined in 1975 by Hackman and Oldham using what they called the Job Characteristics Model. This model assumes that if five core job characteristics are present, three psychological states critical to motivation are produced, resulting in positive outcomes (Kotila, 2001).

Before an enrichment program is begun, the following questions should be asked:

Do employees need jobs that involve responsibility, variety, feedback, challenge, accountability, significance, and opportunities to learn?

What techniques can be implemented without changing the job classification plan?

What techniques would require changes in the job classification plan?

When asked about the successes of a Training Generalist job enrichment program begun in 2002, Karen Keenan, Learning Manager with Bank of America, stated the accomplishments were, "greater than expected". The Training Generalist program has resulted in three successful participants to date. According to Ms. Keenan, positive results can be directly tied to a program that addressed the strategic goal of greater resource flexibility without adding to staff, as well as to proper planning, guidance, and feedback for the participants. Having a voluntary program contributed as well, attracting a high caliber of individuals eager to expand their skills and be positioned for advancement.

To date, all three Training Generalists have experienced promotions and additional recognition while affording Ms. Keenan's team financial results and workload flexibility it could not have otherwise achieved.

A job enrichment program can be a very effective intervention in some situations where a Performance Technician is faced with a request for motivational training. Ralph Brown (2004) summed it up very nicely:

Job enrichment doesn't work for everyone. Some people are very resistant to more responsibility or to opportunities for personal growth, but…researchers report that some people they expected to resist, seized the opportunity. Enriching jobs is a particularly effective way to develop employees provided the jobs are truly enriched, not just more work for them to do.



From India, Pune
thx But if i select a job like marketing manager r finance manager how do i enrich the job???
From India, Madras
Rajat Joshi

Hi Kamina,
Well..why not?..
It enlarges your scope your understanding of the Management & gives an indepth understanding of the functional areas..
One of my friend who is a Chartered Accountant in pharma heads the HR division..
It all depends upon the policies of the develop the employees as a long term resources for the company and development of personnel..
Just for instance MBA in Marketing & Finance...worked in hard core sales before making a shift to HR..which i found to be my passion!! and ofcourse on this great journey ..discovered my skills as a Trainer especially on Lateral Thinking...
It all depends upon the attitude of the person how she/he takes these assignments to make the most of the same...
Have a great weekend!!

From India, Pune
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