Hello All,
Actually I need help with regards to law for Notice period for a lady teacher's position for a private school. The Offer letter states that the teacher is required to serve 3 months notice period. But as far as I know as per the Karnataka law, if you are in probation period, you are required to serve a minimum of 7 Days notice period.
Further, if we serve the Notice period for a month (against the 3 months stated in the offer letter) are we not entitled to get that month's salary?
Please consider this as an urgent request.
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I ant to know that what is the right rule for pay the notice period , is company pay only the basic or full month salary if the employee resign immediately. Guleria 9418077441
From United States, Cambridge
I want to know that what is the right rule for pay the notice period in Indian industry , is company will pay only the basic or full month salary if the employee resign immediately.
Ashok kumar

From United States, Cambridge
Dear Seniors,
i have a question for my seniors kindly help me out and advice me . i was asked by my senior to resign as management has dissolved my post and i resigned. in my resignation letter i have quoted that because of my senior asking me to resign due to dissolving of post i am resigning and giving proper one month notice period. i got letter of resignation letter acceptance and my period was waived off and i was relives immediately. would i be entitled for one month advance pay as per our institution policy or will they not allow it.

From India,
I had given resignation on 25/09/2014, due to some problems, and i got the offer from new company and stating that to join on 29/09/2014.
I have leaves of C/off : 7, Cl: 8, SL: 7, And PL's : 20,
And i am convincing to management to relieve me at earlier by deducting my leaves in the notice period , but they are not accepting .
So i am kindly requesting you to how will i go through law, and resignation rules ?
And should i go earlier with this leaves ?

From United States, Los Angeles
Hi ,
i am Balakumar.I have a problem in serving the notice period.According to company policy the notice period is 3 months and i am planning to relieve with in 1 month due to i got another job. and also i have completed 1 month working. but when i contacted HR ,he is telling its compulsory to serve the notice period 3 months.I hope in every company there is an exception for waiving the notice period like buy out option .I am ready to pay the Notice period amount but they are telling u cant and they told me amount pay option is not there in our company so you have to serve 3 after 1 month i send mail to HR and i am not going to company and joined new HR told you will come and continue your work another 1 month and u have to take relieveing, but i am not able to work.
The told Only 1 reason they are giving me is that it is company policy u have to serve 3 months.
so anyone 1 can suggest me how to move forward and get releived soon

From India, undefined

With reference to Mr Bkumar718 query, Pl read thread titled "My organisation not accepting resignation, forced me to server notice" and posting of comments of 30.3.2015 and of 31.3.2015 discussing similar issue.

From India, New Delhi
Linda Ray
I am working at one of the Reputed IT Company from last 15 Months.
Now I resigned from my job and serving my notice period of one month.
Before resigning the company they had no complaints about my work and target as well.Now in the notice period they suddenly starts pressurizing me.
My question is after serving the notice period and giving the work they want can they trouble me to get my last month salary and relieving letter?
Is their any Law for Private Limited Organization in such situation?

From India, Pune

I my opinion as per appointment terms you need to serve notice period and on failure company has right to claim amount from your dues the balance of Notice period. Same right is available to employee who is relieved earlier by company without letting completion of Notice period. Third option is mutual consent between company and Employee wherein Notice period as per terms of appointment letter is waived off .

Dear all,
I have resigned my last company. But last company has been deducted notice pay amount to my full & final statement & as per appointment letter if you have received confirmation letter after that you will survive 3 month notice or 3 month basic + da. But i have not received any confirmation letter in my job time .For this point of view notice pay is not applicable on me and also.
Kindly suggest what i do if company is deducted notice pay on my full & final and HR department is trying to hide there mistake.
I need expert suggestions what i can recover my notice pay to last company.
Thanks​ & regards
Ravi Kumar

From India, New Delhi
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