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Thread Started by #RKmurthy

Hi All,

I was working for a large software MNC in Chennai and was with the company for almost 6 years. But recently i was terminated not because of my performance or any monetary issues nor any sexual harassment but for some other not so great reason The HR had called up for a meeting and they said that they will not issue a relieving letter since i am being terminated but they would provide experience letter. I did not realise the difference of relieving letter or experience letter and i just agreed as they were willing to give me a experience letter. They also mentioned that they would not disclose any information about me being terminated to my future employers.

But the problem started now when my new company that i am about to join is requesting for my relieving letter AND experience letter from my previous organization. I am in a dilemma as i dont have my relieving letter but only my experience letter. Can any of the HR people guide me on this? Will be much grateful if anyone can be emphathetic and answer me?

12th December 2011 From India, Bangalore
Hey Murthy,
I read your post in detail and could not make out the reason for your termination. I think you need to write about the incident in more detail for someone to help you with more details. A company is bound to give you relieving based on what is permissible mistake as per their organisational policy. They are bound to give you a relieving letter if you have been asked to leave due to any petty reasons.
Also , the reason for your termination will be captured in the companies database. Lot of organisations even give resignation acceptance letter or email acceptance of your resignation. This holds good to join companies where they are not particular about the relieving letter.
Incase you can disclose more details that would help people to give you more ways of approaching your current scenario.
12th December 2011 From India, Bangalore
Well, the violation that I did was of Severity 3 as said by the HR. But the things are now gone behind, anyway I can't go back to them and request for a relieving letter. Can you please let me know what would be the right way of telling my future employer about non-availability of my relieving letter. Or will the experience letter suffice?
12th December 2011 From India, Bangalore
Dear Murthy,

I think there is one thing you could do at this point of time. Try and see if your employer can send an email which says your resignation was accepted or else you will have to show your previous experience only and forget about your experience with that MNC.

All process related companies would ask for a relieving letter and a mail about your resignation acceptance from last company would help in that case. If there is any company who is willing to look at your experience without a relieving letter that is good.

I think you need to atleast request your company for any proof which would say your resignation was accepted.

If you encounter a worst case scenario ; probably then you should look at some business options like running a consulting firm or anything that would interest and entice you.

A manager who i know in a previous company was sacked due to sexual harrassment and he was given bad reference during employment with other MNC`s. He moved in to a new business after that.

Hope the info will be of some help to you.

More importantly dont lose cool and try to accept whatever happened incase there is no going back, its for the good. Look at more options openly when you are good to go.

12th December 2011 From India, Bangalore
Thanks for your replies. But one thing I do not understand is that the Relieving letter is given to the employee stating that employee has been relieved on such and such a date to help him to join immediately with the new employer in case where a company is yet to complete FFS and issue the experience letter. But to show the genuinity doesn't a experience letter hold good? My manager including the practice head are ready to give a postive opinion(which is very much true) about me to the future employer. I can't think of any business as I have been with IT for the past 16 years. :( . Worried as I am the sole bread winner in my family.
12th December 2011 From India, Bangalore
Well, there is a problem of dual employment if companies dont possess relieving letter. Dual employment is an offence. your previous company can sue your new company... You probably have to tell companies quit due to personal reasons and had to leave job in short notice and did not collect the relieving letter in the due course.
Also , please check if your experience letter talks about the dates that you have been working with your previous company.
For E;g : if the experience letter says, you were employee with them from 12th April , 2008 till 12th November , 2011. then it is sufficient proof of your relieving.
Some few companies do argue for releiving letter .
Hope for the best..Good Luck.
13th December 2011 From India, Bangalore
As suggested by Mr.knageshprabhu if the experience certificate contains the joining & relieving date then it is more than enough. In most of companies they don't issue the resignation acceptance & relieving letter.
Pl. talk to your HOD &HR of your previous company and tell them if any body from the new company asks for clarification about the relieving letter let them tell that they don't have the practice because you are confirming that they are positive and ready to give a positive feed back. Once confirming with your previous employer then inform to the present / new employer that they don't have the practice and close the matter.
Regards - kamesh
13th December 2011 From India, Hyderabad
Mr. Prabhu has very rightly pointed out, company wants to ensure the employees are working for them solely and hence relieving letter is demanded.
But looking at the scenario, in my opinion, you can inform new company that you left due to personal reasons nevertheless, that has nothing to do with the performance. You can provide your previous HR's number to them. You may speak to your previous HR about the issue and as you mentioned, they hold good image of yours and won't disclose your termination, so they will be ready to speak and clarify.
All the best !
Vaishalee Parkhi
13th December 2011 From India, Pune
Mr. Prabhu.,
Dont be demamding, be convincing .. speak to them politely and ask to help you in this matter as the company management wanted you to quit and their work has been done, go ahead and revisit the management and handle it in a very delicately.
Remember one thing, no matter you have left the company or company leaves you on any grounds and if you have served your notice period as per the clause in appointment or offer letter you should get your expereince & relieveing letter.
Lastly Talk to the grienvance department or head HR follow the protocal , explain them the need for the letter for joining new company forgeeting whatever happend in the past and let you start a new life without any errors.
Regards,rohit patil
3rd July 2013 From India, Mumbai
Even i am facing the same problem like you. I got terminated for Severity 3. I have a job in hand but they are asking for reveling & experience letter.
How did u managed to get a job ? and what prblm u faced ?
Is there anything you can advice me pls ?
Because i am the only earning member of my family. and i have worked in this company for 6.5 years.
Pls let me knw
2nd December 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi Murthy,
Can u please tell me what you did and how you got the job ?
Because i am in same situation, I worked for MNC for 7 yrs and got terminated for Severity 3.
I have a offer in hand but they are asking for relieving letter. Its very difficult to find a job and i am only earning member of my family with loan on me.
7th December 2013 From India, Mumbai
Hi Every one,
I am fresher to the Software Industry and working in a company as a Quality Analyst Trainee. Actually I am in a critical situation please give me good solution. I am working in this company for the past 1 month but the thing is I don't like the environment and salary doesn't matter for me even I am getting 6800 per month here as take home pay. My doubt is here I am under probation period of 2 months. But I don't even like to be here for a week. Can I able to quit this job now itself or I've to digest every thing for another one week even though if I get better company. Please I need good and immediate solution for this.Is there any one to help me out on this problem I will be grate full if I got better solution from you guide me.Thanks a lot
9th January 2015 From India, Chennai
I am working in company more than 1 yr now i have given the notice period to leave the company for 2 months but my company is torturing me not to leave even they are not giving salary & experiance certificate what should i do please suggest me
19th April 2016 From India
In any case, employee will have to be issued a relieving letter. It is a part of respecting human being's basic right to work for a living. If the employee has conducted a criminal offense then the matter should have been reported to Police. We all here know that HR & company managements are not always be compared to be 'Saints' so are employees too. If an employee is not acceptable to the organization help him/her to exit(If he is not willing, terminate him). Organization being not free from virtues or vice are not the highest authority to judge a person. So let the fact be taken in such a way instead of cheap power-play. Denying the employee a relieving letter (once the dues are cleared) is a crime to humanity & violation of basic right for future employability- as dual work is illegal & there will not be any takers for him/her!

In many cases, it is an unfair practice by organizations & HR act like con men in order to deny employees compensation benefits & to boost satisfy management ego. This is often done when they are sure that the employee will leave for another job.

You can find an advocate and approach labour court for the damages you have incurred.
26th December 2016 From India, Bengaluru
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